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Rumor – Sony Starting Media Campaign to Confuse Potential Wii U Customers, Steer them Towards PS4/PS Vita


This rumor comes via Tilman of Nintendomination. Tilman is a respected member of the gaming press and was even kind enough to share information with Playeressence on Sonic Lost World’s native resolution and framerate. Tilman claims that Sony is trying to sabotage Wii U sales in Germany.

1: A friend of mine (working at a Saturn Store in Germany) told me today that Sony and “media Group” did a special contract for promoting…

2: …Contract includes: “missinform consumers about & highly recommend them to buy a and + special 10% discount offering”

3:…Contract started march 2013 and will end April 2015.

Microsoft did something similar to this at Nintendo’s Wii U experience events at Best Buy.

Both Microsoft and Sony are scared of Nintendo. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

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  • Jewelwriter

    (I just remembered this on my game hunting trip in Gamestop)

    Employee: Welcome to Gamestop. Can I interest you in getting a PS4 reservation or a PSVita?

    Me: No thanks I'm trying to look for some games at the moment, though could I get a print out of the games coming out soon for the Nintendo 3DS?

    Employee: Um… sure but do you also want one for the PSVita?

    Me: No thank you mam.

    I gotta say, it's funny how people don't believe in the truth until they look at it with their own eyes….but then again, they're political figures of a certain type if they think that people suppressing Nintendo is nothing but bull.

    • *NormalGamer*

      “I gotta say, it’s funny how people don’t believe in the truth until they look at it with their own eyes….but then again, they’re political figures of a certain type if they think that people suppressing Nintendo is nothing but bull.”

      Turns out John Lucas was right, all along; they ‘are’ afraid of Nintendo.

  • Kage

    Another things that annoys me is that Sony is so reactionary when it comes to its products.

    "DS? Balls! Say hello to the PLAYSTATION PORTABLE!!!"

    "Wii remote? Pah! We have the PLAYSTATION MOVE!!!"

    Achievements? Crap! TROPHIES ARE WAY BETTER!!!"

    "Glasses-free 3D? Poppycock! 3D TVS ARE THE FUTURE!!!"

    "WarioWare? Derp! We have FROBISHER SAYS!!!"

    "Wii U Gamepad? Nonsense! THE VITA DOES THE SAME THING!!!"

    Smash Bros.? Why bother? PLAYSTATION ALL-STARS!!! YEAH!!!"

    "Kinect? Utter tripe! Our PS4 camera DOES EVERYTHING KINECT 2.0 DOES!!!"

    Sony. Seriously. Just. Stop. Focus on your own shit, and stop playing follow-the-leader.

  • RicardJulianti

    Remember what happened to the last company that tried to defame Nintendo using media? "Sega does what Nintendon't"…..yeah which is quit the hardware business.

    Like Frankie said above……focus on your own positive aspects and not try to downplay your competition. Not a single person likes to see political attack ads, and this is the same situation.

    If this turns out to be true….and a Sony rep tries to tell me how to sell product like that, there will be a shit show. I'm already looking forward to having a……discussion…..with the MS rep who is all gung-ho about the Xbone. Maybe I should buy a digital recorder and document the interaction.

    All Nintendo has to do is sit back, sell the Wii U their way….the same way they have always sold their hardware. They hype what they have, don't really react to what others do or say about them. Instead of sinking to mudslinging, they simply take the high road and say, "Look at this awesome shit we have coming up. You're welcome."

  • DePapier

    Typical Sony. And some Sony fanboy JACKASS on Miiverse was trying to make me think otherwise. If I find him again that dude will pee in his pants for his stupidity.

    • NGX159

      A Sony fanboy bought a Wii U just to talk crap on Miiverse? Well there's a +1 sale for Nintendo lol

    • koopzilla

      I ran across one of these guys about a month ago, his account seems to have been deactivated last time I looked. Heres a post I made about it on the forums:

      Ran across a troll on MiiVerse today. His name is EyeH8Ninty (I am not making this up). Did this guy just buy a Wii U to troll on Miiverse? Oh well, I guess a sale is a sale. lol

      From Wonderful 101 community:
      "This game starts out ok, but ultimately the story is terrible and the gameplay obnoxiously boring. Thumbs down!"

      From Wind Waker community:
      "I think the entire Zelda franchise is very overrated, the story is bare bones and silly. The graphics are never up to par. And it's the same ol same ol time after time, with very little variation. Boo!"

      From YouTube channel community:
      "Ninty Ninty Ninty about to be crushed aplenty, by station of play and a box with an 'X', what a day"

      These were all posted within minutes of each other. I couldn't resist pointing out what a fool he was making of himself because he hadn't played any of the software (because it says if you have or not). The posts abrubtly stopped after that. haha.

  • Steven

    Sony, you are beginning to become more shady and untrustworthy than MS.

  • Shannon Kyanzaki

    doesn't surprise me one bit…
    Nintendo is advertising in the right places, but they are also NOT advertising in the right places…Nintendo USA need to advertise on Vortexx on CW which airs on Saturdays. Not to mention they should also advertise on the big 5 AND networks like ESPN, MTV, Comedy Central, also networks like Lifetime and Oxygen, just saying, but truth be told, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and ABC Family is right on the money. But Sony doing this kind of underhanded advertising, reeeeaaaally doesn't surprise me…and it wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft does this either…

    • RicardJulianti

      I actually have seen a Just Dance commercial on ABC proper…at night. The crowd that watches late night TV (Jimmy Kimmel in this instance) is probably a similar crowd to those who would get together and play Just Dance. 20-somethings who like to drink and have Just Dance parties….and who also happen to watch late night television.

      Lifetime and Oxygen will come with either Wii Party U or Wii Fit U. ESPN, MTV and such may be a lost cause considering the types of games Nintendo has/produces don't really appeal to that semi-dudebro audience. Smash Bros would be a good one to advertise there though considering it's so well known….Mario Kart as well since it's extremely well known and wide-spread.

      • millzy101

        im in uk and seen a wind waker hd bundle add on comedy central during the break of the new south park series. im surprised NoA didn't do this, it must cost a lot more in the states for an add spot.

  • Gamer

    We shall as Nintendo gamers rise up, and families planet wide; Japan included show Sony how wrong they are. Evil never prevails.

  • Aiddon

    wouldn't be the first time they resorted to slimy tactics, if this is true

  • CJplayer85

    That's right Sony, fear the big N

  • frankie4fingers83

    I have been in sales for nearly 10 years, and the number one rule is this, never focus on what your competition can and cannot do, or what they charge for their services, or products. focus only on what value you bring to the table, the price you set for your services or products. Because once you start doing the above-mentioned, you reek of desperation, and it shows.

    Sony shouldn’t be focusing on what they can do to emulate their competition, they should be focusing on what innovations they bring to this gaming generation. it seems to me that Sony lacks a little bit of confidence in their machine.

  • janezk7

    Nintendo must be quite flattered..
    still.. its a shit move from their side…
    if you think you can't beat them, just use sucker punches huh ?

  • *NormalGamer*

    Sony really needs to worry about their ‘own’ future than to resort to tactics like this, if this rumor turns out to be true; and Sony wonders why they’re still losing money (thanks to them selling consoles/handhelds at a loss from the start not to mention paying third-parties).

    With Nintendo doing their utmost best to improve their marketing for their platforms, they really aren’t holding back, this time; it’s winner take all.

  • Sky Grounder


  • UncannyOmninaut

    This is something that could be taken with a grain of salt we don't really know how much truth there is to it especially since there is no proof beyond word of mouth. Regardless I can actually believe that this could be true. Sony is perhaps more shady than even MS. While MS is plenty shady in of itself but the difference is that people know that they are shady and can call them out on their bad business practices. Case in point Xbox One and DRM, need I say more?

    Sony on the other hand nobody calls them out on anything that they do regardless if it screws over their customer or not. Anybody remember the PSN outage of 2011 and the fact that it took them a week to inform their customers. Not to mention that Sony basically bribing GameStop managers with free PS4's and games and the fact that they "won" E3 by the virtue of taking potshots at the Xbox One and not their own offerings. Its not the first time either I've heard rumors of Sony doing questionable things at retail like a rumor that Sony reps during the 6th gen unplugged GameCube's at different outlets. If there is any basis for this rumor I would love for some real reporter to actually do an exposé on this but that is never going to happen.

  • Matthew Wesley

    I've said it once, and I'll say it again, underestimate Nintendo at your peril Sony… don't forget that the wii kicked your ps3's ass and the 3ds is kicking the vita's ass (as a matter of fact, the 3ds is kicking everyone's ass right now). Nintendo is the eternal master…

    • frankie4fingers83

      Since the DS and PSP went head to head, Nintendo has made Sony their bitch.

      DS crushed PSP

      Wii Beat both 360 and ps3

      3DS is obliterating the Vita

      Yet Iwata should step down and phony, ahem, I mean Sony shits golden nuggets.

      Funny how Nintendo is irrelevant and yet they are the only manufacturer making money at this game.

      People need to open their eyes.

      • Matthew Wesley

        You're 100% right, but the drones and fanboys don't get it. Nintendo is king because they make games… and that's it. Microsoft and Sony both have other facets to their business that are failing and losing money at a frightening pace and people need to realize that. As far as Sony goes, they should put some of that sabotage money on making some f'ing vita games people want.

  • frankie4fingers83

    Look the ps4 bundle fiasco from a week or two ago.

    Can anyone really question whether or not Sony would do this. This is the same company that added paid online, third party DRM and played the good guy all the while. I mean shit, the creation of the PS brand is shrouded in unethical business practices. Now before anyone jumps on me, I’m only referring to the contract with Nintendo for the PS cd-rom and how Sony wanted the rights to all games that utilized it.

    The very fact that Sony has stopped supporting its own handheld and is now trying to market it as a controller shows how low they will stoop and their fans should be in an uproar. They convinced they to drop $250+ if they wanted a memory card, because the Vita was the future, and after two or so years of shit, they’re trying to convince those same people that they didn’t waste their money, because it can be used as a controller on a yet to be released console. The funny thing is, PS fans eat this shit up, and us Nintendo fans are called blind fanboys lol.

    People need to open their eyes and see what the fuck is going on here. So basically the vita is everything except what its suppose to be.

    Sony marketed tgat thing as console level gaming on a handheld, but now they have the vita TV thing and rebrand it as a controller. Its so ass backwards and again, these fan boys are treating it like its some giant leap forward, that its innovation, meanwhile, this extra $200 controller comes standard with a wiiu and if you like to play games on a TV, then maybe play your ps3/4, instead of spending more money to play your vita games in the television, you know, those games that are already out on the ps3….

    But these people will continue to eat it up and the media will continue to turn a blind eye to the bullshit Sony pulls and ficus on Nintendo, who out of the big three are the only ones trying to treat gamers with respect.

    • Kage

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      It would not surprise me in the least if this story turns-out to be true. Sony has changed in a lot of ways – but in many aspects, it is the same old Sony. The same old misleading, insecure, incompetent Sony.

  • JTurner82

    Such disrespectful tactics. Hopefully Nintendo can combat this.

  • timg57867

    If this is true, then Nintendo better not take it lying down. Nintendo needs to get out of the soft launch stage and advertise Wii U and then some. It's time Nintendo really gets the word out. The price cut has been made. The holidays are approaching, and big software is coming. Not only that but the competition is arriving so Nintendo has to divert attention away from them in turn. The masses still aren't well informed of it and Nintendo needs to take advantage of that. The PS4 and XB1 are also more expensive and bare bones atm. They advertised Wind Waker well on Youtube and Internet adds, but they can't stop their. Not only do they need to advertise games (Wii Party U and Wii Fit U need this especially), but they have to make new ads that advertise the console by itself. They got the 3DS marketing in order. Now it's time the Wii U got good commercials. I want to see Super Mario 3D World get Pokemon X and Y level advertising!! No Wii level advertising! Like this:

    • Furious Francis

      Relax Tim, advertising is expensive. but Nintendo is adverting. The only thing is they are advertising on channels you and many online gamers don't watch: Cartoon Network and Nickelodion.

      I have a daughter, so I see Wii U commercials for Pikmin 3, Just Dance, and Scribblenauts all the time. I think Nintendo feels they don't have the software yet to advertise like MS and Sony do on ESPN, Spike, MTV, ect.

      And it seems like many people saw the Wii U commerical of just dance, because there was controversy surrounding it.

      I think you'll start seeing commericals this November for Super Mario 3D World, Wii Sports Club, and Mario & Sonic.

      But there is no way they can advertise like SOny and MS do on so many channels. Nintendo has to time it better, because they don't have the corporate overhead to advertise and market the Wii U and 3DS 247

      • timg57867

        That's really great to hear. I know advertising is costly, and it made no sense to market hugely before. But I feel now's the to kick it up. Hopefully November will be a different monster. Also, aside from what you pointed out, Nintendo also seems to like advertising their games on GameFly. I saw Super Mario 3D World, DKCTF, Pokemon X and Y, NSLU, and many others.

        PS: Nickelodeon and CN are the channels I actually watch the most and during the daytime. I actually the 2DS ad there before they put on Youtube. Strangely enough, I have actually seen Scribblenauts Unmasked advertised a lot on adult swim.

        • bigchad

          i also saw Scribblenauts Unmasked advertised alot during animation domination sundays primetime on FOX.

  • Richard

    All I can say is that Sony better stay away from WiiU customers. Earn your own customers Sony and stop leeching off Nintendo!

  • Fayt4d

    How stupid do people at Sony think the general consumer is? They will need 2 devices just to even stream games to the VIta, whereas you only need 1 device with the Wii U to get the same feature at a much cheaper price as well. If i was working in Nintendo Marketing i would ensure the next campaign focuses on the notion that you only need the 1 device to stream games out the box, alongside this i would show a similar exclusive games reel in an actual advertisement as opposed to a youtube video.

  • donzaloog

    I wouldn't put it past Sony to do something like this. Didn't Sony strong-arm retailers by forcing them to drop the Dreamcast or they would let them sell the Playstation? I heard a story like that once.

    • JTurner82

      They did? That was pretty disrespectful on Sony's part.

  • Maestro

    Classic business practices

  • sergei

    This source doesn't sound biased at all.

    • Furious Francis

      Tilman wouldn't make stuff up to make Nintendo look better or something. He likes Nintendo, but that doesn't mean he is lying

      • sergei

        I'm just pulling your leg dude. It doesn't surprise me that sony would do this, but when the source is a guy who's channel is called nintendomination, and evidence is "my friend works for X" you're not gonna make a lot of people trust you.

        • sparkticle

          Maybe that's why it's classified as a RUMOR?