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PS4 to PS Vita Remote-play Support is Mandatory for all Games

All PlayStation 4 titles must support PS Vita remote-play functionality, with the only exception that games that use the PS4 Eye Camera don’t have to. 

Sony Computer Entertainment boss Shuhei Yoshida confirmed this on Twitter.

“Yes, it’s true unless the game requires specific hardware like the camera,” he said.. “It will be great to play PS4 games on PS Vita.”

The feature is very similar to what’s on the Wii U right now with off screen play. Does this feature make the PS Vita more appealing to any of you guys?


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  • migwelito

    Curious about games that will utilize digital triggers.

  • I am quite frankly appalled by the negative outpour here. Remote Play has been a feature since the PSP days for the PS3 since about 2007. Youi have been able to access your PS3 remotely over the internet and over local wifi. The only downside was the lack of support for it for PS3 games as only about 20 or so games ever supported the feature. However all PS1 classics as well as the few PS3 games that supported remote play (Like God of War 1 and 2 HD, Shadow of the Colossus HD, and Ico HD). The only thing Sony is doing here is to prevent the problem the PSP had and garuntee a huge library of games you can play remotely thru your vita. I look forward to being able to play a PS4 game at my local coffeeshop over wifi (as remote play on Sony machines have always supported use of this feature over wifi). So who's copying who? Sony has had this feature since 2007, Nintendo had it in 2012 AND it only works locally and for SOME games.

    • RicardJulianti

      Nintendo had cross platform "remote play" as far back as the SNES with the Super Game Boy. Just plug in the game cartridge and play the game on the big screen. Then, take out the cartridge, put it in your GB and be on your way. It wasn't the most elegant solution but it existed in 1994.

      Then, Nintendo took it another step forward with the transfer pak on the N64 (Pokemon only, but added features), the GBA-GCN link cable and the GBA player add-on. Again, not an elegant solution….but it was there already. Sony is just improving on it further, like they did with the Move. But yes, Sony is "copying" Nintendo.

      I don't expect you to be able to play PS4 games outside of your home, and if you can….the quality will suffer quite a bit. The system would have to be on as the low-power state wouldn't allow a full game to be played. The latency could be horrendous considering your distance from home and bandwidth limits of wherever you are will mean a drop in fidelity.

    • timg57867

      Nintendo made cross platform connectivity in a time where handhelds and controllers still used cords. And this mandating Remote Play support has Wii-U-taliation written all over it! Hehe, hope that becomes a meme.

      • While it may come off as a Wii-U-taliation (lol), it's more of a logical extension of what was already available on the Playstation brand. It's honestly a great move by them that will help sell Vitas. Trust me I could write pages of stuff that Sony has "adopted" from Nintendo. However that's the thing, they usually take what Nintendo did and make a overall "better" product than Nintendo. Wether or not that translates to superior sales is spotty, but they take the ideas from the best places…Nintendo. Sony and Nintendo are joined at the hip in ideals but choose to approach it different ways. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

        • timg57867

          I guess that's another way of looking at it. Could even show that Sony now sees Nintendo as worthy competitor now, considering how Sony almost managed to drive Nintendo out of the console market 2 generations ago.

  • Matthew Wesley

    Can Sony come up with anything on their own? Please Sony, stop copying Nintendo! For a company made of engineers, they can't make anything truly innovative.

  • Titan64

    The only way this can work is if every PS4 comes with a Vita. Even then, it would still be expensive as all hell for one specific feature. And wouldn't this make games more expensive to develop because they have to use that feature? It is sort of like the Wii Motion Plus except the motion plus can still be used for games that don't have that added function. This is needlessly adding on a function.

    • koopzilla

      That's what I'm thinking. It's just going to add on top of the increased cost the PS4 is already going to have to develop games. And for a feature nobody will use because nobody has a Vita. It has already been proven time and time again if a input device doesn't come with a system it won't be widely used, especially an expensive ass $300 one on top of the probably $500 console.

      • It should be noted that it seems like it won't be that complicated to actually enable the remote play. It turns out that it may be as simple as "enabling" it as evidenced by Homebrew hackers of the PSP and PSVita who only changed around a few code lines to enable any ps3 game to be played on their system. The only reason why not so many people enabled it in the first place is that they feared it would eat into PSP/VITA port's sales of said games.

        To see what I'm talking about.

  • timg57867


    Seriously, they're just helping the Wii U because they're essentially saying: HEY! YOU HAVE TO EMPLOY THE VITA SO DOING UNIQUE THINGS FOR WII U WON'T HURT!

    Needless to say, as an obvious strategy to sell the Vita, I find this despicable.

  • Rpx

    Simple question to ask? Are consumers willing to spend up around 200+ dollars on a seperate device that allow your PS4 to have the off-play TV functionality?

    Also, we do not know how the PS4 to Vita Off-Play functionality WORKS and the RANGE of the functionality.

  • RicardJulianti

    Be ready to cough up $700 to do what the Wii U does folks. You also have to keep in mind that while remote play is mandatory, actually utilizing separate functions is not. Some will have touch screen things, but most won't unless the Vita really starts to pick up in sales. It's a similar situation to Wii Motion Plus really. Separate purchase that isn't mandatory, so why utilize it?

    Also, this could help the Wii U a bit since devs might say, "Well, we have to include it for the PS4….what can we do on the Wii U?"…..if they keep an open mind about the system. E3 will help on that front in order to show off what the system can do, and then sales will help as well.

    One more thing to note is that they still need to clear up exacty how it will be streamed over Wi-Fi. From everything I've seen, it basically just turns the PS4 into a local server for Gaikai and it streams to the Vita…..using your home internet. It's possible that they could include a way for the PS4 to broadcast a 5ghz signal, but it would defeat the purpose of their "whole house" claim since a 5Ghz signal doesn't nearly have the range of a 2.4Ghz (normal wireless things)

    The Wii U uses a 5Ghz signal which allows more data to be carried, but is a higher frequency so it doesn't penetrate objects as well. This is why some people don't have as much luck with the off-tv in their homes.

  • bigchad

    so, what is this going to do for dedicated software support for the vita? will it help or hinder?

    • This is the real legitimate question. The only logical reason why there wasn't as much PSP/Vita remote play support was to prevent it eating into PSP/Vita sales of ports of said games. Now that it's being required I wonder what the publishers think about this.

      • bigchad

        it seems like a move to cannibalize on itself. let’s see what developers say about this.

  • rickmodus

    i don't even own a psv. and I am not planning to get one anytime soon.
    They always try to mimic Nintendo in so many ways.
    Now the of t.v play.
    But hey, the games wont be as inofative as the ones on the WiiU, cause they will be made especialy for that extra dimension and not only for off t.v gaming.

  • Gryphonofmight

    I don't understand, why do Microsoft and Sony want to help Nintendo so much. This is going to boost the WiiU sales even more.

  • Liquid-Sun

    Sounds like it will be pure wallet rape for people who want to use this feature