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PS4 – Red Light of Death?


Many gamers now have the PS4 in their homes, and it seems the users are having issues. Many YouTubers have begun posting videos of the PS4’s ‘Red Light of Death’. More info past the link.

Back in October, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida said the PS4’s ‘Red Light of Death’  was “not true”. But That seems to directly contradict the videos being posted on YouTube.

Joshua Eldridge @JoshEldridge016
@yosp is the red line of death on the PS4 true

Follow @JoshEldridge016 not true

Take a look at these videos below. 

Sony has said these are “Isolated Incidents”, adding in the failure rate to be around .4%

“A handful of people have reported issues with their PlayStation 4 systems. This is within our expectations for a new product introduction, and the vast majority of PS4 feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are closely monitoring for additional reports, but we think these are isolated incidents and are on track for a great launch.

There have been several problems reported, which leads us to believe there isn’t a singular problem that could impact a broader percentage of systems. The number of affected systems represents less than .4% of shipped units to date, which is within our expectations for a new product introduction.”

We’ll see how many more problems people have in the next few days and weeks.


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  • DePapier

    He said "not true." It's Sony, people, he never said "IT'S not true."

  • siolore

    The failure rate is 0.4%… really $ony, Really?

    The failure rate is actually around 30%…

    • lindyshutterbug

      Looks like the one stars on amazon have over taken the five stars (54 to 43). Not good.

  • Kaloi2

    I'm wondering if Sony's planned obsolescence kicked in a little too early.

    Based on history, Sony releases crap hardware that breaks after warranty. However, by that time there are a lot of games and people don't want their all their games and accessories to go to waste, not to mention the ability to play the new games on the horizon.

    So, they're presented with two options:
    -pay Sony $150 to fix their system, or
    -buy a new console.

    Most people opt for the new console, this is how Sony has sold the level of PS1 and PS2's that they have. It's not the sole reason, but the popularity of the consoles plus the double and triple dipping due to broken consoles is a synergistic effect.

    Now, PS3 had a lower popularity and faulty rate than the PS1 and PS2, and perhaps Sony is trying to "correct" that. I mean, look at XBOX360, it had a high failure rate, and it sold more, many replacement units have been sold. Maybe this is actually helpful for Sony in a way. Food for thought.

    • timg57867

      I wouldn't find it helpful. Sure it creates the perception that you've dominated the market, but we have to remember that the majority of PS3 and Xbox 360's that bricked, did so when the hardware wasn't profitable.

  • dathip


  • kerbizzle

    How many times have we been lied to now? I lost count.

    This is not the way you want to start out, Sony, especially when the company is on the verge of death. I wish you no ill will, Sony. But if you keep this crap going, it's your own fault.

    • alex9234

      Looks like Sony just wants to commit suicide. Sony's about to become the next General Motors.

  • ApocRider

    Boy oh boy, this isn't good. Assuming this is true and looking back at everything that's happened, I'm starting to wonder if we're simply repeating what happened in the last generation. It's like MS and Sony had switched places.

    Sony will be saddled with all these hardware failures during their first year and be forced to pay for them. Only with their current financial difficulties, they can't afford something like MS' RROD. If Sony ignores its customers, I can see their fans dwindling in number even more this gen.

    MS might end up like last gen Sony. Their $500 price tag will be a big hindrance, so it will take more time for them to build momentum. They'll have a few hardware hiccups, but nothing so costly as the RROD.

  • Maestro

    HDMI problem, GPU problem, RLOD, WLOD, games that cause the console to brick and shit…….

    Fuck that generation….. If this is a way to have non-working game every times it's out…. I don't want too…..

    • Kaloi2

      Apparently this is what "next gen" and "power" gets you.

  • Izzy

    Um this is funny to me only because of the flak Wii U got at launch for slow OS and “weak specs”… I bet that weak Wii U with its supposedly slow OS is looking a whole lot better now seeing as it um WORKS right out of the box lol. Oh and it has must have games this holiday too. I do sympathize with ps4 adopters who are true gamers, but I feel no sympathy for the fanboys and anti-any-other-console drones who praised the ps4 for being perfect.

    • John Aubuchon

      Totally Agree 🙂

    • I agree!

  • While I really, really dislike Sony as a company (in the least their videogame division), I have no qualms over their tech. I understand that problems will always be happening.

    Question for all those who know: does it seem the PS4 is having more technical problems at launch than the WiiU did in its opening?

    • timg57867

      I think it'll be way worse. Look at the first video. The PS4 actually caved while trying to play a Ubisoft game. That means it bricked even though the user already got the update/didn't bother with the update!

      Also, most of the Wii U's launch problems were caused by people turning it off DURING the update.

  • Kaloi2

    Supposedly Amazon is setting up a conference call with Sony to address the failure rate issue. They thought 3DS scratch returns were a problem? How will they handle this? Stop selling Sony hardware? LOL

    • alex9234

      Oh man, speaking of retailers refusing not to sell a company's hardware, remember the Sega Saturn's surprise launch at E3, which angered retailers like KB Toys? That was the beginning of the end for Sega right there. Still, the Saturn's a pretty good console in it's own right, it was just poorly handled by Sega.

  • Twinkie5000

    "isolated incidents"

  • Mudd IV

    well, I don't see how anybody can believe Yoshida now. the man has just been caught lying about saying that the red light problem was not real. but I guess someone will damage control this… their is no excuse for a broken product right out of the box.

    • alex9234

      That lie right there is going to hurt Sony's reputation big time. People said Nintendo was going to go the way of Sega this gen, when it's actually Sony who has the most in common with Sega.

  • Ray01X

    For the most part, when Nintendo makes a console or handheld, it may not be the most powerful or have the most cutting edge technology packed into it, but god damn it, they know how to make a very durable & efficient machine(at a comparatively low cost as well) which I appreciate.

  • Wii U got slack for a slow OS but I don't even think I heard of a SINGLE case of a Wii U failure or "this light" of death. Seriously, obviously there was but I haven't't heard of a single one.

    • timg57867

      Only a couple consoles bricked from people foolishly shutting the system down during an update. Here, consoles are bricking just for turning the darn device on…

      • Yea. I remember trying to tell a guy on YouTube it was his own fault for shutting down the console as it was updating. He said that the install was taking so long and he had to go. I mean really? If you're going to buy a piece of machinery for 300+ dollars and need to update it (which you know you can't shut down during) then fucking make sure you're going to be around or someone else will! They say people take things for granted that they didn't buy but I think people take things for granted that they do too.

        • RicardJulianti

          Or….just let it update and go about your business. It's not like the system is a power hog and will drive up the electric bill or anything.

    • Kaloi2

      Wii U also got slack for not having a hard drive, now we're seeing reports of corrupted hard drives on PS4.

      • UncannyOmninaut

        No! Seriously? Do you have links?

        • Kaloi2
          • UncannyOmninaut


            I never understood the people who wanted Hard Disc Drives in the Wii U because HHD's are notorious for being prone to failure. Who honestly want's something that can break on you at any second.

          • Kaloi2

            This is why I want Nintendo to allow us to back up save data to Wii U's internal memory. If your hard drive fails your saves are gone! Who cares about the games, you can download those again.

          • UncannyOmninaut

            How I wish that game cartridges would return. For every step forward in technology, we took three steps back it seems when it comes to home consoles. Think about it, the game came with its own storage but now the game saves have to be storaged on some other device. At least the 3DS is holding it true to gaming with cartridges and the ability to save their games on the cartridge.

          • alex9234

            I wish memory cards would return for consoles.

    • UncannyOmninaut

      Oh there were like TonyRende's for example:

      Don't worry he got it fixed:

      Even I had an issue with my launch day Wii U but it wasn't because of the system failing but because the power cord fried. Got it replaced the very same day from the shop that I bought it from. The Wii U's failure rates, if there were any beyond these two cases, were within limits. These were just manufacturing errors and not some wide spread hardware issue resulting from faulty development. But the PS4's issues if this continues, which I fear it will, sounds that there is systematic flaw within the system that was never fixed since they didn't take the time to develop it properly.

      • hardin25

        Mines didn't show a screen until i got it fixed.

    • Anti

      Just saw this one, not sure if this is isolated, but someone on Polygon has asked if anyone else is experiencing issues attempting to sync the DualShock 4 controller with the PlayStation 4:

  • UncannyOmninaut

    Oh dear, so it begins! Read Light of Death the unwanted sequel to the Red Ring of Death! Hopefully these are isolated cases but I'm fearing that this isn't the case. >:(

    • timg57867

      I think it would be more appropiate to use DOOM instead of DEATH because the PS3's bricking meme was Yellow Light of Doom.

      • UncannyOmninaut

        I agree. Doom definitely sounds more dramatic than death. I knew that the YLOD was a wide spread problem for many of the earlier and some of the later PS3 models but I still think that Red Line of DOOM is the bastard child of the Red Ring of Death even though that was an Xbox problem.

  • timg57867

    RED LINE OF DOOM or RLOD for short.

  • Hopes for the best, fear for the worst… -_-

  • Ludwigvasq

    And that ladies and gentleman is the reason why Japan´s getting it next year.

    • timg57867

      That or they just didn't want to launch with ZERO games that Japanese gamers actually care about. Does mean they're missing the holidays though…

      • Ludwigvasq

        Best case scenario:

        No games for the japanese audience so no launch until february

        Worst case scenario:

        Let's use the western market as guinea pigs, even if it means having nothing but the VIta and PS3 in the holidays against Nintendo's 3DS, Wii and Wii U in Japan.

  • Anti

    Ugh.. This is a huge shame for those affected, we'll have to see if this is truly an "isolated incident" as Yoshida claimed, or will this be an even bigger issue as time progress, especially after a period of long term use, instead of a random 0.4% number thrown out for unsold and untested consoles. Sony shouldn't have completely lied to their potential consumers about the possibility of facing this issue, their customers don't deserve that type of treatment.

    I certainly hope this is a small situation and those who are facing this problem will get a quick solution to this problem, since it's not fair to any consumers to be cheated like this on a product they just purchased.

    • Kaloi2

      If consoles are overheating now, imagine down the line with Naughty Dog games?

      • Anti

        I would be more concerned about summers if it's running on stand-by, especially in homes with poor ventilation or lack of air conditioning. :/

        • RicardJulianti

          Or in places where the general ambient temp is higher…or there is a crapload of humidity. If Sony manages to get the system manufactured in Brazil to bring down the price….those consoles are going to explode.

  • Gamer

    WiiU's christmas keeps getting better lol.

    • lindyshutterbug

      Yup. All they have to do is just hang back and just watch these two clowns (PS4 & Xbox1) continuously trip, stumble, and face plant themselves out of the starting gate. Heck it was amusing to just watch Xbox1 trying to get into the gate earlier this year.

      • RicardJulianti

        You should check out my post in the inFamous launch date article…..the other two consoles are going to have a rough go of it…

        • lindyshutterbug

          Nice. In other words their sponsors said, "Oh BTW, that fuel that we promised at launch, it's not gonna be ready for several months." This is what happens when you put most of your trust in these third party western sponsors.

          You would think that after the incident with the supposed "performance enhancing cocktail" ,aka DRM, that they insisted everyone use (and led the Xbox1 to make an utter fool of itself early this year) that PS4 would be wiser. Looks like they are in too deep to get out.

          Anyhow this picture that was orginally billed as a thrilling action packed race is starting to look like a farce or perhaps a tragic comedy.

    • Kaloi2

      X360 sales didn't pick up until Wii and PS3 were released, people had to compare products first. Wii U sales will increase once PS4 and XBox One are released and people realize exactly what they're getting and what they're paying for.

  • rickmodus


  • Richard

    Really Sony? You couldn't take another year to fix your damn system? Rushed system like I've been saying since the beginning.

    • timg57867

      Yeah. Nintendo may not have been able to rocket into the sky with their headstart but by launching in 2012, they were able to force Sony and Microsoft to launch their systems prematurely and just as the PS3 and Xbox 360 were about to turn profitable. Anyone who thinks Nintendo is irrelevant to Sony and Microsoft should think again…

      • Bob

        I am so glad I'm not the only one who thought that, I was starting to think I was the only one who could see it. Too bad not many people get it, though.

      • alex9234

        John Lucas sure is a genius!

  • ulyesses

    It's a damn shame really..