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Rumor: ‘Xbox 720 will not be Compatible with Second hand’

Here we go again, the endless rumors of the Xbox 720 continue. I’ve tried not to post every single one, because there is a lot of BS out there. Desprite authors trying to bait gamers into giving their sites traffic. However, this one does seem more legit, that other rumors I’ve seen. Check it out past the link. 

The websites source says:

“I have spoken to sources close to Microsoft on the other hand who insist that the next Xbox will not be compatible with second hand, will require permanently on connection, and ‘you’ll have to go through Microsoft to do anything”. 

There is more through the break, mainly about Sony being more open with developers, and digital distribution. Check out the full post here.

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Author: Francis@PE (18904 Posts)

  • MrSiIver

    I'm not interested in a console that forces you to always be connected to play your games. Sure I always have my consoles connected to download things like games, updates, and Netflix. Yet outside of the MMORPG genre I DON'T play multi-player games. I don't like the fact that the console doesn't give you a choice.

    Besides POWER POWER POWER, all I've heard about the 720/PS4 are negatives.

    – Always online DRM
    – Still charging for Xbox Live
    – Console will cost $500 with a possibility to agree to something similar to a cellphone contract to get it for $300.
    – Kinect 2.0 has the possibility to monitor you, and invade your privacy. With also the chance of adding restrictions to how many people watch a show on Netflix through facial recognition.
    – Blocks used games
    – Has mandatory installs on game discs, that install them to the consoles hard drive. Thus making the disc useless.
    -Console wont work without the Kinect plugged in.

    – The possibility to block used games on the request of the developer
    – The new PS-Eye is rumored to do the same monitoring as mentioned with the Kinect 2.0
    – Has the same "cellphone contract" subscription service as mentioned with the 720.
    – Console wont work without the PS-Eye plugged in
    – Will start charging a Subscription Fee similar to Live for most of the online features

    *AND the overlapping fact that both will focus more on things like Skype, Facebook, and Cable television, than gaming.

    If these things were true, this could very well be one of the worst console generations we've ever had. I'm already done with Microsoft, but I really wanted to be excited about the PS4. Yet these things just keep me from even caring. If the PS4 had these features, I'd have to say it's the last straw. I can easily drop their IP's walk away, and stick with Nintendo/PC.

    • RicardJulianti

      A few things…

      – Don't forget that it is backwards compatible…..if you pay another $100 to get the set-top-box thing….that doesn't have a disc drive so you'll have to RE-buy all of your 360 games unless they are already digitally bought.
      – I think the whole viewer restriction thing only applies to movies on demand or whatever they call that service. I'm not sure Netflix would allow them to do that with their service….of course I could be wrong.
      – Can't do ANYTHING with the console if it isn't connected, not even the cable pass through
      -Windows 8 based OS (TILES TILES TILES!!!)
      – Ads EVERYWHERE
      – Potential increase in XBL price


      – I never heard that it wouldn't work without the PS Eye…but it makes sense since the controller has the light bar and the eye tracks the position of the player
      – Watch others play games while you do absolutely nothing….you never have to pay for a game again! (booo) AND let others play the game YOU bought!
      – Gaikai streaming WILL be laggy, behind a paywall and will not have a vast majority of titles available anywhere near launch. PS1 titles will be available, some PS2, much less PS3. Data caps, throttling, input lag, fidelity drops etc as well. Announced as a "some day" feature
      – Off TV…..IF you spend $350 for a Vita, not all titles will support it if the developer doesn't care, buttons missing, horrendous frame rate even for a game like Knack which was shown.
      – Online multiplayer likely free, everything else behind the paywall

      I do plan on getting a PS4…but nowhere near launch unless they reveal something that absolutely blows me away (not likely). It would take FF Versus and The Last Guardian available at launch, $350 without a subscription and without the Eye, and maybe an incredible JRPG as well to get me to buy anywhere near the launch window. I have a Wii U and while the drought has been a big bummer, I now have Monster Hunter to hold me over until anything else, and it will be getting excellent fall titles from both 1st and 3rd parties.

  • Milezzz

    I also read somewhere(can't remember where) that the always online may not be for the next Xbox but for a slimed down Xbox(360) Box-top(for your cable) console that can only stream media content and play some of the xbox arcade games and that it will be launched alongside the 720. This is a possibility but seems a bit unlikely.

  • RicardJulianti

    There's another rumor about the neXtBox being always-online as well. People do forget that the Wii was technically always online, but it didn't require it and the way the quote is worded, it seems that the requirement is what he is talking about. The quote regarding "always online" is on the left in a separate box.

    • Furious Francis

      Interesting, it's going to be really interesting to see what MS has in store. All this bad press can't be good for the company.

      • RicardJulianti

        Yeah, I don't understand why they have been so silent. When this type of negative stuff we being passed around the internet about the PS4, Sony stepped in and pretty much squashed the rumors. The PS4 is technically always online, but no more so than the Wii was, and Sony specifically won't be blocking used games….but the option is there for 3rd parties of course.

        Makes me wonder if things are actually true. I mean, Orth did lose his job after he basically confirmed it. The official statement disregarded his comments about living in rural areas, but didn't really mention the always online stuff.

        The silence hurts them more than anything I feel.

        • Milezzz

          To be honest Microsoft has been getting the same press as a majority of companies who launch devices, but does that mean they should just cave and release info? In my opinion no because no matter which way you slice it rumors will always exist and they really don't make or break a device. Rumors simply are word of mouth guesses that should be takin with a grain of salt until the official source of the device(Microsoft) confirms or denies rumors. I also don't see a problem with the requirement of the always online to a point, 95% of the features that made Xbox Xbox required an always online connection(Gold membership) so I don't see a problem there, but playing a single player game without internet should be an option or they are screwed.

          • RicardJulianti

            Regardless of what PR people say, any publicity is not good publicity. Adam Orth was fired for causing an uproar, yet they didn't say his statements weren't true. They know about the rumors, and they are coming from developers working on the console. Straight from the horses mouth, not "my buddy has a friend that is a developer on Durango and he said that etc". Rumors are spread by word of mouth, but the sources of these rumors have been quite reliable in the past, even the ones coming from Kotaku. But yes, grain of salt and all that.

            They are allowing Sony and Nintendo to take jabs at them about their ridiculous practices. Charging for updates, calling early exclusivity arguments "childish", smashing them for their indie support. Speaking of which, their silence has really cost them in the emerging indie scene. They have missed out on a few big indie conferences and even GDC simply because they aren't willing to talk about it yet. The indie developers themselves are the future of the gaming industry. I fully expect them to be offered positions in Nintendo/Sony studios eventually or have their company become a first party team. MS's past with them have already caused some to say they wouldn't work with them. The RCR dev said if he had known about MS's practices beforehand, he would have avoided them altogether. Keeping silent is not good for them.

            I don't want to believe that a company would be that dumb, but this is the same company that still gets away with charging for a service that allows you to access other services you already pay for (Netflix/HBOGO et cetera behind the Gold paywall) That's my main problem with an always online requirement. I have a pretty solid internet connection, so it's more of an ethical thing. I don't see Microsoft discontinuing the fee for XBL, and probably will hike up the price a bit since the sub allows them to recoup losses on each console faster. If they plan on taking a big loss on it, XBL is the perfect way to earn money back faster. But charging people to even use their console, that you have already paid $400-$500 for is unethical. You are essentially renting everything from them, without the option to own.

            If they offered an option to play a single player game without an internet connection, then it wouldn't require always online. The longer they go without saying anything, the longer people hear more good things about the PS4/Wii U, so they are more likely to make up their minds the get one of those and not have to pay to do things online that they shouldn't. The extreme Xbox faithful that try to convince you that XBL is worth the price will buy it no doubt. Charging for online play, pay services, to even use the console is completely unacceptable in this day and age, even IF you already are connected to the internet 90% of the time.

            If my internet does go down, or if there is system maintenance, servers crash because of a big release…my first reaction is to pop in a single player game and play that for a while, or simply play the single player campaign. If this turns out to be true, the new Xbox becomes the most expensive brick you will ever buy.