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Hardcore Dark Souls and Oldschool Resident Evil Fans Need To Play Zombi U

Hardcore Dark Souls and Oldschool Resident Evil fans Need To Play Zombi U.
– As we inch closer to the Wii U launch I find my excitement for certain Wii U games going up and down. Zombi U is one of those games where my excitement has went way up. The true survival aspect, brutal difficulty, and fantastic atmosphere has me thinking Dark Souls and Resident Evil fans could get a lot of enjoyment out of Zombi U.

– Zombi U does a lot of things the oldschool Resident Evil games did back in the day. The true survival aspect is a huge similarity between the two. Zombi U forces you to be very alert of your surroundings. Ammunition, supplies, and health are in very short supply so you have to make the most out of what you scavenge. Plus, Zombi U looks to be legitimately scary just like Resident Evil. One of the scariest factors of Zombi U is the fear of getting bitten. One bite and your done. Once bitten, you wake up as a different survivor, lose your abilities, and must get back your loot from your old reanimated corpse. Having this creates a Dark Souls type tension that could freak people out….. or pull their hair out.

The difficulty of Zombi U harkens back to the oldschool type games. You must be smart and know your enemies. Knowing when to run and when to fight is key in Zombi U just like Resident Evil and Dark Souls. Making sure to sweep the room before you unlock, loot, or solve anything could mean the difference between life and death. Zombi U features a true hardcore mode. In This mode, you get one life and that’s it. One death and its game over. While games like Dead Space have had a similar mode, the difficulty is a bit higher since its one bite and your done. Resident Evil has had similar modes like this too so RE fans should have no problem getting into this one.

– Dark Souls and the Resident Evil franchise have great gameplay but one of the best features of those games is the fantastic atmosphere they create. Zombi U looks to deliver in the same way. From the ravaged streets, to the dimly lit subways, Zombi U has learned a lot from previous games to create a believable atmosphere that looks great on the Wii U. When we get the full game in our hands we hope all the locals in Zombi U look as good as what we have seen so far.

How do you guys feel on Zombi U. Do you think it could be the hardcore killer app the Wii U needs to cater to hardcore gamers? Put your comments below.