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Precursor Games has been in Contact with Nintendo over Shadow of the Eternals

Shadow of the Eternals is the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, and some might even say it’s more than that. With a recent gameplay analysis from GameExplain, it’s becoming more evident that Shadow of the Eternals is more of a true sequel, than spiritual successor. 

Nintendo owns the rights to the Eternal Darkness IP though, will Nintendo allow this without compensation? Precursor says they have had multiple discussions with Nintendo over Shadow of the Eternals. And Nintendo is excited for them to bring the game over.

“We have been in constant communication with Nintendo, and they have been very supportive of our endeavour to bring this game to their platform.” 

So it looks like everything is good. However, I wish Nintendo would just pick this game up, make it exclusive, and package it as a full retail release for the Wii U. I’m not huge on crowd-funding or episodic content. I will be supporting this game fully though. Check out the 9-minute gameplay trailer if you missed it below.

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  • koopzilla

    Nintendo should just make this official, they could use it. I think this could actually move systems for fans of Eternal Darkness. And Dennis Dyak looks absolutely nothing like what I always imagined.

  • rickmodus

    Eternal Darkness on eshop HD remake would be awesome.

  • timg57867

    On topic: Awesome! Cool to see indies stepping up and Nintendo acknowledging it! Survival horror games aren't my cup of tea, but I know plenty of people who played the original Eternal Darkness will be joyed to hear this. I hope Nintendo snatches it up too…kind of makes me wish they could get Eternal Darkness on eShop. Could have turned the hype up more!

    Off topic: I guess we can safely rule out Retro Studios working on Eternal Darkness 2 now! lol

  • Titan64

    How should I say this. Idk if they want to be snatched up by Nintendo or not but the fact that they contacted them about it making it seem more likely Nintendo wants to snatch this game up.