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Sony of Japan has Patented NFC Technology to ban used games on the PS4

It seems like Sony is looking to reduce second hand game sales on the PS4. Sony of Japan has filed a patent to use near field communication technology to disable second hand game sales. Full details below.

The original story comes from a NeoGAF member gofreak who found text from Sony of Japan’s patent filing this morning. While there is no solid URL on this, the supposed patent was filed December 9th.

Here is the exact excerpt:

“According to the present embodiment, realized is the electronic content processing system that reliably restricts the use of electronic content dealt in the second-hand markets. As a result, the dealing of electronic content in the second-hand markets is suppressed, which in turn supports the redistribution of part of proceeds from sales of the electronic content to the developers.

“Though in the following description a game application (AP) is exemplified as the electronic content, the present embodiment is similarly applicable to various kinds of electronic content such as an office suite, images, and music content.”

“By employing the game playing system 1000 according to the present embodiment, the use permission tag 220 together with the game disk 210 is supplied to the user, and the use permission tag 220 actively determines the use permit/rejection of electronic content.

“Thereby, the use of game AP stored in the game disk 210 can be restricted as appropriate according to the attribute of a reproduction device. Consider, for example, a case where used is a game package 200 distributed in the second-hand market.

“Then the ID of reproduction device for the game disk 210 differs from the legitimate use device ID stored in the use permission tag 220, so that the game disk can be reproduced in a mode which is predetermined for those bought and sold in the second-hand market.

“Also, for example, a content key may be supplied to the reproduction device 130 and the encrypted game AP may be decrypted using the content key only if the reproduction device ID matches a legitimate use device ID. Hence, use of game APs bought and sold in the second-hand market can be eliminated.”

This means that games using this unique NFC system can communicate with the PS4 and block the repeated use of the game on other systems via unique identification codes. This would put a huge dent in the sales of used games at Gamestop and places like it.

The PS4 and Xbox 720 are rumored to have an always on connection to the internet so this could happen


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  • BC20FLY

    Sony does like to do stupid shit this gen…but this is a bit to stupid. It's bad enough I don't like the current gen as it is, a move like this would definitely make it my most hated gen.

    • Furious Francis

      This is for PS4 though, so you mean you would hate next gen more.

  • BC20FLY

    They wont do it. Why? Because its just plain stupid especially since microsoft and nintendo wont do it. If they actually do it however, I guess PS3 will be the last sony console I buy.

    • Furious Francis

      I don\’t think they will do it either, but you never know. Microsoft also was rumored to be looking into ways to stop used games being played to. Nintendo doesn\’t give a shit.