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Rich from ReviewTechUSA Gives his Thoughts the ‘Always Online’ Xbox 720

Microsoft has had a lot of negative press stemming from the recent tweets from an employee defending an always online connection. To reports of people defending the DRM Microsoft is rumored to be including in the Xbox 720. Rich isn’t a fan of the always online Xbox 720, his thoughts below.

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  • wooferz

    The only people defending the damn Xbox 720's "always online" are Microsoft employees and completely blind fanboys.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah I don't see how it is a good thing, and I don''t see the appeal of a system that's trying to charge you for every single thing.

      • Dusk

        Well, it depends how it is used I think. The Wii has always online functionality, and most people use it. However Nintendo gave full control to the user/owner for that online functionality. The user/owner has the abiltiy to turn it on or off, and it has no ties to games being able to run. If it is true what is said about the new xbox having to have always online funtion in able to play games, well that is a completely different story. That means in order to play a game I own on a system I own I will have to be connected to MS as well. This is unacceptable to me. So if there is a cost for the xbox live as there is today as well, that means the cost for the game, the cost for the console, the cost for xbox live and a cost for isp. Also, if and/or when the new generation comes out the servers might not support the old system so then it might be unplayable. Especially since MS doens't seem to support backwards compatability. Even your smart phone doens't require this kind of function. If you purchase a game on your smart phone, then disconnect from the network and have Wi-Fi turned off you are still able to play the game unless it's an online game that requires a connection (MMO, or facebook game) but this is controlled by the game not the device. Admittedly most apps and games require internet access, but there are still some that don't, you just won't get the full experience. If this is truely what MS is doing then there likely won't be another gen for them as I don't know many peolpe that would put money into this kind of set up on a machine. Even steam allows you to play games off line.

    • koopzilla

      And of course Michael Pachter who thinks it will sell over 90 million, and with it's TV tuner will be the best thing since sliced bread.