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Seems like the Wii U isn’t as Dead as the Media Wants you to Think

Wii U pre

This isn’t 100%, but I think it goes in line with all the reports i’ve been posting on Playeressence. VGChartz is reporting the Wii U sold 197,597 units in North America last week, outselling the PS4 in North America. Add in Europe and Japan, and the Wii U sold over 270,000K for the week. Nintendo still has a lot of work to do. But it seems like their marketing and big games like Super Mario 3D World and New Super Mario Bros are carrying the system. 

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  • Zuflus

    Excellent news! and what format does Playeressence use on videos ? tried to watch a video on my Wii u, but got sound only. I'm New here so would be nice to know 🙂

    • Shadowkirby12

      I don't know what format Francis uses, but welcome to the site! Happy to have you here!

    • rubix8702

      Salutations and welcome, if you have a question try the contact section. Maybe Francis can help you there.

  • yjahmesio

    Next week the WiiU sales gonna be good in Japan, cause Monster Hunter Frontrier G is coming on on 8 decmeber

    • Chunky

      11 december not 8…

  • K-san

    Not to piss on your parade, but dont they have a shortage of PS4s in the USA?

    • timg57867

      Yep and that can actually prove to have more long term issues than you realize. It's something all home consoles (except the Wii) have suffered from. They get hyped by fans in their launch months and sell well, only being held back by supply constraints. But by the time the consolle can be well supplied to the masses, a lot of the hype tends to have died. The PS4 looks to have a post launch drought lasting to March, just like the Wii U. Can Sony maintain mass interest with a mediocre lineup and a game drought after the holiday blowout is over? That's the question.

    • DePapier

      What timg57867 said. How is your PS4?

    • rubix8702

      Don't worry you haven't pissed on anyone's parade lol. If you don't see the evidence in front of you that's your affair, but as it stands now, supply constraint has nothing to do with the Wii U directly lol.

  • Maestro
  • King_Sparkticle

    I'm pretty sure we ALL knew this was going to happen.

    Too bad the biased media and the brainwashed fanboys didn't believe us.

    Soon will be the day when the world becomes Nintendo.

  • Shadowkirby12

    Well what can I say? Wii told U so…..

    • rjgamemaster2013

      haha nice

  • Kitty

    Nintendo hasn't released either of there Big time online play forever type games that ALOT of people are probably waiting for. No matter what games come out now until Mario Kart or Smash alot of people are probably sitting tight and waiting. Those are the games you get the real value and fun out of. I like my Wii U fine but i don't the sales hitting the really impressive stride til those land. Fortunately i love Monster Hunter so i've had my online fix and long lasting game already on the U. Wii U sales will be fine and should vastly improve and stay steady after Kart/Smash. Tho i probably Want X just as much as those, maybe more o.O

    • Fluffy Bunny Bob

      I know a number of gamers who are waiting for Mario Kart and/or Smash Bros before picking up a Wii U … heck, I felt the same way until I realised I was just missing out on all the fun the Wii U already has to offer … so pleased I didnt wait 🙂

  • Melging

    I'm going to wait until the NPD comes in, to see how the Wii U officially did.

    I'm really hoping the Wii U does well, and hope it doesn't drop much in 2014 and will be able to sell at least 100k each month in 2014, guess we'll have to see

  • Danford

    I've only been on this site for a few days and I'm loving the optimism here. I was sad about all these troll articles until discovering this place (way better than My NIntendo News). I love playing with the Wii U and got it at launch. I believed, though, that sales wouldn't matter at this point since most of the highly-anticipated games are coming out next year, but it's good to see that Wii U is improving.

    • DePapier

      I hope you enjoy your time at PlayerEssence. 😀

    • rjgamemaster2013

      I've almost started coming to this site recently after i saw someone on MMN complain about an article on there and it's awesome very few trolls no flame bait or click bait articles and a much more inviting comment section :)… i think i'm gonna like it here 🙂

      • rubix8702

        Hey there, I'm glad you found the site and I hope you comment often. Francis is a wonderful moderator.

    • rubix8702

      Welcome to playeressence and I hope you comment often.

      • rjgamemaster2012

        ty for the welcome 🙂 i think might 🙂

  • donzaloog

    This is really great news. I hope Nintendo takes this holiday season.

  • Disciple

    This is great news. Although it is not surprising, Nintendo have a good line up of both first and third party games. They are extremely competitively priced with each fixed WiiU bundle coming with at least one game. Furthermore their marketing has been fierce and they have been targeting the right audience for this holiday season. Furthermore their 2014 line up is very promising, with definitely more games to be announced. Furthermore if they do reveal the next Zelda game at the VGX this Saturday and it shows off the WiiUs graphical capabilities. Then that means they will generate a huge hype train throughout the year with the games to back it up (unlike Sony who created hype and gave us Knack) Furthermore I'm gonna call it and say that now all 3 systems are out and on Equal ground, Nintendo will most likely have a full E3 conference this year since now they do not have to worry about being overshadowed by the reveal of new hardware. If all these things take place along with new game announcements and an already strong 2014 line, as well as having the Japanese market to themselves for a full quarter, the Nintendo could end up creating another unstoppable Giant just like they did with the 3DS. The gauntlet has been set and all 3 competitors are in the Arena and right now Nintendo seems to be fully equipped armed in a position to dominate 2014. So now I have one thing to ask all you fans out there.


    • rubix8702

      Wow… just wow, my body is ready!

  • Raffie

    *clicks Confirm Order*

    Just purchased mine from, guys. Adding my drop in the bucket. That water will soon become a tsunami.

    • Furious Francis

      NICE! add me on Miiverse: Furious-Francis

    • DePapier

      Raffie?? Haven’t I seen you on Nintendo Life back in the days?? You’re that army guy, right??

      • nintendofan4000

        No no. I was never a Nintendo Life member. That was clearly someone else. Lol.

        Future comments will be under the name nintendofan4000, though (after my Youtube channel's name).

    • DePapier

      Glad to see you joining Player Essence!! 😀

  • Darkwing

    I feel I need to to say this. Quoted from Furious Francis himself: So what’s the moral of this story? Games make or break a system. Not graphics, stupid analysts, or trolling writers from big websites like IGN. This needs to be quoted every time people keep bashing Nintendo unnecessarily. The media or parts if the western media can troll Nintendo all they want. Because each time Nintendo proves them so wrong. Get N or get out!

  • Tturpin

    Take that Nintendo trolls! You really thought just because the Xbox One and the PS4 was released that the Wii U was going to stop selling units just like you incorrectly predicted that the Wii wasn't going to reach the number of sales that it has reached in the world today. HAHAHAHAHA!

  • lindyshutterbug

    One more thing to keep in mind, when the limited supplies of both xbox1 and ps4 run dry for the holiday season due to 1st run manufacturing limitations, the Wii U will keep on selling. Nintendo has a lot of stockings to stuff.

    • Mythosa

      The supplies of online retailers for the Wii U seems to be pretty low as well actually. even only has 3 of the Zelda bundle left, doesn't say for the mario though.

      • lindyshutterbug

        Good news to hear that stocks are running low in stores. Adding new stock should be a lot more quicker for Nintendo to do than PS4 or Xbox1.

  • siu leung

    How many more sales before the developers go, "OOOPPSSS!!!! I dun goofed!" and start giving their complete support to Nintendo? That's the million dollar question that many companies have gone bankrupt over. They need to understand this if they want to stay in business.

    • JTurner82

      Probably if it reaches the 9 million mark before Xbox 1 and PS4 do.

      • cmb

        It actually seems possible for them to rech it

  • Fayt4d

    Im not sure about the Xbox One as only 1 friend of mine has brought it, but as for the PS4 a good majority of my friends who got one, have started to sell off/trade their games away already. I think they realized they've been cuaght up in the hype with almost no decent games which showcase some of the consoles potential.

    I think i just about talked one of my other friends from getting a PS4 because of the fact it has no games genres he enjoys on it. Though i havent seen him to confirm whether he just got a PS3 or Wii U yet.

    I dont know if the Wii U had that at launch for everyone, but certainly for me, trying out the gamepad at demo stations made me feel like a kid again with all the potential uses i saw with it in just Nintendo Land alone.

  • JTurner82

    I did a little sales total count for overall sales in November, and they have risen by about 210% from October's 286k. WiiU has officially sold 526k in November alone. If we include the week which closed off at November 2nd, which cleared an additional 76k, then that could potentially smash it over the 600k mark. A remarkable feat for a system everyone foolishly assumed was going to crash and burn. Well, guess what? The opposite is true.

    It's also interesting to note that in America, while PS4's sales climbed a bit from 96k of last week after opening at a million, it still is below that of WiiU's last week American sales.

    So much for those who said that PS4/Xbox One were going to smash WiiU. Well, they haven't. Everyone said that Vita would smash 3DS. It didn't happen. Everyone thought that Wii would be crushed by PS3 and Xbox 360. It wasn't. Everyone predicted that N64 and GameCube would be Nintendo's last consoles. Well, sorry to say, but they weren't. It only goes to show that Nintendo has always proven it's critics wrong and continues to do so. Over and over and over again.

    • Marsega

      Wow.. That´s amazing.

    • Disciple

      Thanks for the Info, glad to see WiiU doing well (Y)

  • Rather good with almost no BF Deals for Wii U.

    • Gryphonofmight

      There have been many BF deals for Wii U.

    • Gryphonofmight is completely sold out of the Mario and Luigi bundle after their BF sale

      • Mythosa

        Just looked up and and at bestbuy the mario+Luigi bundle is sold out, and the Zelda bundle is limited quantities, futureshop has limited quantities of both bundles. Crazy! Seems to be sold out at as well because you can only look at games and accessories, but that's just a guess.

  • Nintendo Power

    This is awesome to hear! Honestly whoever trolls the WiiU is an idiot, and not a gamer. Im still enjoying Nintendo Land as I type this with my son. Awesome game very underated and under respected. Nintendo is a Gamer's Console, making their own hardware, software, and it results in totally unique irresistibly fun experiences.

    If I want Dude bro, I'll pop in COD, or any other 3rd party game on the WiiU, and what slips through the cracks is spilled milk so whatever. Im having a blast, and its sad so many are missing out on this beautiful console. Nintendo Land has beautiful graphics, that pop and I cant wait to get my hands on SM3DW this Christmas. That looks so amazing. I'll also have COD Ghosts for the trigger itch. All around WiiU is my baby lol.

    • Fluffy Bunny Bob

      I believe the Wii U has the best balance of games availabe … from family games like SM3DW, Nintendoland, or the Lego games … through to CoD, Assassins Creed and Splinter Cell. Not too mention the Wii back-catalogue and growing range of eShop titles.

      Why would anyone bother putting another console before it ? … I consider my 360 as my alternative console (not turned it on in months)

  • Mythosa

    Yup, I noticed that early today as well. Kind of caught me off guard. Those are very good numbers to put out when they are right beside to other console launches. It should have taken off earlier imo, but Nintendo dropped the ball on advertising for the console. I can easily see it continuing at this rate through the holiday season and hopefully after as long as information is given and hype is built on the games that are incoming.

    I have to say, I think Sony actually dropped the ball a bit, I know that sounds weird, but hear me out. I watched a rerun of Jimmy Fallon the other night and what I saw was actually very cool and had the oooo and awwweee factor to it, but that was with the camera thing which is not included with the console. So what's left is just the normal games that aren't much of a step up from the PS3, so there really isn't a whole lot of wow factor, plus with the removing the camera from the PS4 that means that developers are going to be less likely to use it because it's an add on peripheral (another reason I am glad that Nintendo didn't pack the gamepad as an extra peripheral separate from the console like Rich from RTUSA seems to want…). From what my wife and I saw, it really could have given Nintendo a run for their money with the AR that Sony had going for it with the PS4, even if it is a gimmick. Just sayin.

    Oh, another note, I picked up Xenoblade Chronicles for 35 bucks used from ebgames today, AWESOME GAME! This is actually hyping me up more for X in the future 😀

    • Richard

      The WiiU has some ground to make up but if things keep rolling like this by this time next year the WiiU will have ascended into the heavens.

      • Mythosa

        Yup, without doubt.

    • Aiddon

      I wouldn't even really say marketing was a big problem. Let's face it, they expected 3rd parties to keep their end of the bargain and market themselves as well, but then they proceeded to piss away a golden opportunity because…just because. There was no reason for 3rd parties to waste a year like that. And all it's going to do is make people more loyal to Nintendo in the long run, thus fulfilling this beloved "we can't sell anything on Nintendo platforms!" prophecy.

      • Mythosa

        Well, let me put it this way. My wife is a huge Nintendo fan and without me telling her about the Wii U she never would have known about the system. We just had this conversation about a week ago when we picked up SM3DW. Also, I spoke to my brother about 6 months ago about the Wii U and he didn't even know it existed. The same goes for a friend of mine that buys at least on average one new game for his 3DS and PS3 each month. For someone that purchases that many games but doesn't follow the sites and stuff, it's mind boggling that he didn't know about the system till I showed it to him. Admittedly that was new years eve, but at that point it had been out for a month and a half and he didn't know it existed. Many people I know didn't know it was around at all. Another guy at work spoke to me about it a few days ago asking me if I had heard about the new Nintendo system, he was super surprised when I told him I purchased it on launch day last year, he thought it just came out.
        Nintendo can't sell many consoles if people don't know it exists, so they totally dropped the ball on advertising and marketing.

        • DylanWins

          As a gamer, I could care less about marketing or sales. The only thing I care about, is how a good game is and how it feels when I play it.

          From business standpoint, I understand that it's important because that's what shows off the Wii U and its games to people, who don't go on video game sites like we do.

          It seems like Nintendo's advertising has gotten much better, so that's good I guess.

          • Mythosa

            I think you missed the point. All the people I spoke about are gamers as well, the least of them being my wife. None of them knew about the system with the exception of my wife because of me. The amount of people that visit these sites is very small in comparison to the amount of people that actually own systems and play games. Again, all these people are gamers just as much as you or I, and none of them knew about it. So as a gamer you should be concerned about it, if few people know about a gaming product than it isn't going to sell well, and if that happens then we all potentially loose out because less will be produced for it.
            Whether you like it or not, sales and marketing play a huge role with the gaming market. That is why sites like this still report on it.

          • titangamecube

            I think he was making the point that we shouldn't care because Nintendo is finally advertising the Wii U this holiday. I could argue that Nintendo possibly released the Wii U to test what makes an HD console tick and including the sleeper tatic called Miiverse.

        • Fluffy Bunny Bob

          I’m a UK owner of a Wii U, and have been a Nintendo enthusiast for many years. After a year of very limited and underwhelming Nintendo advertising, I’m enormously happy to announce that the advertising has really stepped up to the plate over the last coule of weeks … 2DS (alongside 3DS) and now Wii U adverts are competing back-to-back with PS4 and XB1 and the right messages are starting to be delivered. I soooooo hope the message hits home with all those open to enjoy the experiences uniquely available from Nintendo 🙂

  • Bay2OnWiiU4Life

    Wii U outselling PS4 in North America last week?! I feel like Chris Tucker on a Friday screaming, "DAMN!!!!!"

    • JTurner82

      WiiU outsold PS4 the week before that too.

    • titangamecube

      And Iwata, like Chris Tucker, going:

      • Matthew Wesley

        'It's Friday… you ain't got no job, you ain't got no girlfriend, I'm going to get you high Craig!"

    • Shadowkirby12

      You know, I can't wait for the Sony drone damage control for this one. "B-b-b-but the Ps4 is a new console! We always know it takes a while to sell after launch!!!"

  • Amoxtlin

    Hey I was just wondering and hoping someone could give me the most current number of Wii U's sold to date? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

    • kerbizzle

      There's no exact number, but well over 4 million. With how these reports have gone, it's probably over 5 million now. That's just speculation from me.

      • zoogelio

        More likely what’s listed below, 4.4~4.6M or so. It could just pass 5M by the end of the calendar year.

    • gamenchick

      just in the past two weeks Wii U has sold nearly 400k woldwide

      Well it was all ready at 4.1 million, so with this week, I'd say its near 4.4 million atm give or take

  • *NormalGamer*

    The Wii U’s rise to heaven is just only beginning; Mario 3D world is only contributing to it’s rise and soon many more Wii U games like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical freeze, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, indie games, etc. will follow. ^_^

    • Im glad you mentioned “indie games” in your list of reasons as to why the Wii U will soar in the next following year. The indie game scene on this console is top notch. I love it.

  • littleisland gamer''

    nice article guys ??

    its clear to normal folk wiiu didnt hit 4 million and sold then stop 4 million was hit months ago and wiiu sales gradually incresed and now are flying so the 2.1 million hype of sony ps4 is just that hype wiiu could be at 10 million by the time xbone and ps4 combined hit 5-6 million

    wiius late 2013 and 2014 whole year is very very strong software wise and console bundles are competivitly priced ,this is not nazi genetic science its every day commonsense oh sorry thats a pc nwo banned word now isnt it

    its ofensive to say commonsense lol

    wiiu is going to own 2014 and the gamepad etc is now starting to show its worth
    keep selling out is clear indication of great sales and nintendo hasnt played the game there mario sales eshop and physical combined are not public nor is the total wiiu sales

    nintendo just has to sit back enjoy a phat joint and wait wiiu and 3ds combined are huge f-ing numbers this christmas and wiiu is the only avalable system in japan for some time and xbox is dead there totaly …

    wiiu is also the most CORE and CASUAL friendly system avalable its going to 3ds the ps4s vita like presence common flaming sense

    • eirik watz

      are my eyes decieving me. you didnt post a comment with all caps and actually made sense.

      • ryuken13

        Agreed this is far better writing from him.. However, keep in mind littleisland gamer your opinions are exactly that.. Opinions. The things you have an opinion about are not necessarily alway considered common sense.. So it is not offensive to say "common sense" just erronous… What you consider common sense may not be a view held by others..

  • kerbizzle

    So it's safe to say that this quarter's financial report will be a massive improvement. Hadn't the Wii U already passed 300k in the beginning of this quarter?

    Regardless, I'll be enjoying all the holiday offerings of the Wii U these next few months… or years… Ya know what? Years suits me better.

    • gamenchick

      just in the past two weeks Wii U has sold nearly 400k woldwide

      274k last week
      111k a week before

      • Mythosa

        Yup, it's certainly picking up momentum. It's at a bit over 526k for the month of November plus the extra couple days at the beginning and end of the month outside of the weeks. Would be nice to see it break 1 million in December.

        • gamenchick

          actually from Nov 2nd to Nov 30th, the total is 602,495 units moved

          Nov 2nd = 76,435

          Nov 9th = 63,625

          Nov 16th = 77,210

          Nov 23rd = 111,046

          Nov 30th = 274,179

          Over a half a million units were moved in one month and global sales each week was an average of like 70k

          • Mythosa

            Yeah, I didn’t add in the 2nd cause 5 of the days are from October. It’s doing well though.

  • JTurner82

    This is also the SECOND week in a row that WiiU has outsold PS4 in America. With PS4 post-launch numbers barely living up to the opening week (save Europe), I have a feeling it may not last as long for the holiday, especially if the issues are a problem. Xbox One, likewise, I see not faring quite so well in the long run. Yes, both cleared a million at launch, but both systems are going to have problems too.

    • zoogelio

      Funny how quiet the gaming media seems to be keeping that. Damn, can we have PBS, CBS (outside of Lara Logan), NBC (ABC seems a bit fluffy of late), or some credible news operation create a video game news outlet and bring some professional journalistic standards to put all the other sites to shame?

      • alex9234

        Doesn't CBS own GameSpot?

  • Matthew Wesley

    It's in line with all the rumblings I've been hearing. The sleeping Kaiju is awakening!

    • zoogelio

      The WiiUzilla is awakening! Sound the alarm for the Sony Defense Force! Will Microsofthra be able to save the day? Or is the fight always about the Gameras?

      • That was an extremely nerdy and cool post. Approved, I loved it!

      • Richard

        Find out next time on Nintendo WiiU Z GX Saga!

        • UncannyOmninaut

          Great now I have that DBZ closing jingle ringing in my head.

  • gamenchick

    and you probably wont see this widely reported either sadly cause it will contradict their other articles lol

    • King_Sparkticle

      At least we all know the truth.