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Resident Evil Revelations is has been Listed for a Console Release

3DS exclusive Resident Evil Revelations has been listed for a console release. Hit the link for details. 

A listing on a Korean Ratings Board has outed the fantastic 3DS game for a release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Resident Evil Revelations might actually be the best Resident Evil game released in the past year between Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City.

Resident Evil Revelations is a fantastic game, and it would be really cool if Capcom released a console port. The only thing I would hope for is a Wii U port as well. It would be nice to have the ability to play the game at home on your Wii U, then transfer your save file to the 3DS and play on the go. I know Capcom is doing this with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U, so its a possibility with Revelations.



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