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Sony is Crippling PS Vita Sales by Their ‘Portable Console’ Marketing


 By Furious Francis, editor in chief 

The PS Vita is a fantastic device. A perfect OLED screen, multi-touch, and back touch pad, 3G, trophies, and more. However, Sony is not doing themselves any favors with their current marketing of the PS Vita as a portable console. Sony should really drop this type of marketing because it directly competes with their actual home console, the PS3. While some consumers will love to buy PlayStation All Stars on the PS3 and get a free Vita copy, most gamers want unique PS Vita experiences they can’t get anywhere else.  Sony needs to stop marketing it against the Wii U, highlight the ‘unique’ PS Vita software, and figure out a way to get PSP owners their games for reduced price or free. I already know the PS Vita can thrive on its own. It’s time Sony starts marketing it that way. 

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Stop with the PS3+PS Vita = Wii U talk

Sony was quick to say the PS3 and PlayStation Vita can do everything the Wii U can do, but they have very little to show for it. There is a LittleBigPlanet patch on the way that adds some Vita+PS3 functionality. However, this patch costs money on top of the PS Vita you already bought. 3rd party developers are not supporting the Vita+PS3 play at all. Games like Call of Duty, Batman Arkham City, and Mass Effect 3 all have remote play and dual screen play on Wii U, while the PS3+Vita combination was left unsupported. Its clear the PS Vita will have lag and other issues when trying to do the same things the Wii U does. If Nintendo thought using a portable console would better than an actual integrated controller, they would have just used the 3DS instead of the Wii U Gamepad. Sony needs to focus on making exclusive games for the PS Vita and not worrying about giving away Vita copies of the same games users can get on their PS3’s. Not only does that lose Sony money, there has not been a spike in Vita sales since Sony announced the Cross buy promotion.

Stop handcuffing the PS Vita and PS3 

Consumers are not seeing the value the PS Vita has because Sony has confused them with its message. Do you need a PS3 to get the most out of the handheld? If I buy a PS Vita game do I always  get the same PS3 game? Consumers are generally confused with the PS Vita. Since Sony is marketing it as a portable console, many would just say ‘I’ll play my console when I’m at home.’ Nintendo makes sure their portable games are different experiences from their console games. Want to play Kid Icarus Uprising? You can only get it on the 3DS. Even New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Mario Bros 2 have different hooks. Nintendo could have released New Super Mario Bros U on the Wii U and 3DS, but they knew that would cannibalize their sales one way or another.

Find a way to please all the PSP owners

In what might have been the biggest blunder for Sony and the PS Vita. Sony failed to offer a solution for users to get their old PSP games on the PS Vita. Japan has some type of reduced price program, but that program failed to spread to other regions. Sony has to think of some way. I think that’s whats holding a lot of people back from getting a PS Vita. The fact that it doesn’t have reverse compatibility with PSP UMDs instantly cuts away backlogs of games for many people. Nintendo continues to support the DS because they know all 3DS users can play those games too. Hopefully Sony can think of something to help those PSP owners with all of those old UMDs.

I really want to buy a PS Vita. Sony just isn’t giving me any reason to at this point. If they could create their own version of Pokemon or Super Metroid users would flock to the system. No more dual games for PS3 and Vita. Just focus on making awesome VITA EXCLUSIVE games and awesome PS3 games.

What do you guys think? Why is the PS Vita not selling? What does Sony need to do? Are you currently enjoying your PS Vita? Put your thoughts in comments below.

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  • Anon_Fire

    I know this is old. but Sony not brining the UMD Passport to the west is what really stopped me from buying the Vita. Big mistake, Sony.

  • Shaun

    Sony are notoriously horrible when it comes to marketing. Their message is usually confused and ill-directed, aside from that there's just not enough advertising. I mean how many people don't even know the vita exists? It's amazing to me that sony can put so much thought and effort into hardware and repeatably make so many basic advertising and marketing blunders.

  • BC20FLY

    Gravity Rush and DJ Max Tekinca Tune are perfect examples of the type of games that need to be on Vita. Especially DJ max as it uses the front and back touch very well as the primary control scheme and its very responsive

    • Furious Francis

      I agree, BC20Fly. I wish Sony would make more games like that

  • thwip71

    And “editor in chief” who can’t spell “their”, and we’re supposed to take you seriously? SMH…

    • Furious Francis

      Sorry about the typo. I'm not sure how I missed it…..(scratches head) I've spelled their right a million times.

    • Furious Francis

      I don't see how one typo voids anything I say. I think you just don't like what I wrote or disagree with it.

    • Haz Kirai

      A good damage control article. $ony sheeples are still begging for poopstation vita to beat Apple, Microsoft and Google devices. They always think vita's history will be exactly the same as psp history, even with more competition from Apple, Microsoft and Google these days than it was in psp era. Lol @desperation, still living in the past much?

      Ps vita is sinking fast to become a primitive sub-HD device in 4+ months, it turns out to be a dead casual/indy toy in "hardcore" cloth. For the same price or even less you can get a real hardcore console without "playing" waiting for real console quality games.

      USA gfx tech >>>> japan gfx tech, sorry babies

      Vote DOWN below to blame $ony, Ken Kutaragi & Shuhei Yoshida for hyping much.
      Vote UP to blame M$ for the powerhouse of DX11 tech innovation that $ony must adopt/follow to catch up.