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Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion Stars in ‘Way of the Dogg’ game

Snoop Dogg/Lion, or whatever he calls himself has struck a deal with 505 Games to bring a new rhythm action fighting game titled: Way of the Dogg. More details, plus a new trailer below. 

Way of the Dogg stars a character named America, on a quest to avenge his murdered girlfriend. At the ‘Way of the Dogg’ temple in the game, America learns his combat and trains to face his foes in hand-to-hand combat.

The game is hitting Android, iOS, PSN, and XBLA alongside Snoop Lions new album and movie, Reincarnated. April 23rd is when all this stuff is off the shizzle my nizzles. (I know that was bad, but I HAD too)

Check out the trailer below.

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  • jesgrad07

    …smell of excitement?…more like reek of failure…

    Lovin' this site and the articles. Very nice good work.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah this could be disaster waiting to happen. And thank you for supporting the site man.