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Pokemon Games are more Advanced than Gamers give it Credit for

By Furious Francis

Many gamers have vastly different opinions on the Pokemon games. Some people will think its just kids game, others might think fun, while a majority of “hardcore” gamers will write it off as simple. Pokemon is a game of many things, but as a serious Pokemon game player myself. A majority of what I have read on review sites and comments made about the game Pokemon are wrong. I have logged 500 hours of Pokemon Yellow, 900 hours of Pokemon Pearl, and 356+ hours and counting of Pokemon White and White 2, needless to say I know Pokemon games: and its much more complex than gamers give it credit for.

The most common mistake I hear people talk about concerning pokemon is the actual focus of the game. Many people spend too much time talking about how the Pokemon look, and the single player, then they start complaining about how many Pokemon there are. While these things are somewhat important, the essence of Pokemon is head to head battles and this is where Pokemon White/Black knock it out of the park.

Pokemon is a game that has seen 5 main iterations over the years. The developers at Game Freak know what they are doing. Many see the changes over the years as small or not enough. However, to the serious Pokemon game players, adding the amount of Pokemon and items they do each generation drastically changes up your fighting style, team lineups, and strategy. For example, Pokemon abilities, these are complete game changers that are often overlooked by causal game reviewers. Having a pokemon like Politoad that has the “Drizzle ability” which casts “Rain Dance” at the beginning of the battle opens up all sorts of possibilities for competitive battling. What makes Pokemon the ultimate head to head game though is the sheer amount of moves, abilities, and Pokemon at your disposal. Many gamers see the amount of Pokemon as a bad thing and stubbornly say they should just stay with the original 150. While I love the original cast of Pokemon, any serious player always want new Pokemon be added to the roster. Serious Pokemon players want new strategies the original 150 do not provide. Pokemon is not like a fighting game where one character has 70+ moves and combos. Pokemon only have 4 moves and an ability, so many new Pokemon are needed to create new strategies and give the game more depth. Another thing commonly overlooked in the evolution of the pokemon series is dual type Pokemon. This is very important addition to the franchise. Having a pokemon that has two types like ghost and ice can help you avoid some weaknesses of the other type. It’s a double edge sword though, because while it can help you in some instances, it can make you weak to other types of attacks. Having dual type pokemon even helps to balance the strongest type of Pokemon in the games, which are dragons. Many dragon pokemon have 2 types that are both weak against ice, which in turn will do 4x the damage if they are hit with an ice attack. Some of the things I just mentioned are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Pokemon. The next thing I will talk about it not known by many. Many game reviewers do not even mention it in their reviews (mainly because they are too lazy to figure it out or research it) yes, the dreaded EV points!

Ev points are not hard to figure out. Actually, it is quite easy if you know basic math. Every pokemon can get bonus points towards stats. Every Pokemon you fight has a value in a stat like attack, speed, ect. Any one stat can get a max of 255 points in that one stat. But, you gain one bonus point for every two points in a stat. Meaning you never want to max out all the way to 255, instead you want to stop at 252 so it is divisible by two, leading to more points for that stat. Overall, pokemon can have a total of 510 points between all their stats. That gives you two stats you can build up to 252 and  have six points left over to put in what ever you want or you can distribute it evenly among your stats. For example, having five stats with 100 points each. See, its not that hard is it? Of course better stats are good, but it’s the execution of putting your stats into the right places that separates the great players from the scrubs. Every good Pokemon team needs Defensive tanks (Pokemon with high Defensive stats), Physical and/or Special Sweepers (Pokemon that are high in Attack and Special attack rating) Annoyers (Pokemon who cause status ailments like poison, paralyze, sleep, ect) Buffers (Pokemon who can raise stats and heal). Having a balanced combination of these types of pokemon is what makes pokemon thrilling to play. With the amount of Pokemon, moves, items, and abilities the combinations really are endless.

I have listed many things that not only make Pokemon unlike any other game, but why Pokemon is easily more than a child play game.  It takes many hours of dedication and planning to be good at Pokemon (as a side note F-U cheating hacking bums). There is even more things I did not list that effect Pokemon’s stats like: Natures, breeding, and egg moves. All of these additions over the years keep Pokemon fresh to me. When Game Freak adds all of these subtle changes it really just makes Pokemon stand out more and more. The essence of Pokemon is in battle head to head. It is and always will be the main reason to play a Pokemon game. Not for the story, not to see if the new Pokemon look cool, but for the battle and the competition. That is the essence of pokemon.

What do you guys think? Do you love Pokemon, think the formula needs to change, or what? Put your comments below.

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