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The Pokemon Bank Should Cost Around $5 a year

Pokemon X and Y Lucario Mega

Nintendo of Japan has revealed the Pokemon Bank will cost 500 yen. A direct conversion of this is $5.03. The Pokemon Bank is coming to Japan on December 25th. There will be a free trail available at the launch of the service. 

Serebii Updates: Pokémon Bank, and with it Pokémon Transporter, for sale in Japan on December 25th for 500 Yen http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml

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  • Ghost

    LMAO!!!! And sweeeeet!! Nintendo does it again. Not only are they releasing a game with MORE features than previous titles. But the online feature costs about 1/10 the computations price!!! LOLOLOLOL take that sony and Microsoft!! Maybe you should take some notes here. Less $$$ = happier fans and happy fans = MORE $$$. I should get that fouls patented. Later all see u in the… Online battle thingy.

  • AJ34

    You can’t transfer gen 5 Pokemon up at launch?!?!? Godamnit what are they doing? All of the other games had the feature, why not this one?

    • Furious Francis

      Any Pokemon on Black and White or Black and White two can be brought over.

  • Millzy101

    That’s what I wanted to hear, been collecting and transferring pokemon from fire red all the way up, got a good collection going and now you don’t have to complete the game to transfer them (although there’s a good chance it would be done because of the gap between releases.

    Bad news is pokemon comes out on my Mrs birthday and she’s banned from playing games that day

  • *NormalGamer*

    $5 a year is not bad; really goes easy on your budget. ^_^

  • Matthew Wesley

    Five dollars a year… hell I'd thought it would've been at least fifteen and they still would have been undercutting the competition.

    • Titan64

      If we were to break this down monthly, that is less then 50 cents a month. Not to mention, its completely optional.

  • MortyF1

    You could just called that free because that's a very low price point for a whole year. Xbox Live got nothing on Nintendo's pricing, and I would certainly want to use this 🙂

  • jesgrad07

    Some people are complaining about the fee. Seriously, $5 a year with, a free trail period? Some people just love to complain. Doesn't every extra Pokemon storage app cost money anyway?

    • DJK1NG

      at least it not a month like Sony doing with PS4

    • revolution5268

      yet nobody is complaining about the fee on xbox live or the new psn subcription BS….and its more $$$ than this.

  • DePapier

    Now December 25th is far too late for me to get all the starters near the October 12th launch… Love the pricepoint, 5 for a year seems totally plausible for me, will use it when I need it. 🙂

    I lost all my previous Pokémon games, but does anybody know of a way to get your original ones from Red and Blue all the way to X and Y? Like going from Red to Cristal, than somehow from Cristal onto the GBA games or something…

    • I'm leaving a comment here because I want to see if somebody replies and knows their shit as I'm interested too….I've nearly got the 151 in red, I'm about 10 off. It would be a shame to lose them all to a dead battery

      • TheWolvesDen

        You can't go from Blue and Red all the way up the chain. However you can start from Fire Red/Sapphire all the way up the chain. So the pokemon park(think thats what its called) in Gen 4 and the pokemon shifter in gen 5 and now the pokemon bank in gen 6

        • Such a pity, cheers. I got leaf green a while back. Guess I''ll start playing through it!