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PlayStation MVP Program Announced by Sony, Invites top 1% of Players

Sony has started to invite the top 1% of PS3 and PS Vita players to their exclusive MVP program. More details below. 

In a report by IGN, invites have started going out to players who have the most impressive trophy counts, and a huge selection of games. The program will rewards the “highly-engaged” gamers across the systems.

If you do get one of these invites, there going to look like this.

You can fill out your information, with a long questionnaire about your gaming routines and more. This PlayStation MVP program might roll over to the PS4, as the heightened social aspects of the system will be a mainstay.

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Author: Francis@PE (18915 Posts)

  • BC20FLY

    Kinda makes me wish I took trophy hunting a bit more serious…kinda

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, it's not worth it. Everybody that's invited to this event has no life or job. You've seen the impossible trophy totals. There's no way someone with kids, work, or school can get in this.