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PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Should have been a Shameless Smash Bros Clone

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal developer Superbot Entertainment is going through a bit of a rough patch. They were hit with some serious layoffs last week, plus Sony has cut ties with the company for sure. I hate it when people lose their jobs but Sony has some of the most dedicated and loyal fans out there. Why did this game under perform? There are many theories I have to why PlayStation All Stars didn’t do well. I managed to narrow it down to three reasons for the sake of keeping this article short and sweet.

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PS all stars

3. The Small and Lacking Roster 

When PlayStation All Stars was first being marketed, many thought it would have a sprawling cast of characters from Sony’s past, present, and future. Instead, we got weird third-party characters like Big Daddy and Raiden, and a roster that sat around twenty. For a full retail release on a powerful system like the PlayStation 3, players were expecting a lot more than twenty characters. There were also some noticeable no shows: Cloud, Crash, Serge from Chrono Cross, PS1 Snake, and Joel from the Last of Us. Not to mention, Superbot and Sony screwed themselves with adding the new Dante instead of the old Dante. I know crazy DMC fans who didn’t buy the game on that reason alone. I don’t agree with it, but you know how DMC fans are.


2. Price Point 

The price point for this game might have been a little high when you consider how many characters and modes the game offers. It has far less characters than Smash Bros Brawl, the online play is somewhat lacking in options compared to other fighting games like Tekken, and the graphics are not top-notch or anywhere near other PS3 exclusives. Now I understand it’s a new IP, so they may have not had time to implement a huge roster. However, twenty characters does not justify a full $60 purchase in many consumers eyes. Especially in the ultra competitive market today.  I don’t care about PlayStation All Stars graphics, because the game runs at a good frame rate, but for many PS3 gamers, graphics are just as important as gameplay.


1. PS All Stars should have been an Actual Smash Bros Clone 

When I first saw PlayStation All Stars, I remember saying, “sweet Sony Smash Bros.” I thought it was going to be a straight-shameless clone of Nintendo’s popular brawler. As the weeks went on and I learned more about the game, I started to realize this is not a Smash Bros clone. They play very differently. When I finally got to play it at the GT Film Feast in LA last year my anticipation for the game sunk. I was prepared for this game to be a clone, and it wasn’t. PS All Stars also didn’t copy some of the elements that make Smash Bros fun. Having to fight back on to the screen after getting smashed, and the percentage health bar should have been included as an alternate game mode. I talked to multiple people who played the game and were a bit confused. A large majority of gamers I spoke with thought it was going to be Smash Bros, with Sony characters. It wasn’t, and I think the game suffered because of it. I wanted a shameless clone. Who cares if PlayStation All Stars copies Smash Bros to the tee? There aren’t many games like Smash Bros anyway.

Honorable Mentions Reasons: Giving away Vita copies hurt sales, Marketing could have been better, PS3 gamers don’t like these type of games much.

Why do you guys think PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale failed to live up to Sony’s expectations? Please put your comments below. 

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  • BC20FLY

    It's flaws weren't from a gameplay standpoint. I was actually glad the rules of the game wasn't like smash bros (If I wanna play smash ill play smash) and don't think that the supers in this game are like the smash balls…because they totally aren't. With the smash ball, it's pretty much a guarantee death. With a lvl 1 super you can't just throw it out there and hope it lands, you have find ways to combo into it or find setups for it. lvl 3 supers are guarantee death but getting there is a very long process and is tough against good opponents, since they can steal you're meter with down grabs.

    Now I kinda wish I did write that compare and contrast article you wanted me to do. Having played both games a lot (even though I played smash more than ps all stars since smash was out longer) the differences aren't for the worst but for the better. There are things I like more in PS All Stars than smash because they implanted some actual fighting mechanics into the game which I loved as well as the training mode options they provide are like something you would see in a fighting game. I like how they are both different and not the same, I never expected a shameless smash clone.

    One thing both games have in common though despite there differences: Free-For-All is just as gay in PS All Stars as it is in Smash Bros lol

    • Furious Francis

      Well, telling from the sales, I think the team would have changed some things if they could do it over. I was totally ready to buy this game if it was more like Smash Bros or offered a Smash Bros type play modes. I don't like building up for supers.

  • sly

    Agreed. I thought this would be a clone as well, but it's only a clone in concept. The gameplay is vastly different. I don't like that you have to build up a "super meter" to kill people, but I supposed maybe once I play the game more I could get used to it. I haven't played with any other character so far but Dante, but I wasn't expecting so many combos to learn. This definitely isn't Smash Brothers, but there's a reason why this game isn't doing to well. I never saw the intro price, but $60 is ridiculous for such a small game with hardly any cast. Too bad…it has potential. I like the game a bit and would play it if I had it. Okay, time to turn on Smash Brothers.

  • anon

    many of your roster gripes were not Superbot/Sony's fault:
    Crash was down to Activision
    Not sure about Snake
    I don't think Joel has enough shown yet to make a moveset out of, even if Ellie was part of it. I think maybe when it comes out we may see him/them.
    "New Dante" was demanded by Capcom…

  • what a shitty article.. hahaha

    • Furious Francis

      How so?

  • joinsideke


    research is so nice.

    Take into consideration that the price point is basically 2 games for the price of one. Plus, many sites offered deals of $20 off if you preordered it.

    • Furious Francis

      So you have to pre-order it and have a vita to get a great deal? How about just getting the discount from the beginning, and what about those who dont have a Vita.

      • HHvT

        You didn't have to pre-order the game to get the Vita version, you knob.

        • Furious Francis

          I never said you did. Read the comment again in context to what was said.