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The Pokemon Bank Should Cost Around $5 a year

Pokemon X and Y Lucario Mega

Nintendo of Japan has revealed the Pokemon Bank will cost 500 yen. A direct conversion of this is $5.03. The Pokemon Bank is coming to Japan on December 25th. There will be a free trail available at the launch of the service. 

Serebii Updates: Pokémon Bank, and with it Pokémon Transporter, for sale in Japan on December 25th for 500 Yen http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml

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Author: Francis@PE (16984 Posts)

15 Responses to The Pokemon Bank Should Cost Around $5 a year

  1. Ghost says:

    LMAO!!!! And sweeeeet!! Nintendo does it again. Not only are they releasing a game with MORE features than previous titles. But the online feature costs about 1/10 the computations price!!! LOLOLOLOL take that sony and Microsoft!! Maybe you should take some notes here. Less $$$ = happier fans and happy fans = MORE $$$. I should get that fouls patented. Later all see u in the… Online battle thingy.

  2. AJ34 says:

    You can’t transfer gen 5 Pokemon up at launch?!?!? Godamnit what are they doing? All of the other games had the feature, why not this one?

  3. Millzy101 says:

    That’s what I wanted to hear, been collecting and transferring pokemon from fire red all the way up, got a good collection going and now you don’t have to complete the game to transfer them (although there’s a good chance it would be done because of the gap between releases.

    Bad news is pokemon comes out on my Mrs birthday and she’s banned from playing games that day

  4. *NormalGamer* says:

    $5 a year is not bad; really goes easy on your budget. ^_^

  5. Matthew Wesley says:

    Five dollars a year… hell I'd thought it would've been at least fifteen and they still would have been undercutting the competition.

  6. MortyF1 says:

    You could just called that free because that's a very low price point for a whole year. Xbox Live got nothing on Nintendo's pricing, and I would certainly want to use this :)

  7. jesgrad07 says:

    Some people are complaining about the fee. Seriously, $5 a year with, a free trail period? Some people just love to complain. Doesn't every extra Pokemon storage app cost money anyway?

  8. DePapier says:

    Now December 25th is far too late for me to get all the starters near the October 12th launch… Love the pricepoint, 5 for a year seems totally plausible for me, will use it when I need it. :)

    I lost all my previous Pokémon games, but does anybody know of a way to get your original ones from Red and Blue all the way to X and Y? Like going from Red to Cristal, than somehow from Cristal onto the GBA games or something…

    • NinTimdo says:

      I'm leaving a comment here because I want to see if somebody replies and knows their shit as I'm interested too….I've nearly got the 151 in red, I'm about 10 off. It would be a shame to lose them all to a dead battery

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