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Rumor: Mew Located in Pokemon X & Y


There are some images going around the web that Mew, the legendary physic Pokemon that can learn any TM, is in Pokemon X & Y. Check out images below. 

Now the only thing left to do is actually find Mew. There have been all sorts of leaks of new Pokemon. So it should be interesting to see what becomes of this.

Read more on the rumored Mew here.

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  • jcnba28

    Level 4 Mew? Seriously!

  • Metalheadgamer1

    What? A RUMOR of Mew in the games? This rumor was created when Pokemon Red and Blue have been released! Could history repeat itself? From the begining, I had suspicions that X and Y were spiritual successors of Red and Blue, but now it's just too evident!

    For those who don't know, Mew has been included in Pokemon Red and Blue without Nintendo themselves knowing it initially. When it was just a rumor, it garnered interest and curiosity among gamers, so Pokemon sold itself very well (this is not the only reason it sold, tough), thus saving the Game Boy and the handheld market.

  • sparkticle

    Such a fitting name for the trainer.


  • Titan64

    If it involves a truck, I am not interested.

  • Levian VII

    Just find a truck and use strength on it. That oughta do the trick!