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Prey 2 Countdown site Appears

a mysterious countdown site has appeared going by the name of “Alien Noire”. Some NeoGAF members have dissected the source code, which appears to unveil Prey 2 in about three weeks. 

The information in the source code contains the tags: Prey, Prey 2, Prey2, FPS, Bethesda Softworks, Human Head Studios, Alien Noire – all traces of which have been since edited out of the source code.

The bottom of the Page also reads: “Tommy needs your help,” and the domain is listed under: The Collective -17677 S. Muskogee Ave – Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

All of this information makes sense if you played the original Prey on the Xbox 360. Prey’s main character, Tommy, is a Cherokee, and the actual real- life town of Tahlequah, is the capital city for the two federally recognized Cheorkee tribes in Oklahoma. And if that wasn’t enough, Tommy lives on a reservation in Tahlequah in the game.

The symbols in the teaser site, look like they will form the word Prey 2 when the countdown ends. Hopefully this is legit, I played the original Prey on the Xbox 360, 7 years ago. I was looking forward to Prey 2 but the game has been having some issues.


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