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Sony, Please Get The Crash Bandicoot License Back

By: Furious Francis

If your around the same age as I am (25) or just remember playing the fantastic Crash Bandicoot games on the PS1, it is a no brainer I want to see the series return to its glory with Naughty Dog and Sony under the helm. The first time I ever saw or heard about Crash Bandicoot was in this commercial below:

This is a fantastic commercial in many ways but it actually made me think for a while that Crash Bandicoot was “cooler” than Mario. This commercial isn’t all show though. Crash Bandicoot is a fantastic plattformer than used to go head on with Mario. Not only did Crash Bandicoot go head on with Mario, it sold a ton of copies for Sony. Crash Bandicoot 1-3 sold about 7 million copies each. Sony could definitely use those sales now for a first party IP.

There is a problem though, Sony does not own the rights to Crash Bandicoot anymore. So who owns the rights now? It looks like Activision/Vivendi Games are the proud owners of the storied Crash Bandicoot license. Maybe that’s why we haven’t seen a quality main Crash Bandicoot game since Sony and Naughty Dog were running the show. Naughty Dog is plenty busy with their New IP ‘The Last Of Us’ launching early next year and a possible Uncharted game for the PS4, but somewhere next generation Naughty Dog should revisit the Crash Bandicoot franchise. One of the best features of Crash Bandicoot was the humor mixed in with the fantastic gameplay. The 2.5D plattforming was a treat and highly innovative back in 1996. Although it’s more common now, it still would be one out of a handful of games that do that. Sony is on the right track with Sly Cooper 4 coming out next year on the PS3. They just need to finish the deal and get that Crash Bandicoot License back to return to their former PS1 glory.
A lot of people think I hate Sony or purposely bash them for no reason. But, in actuality I really use to like Sony. Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, Rachet & Clank, and Sly Cooper are some of my favorite games of all time. Sony has went the shooter route with all their money. I want Sony to spend all that money that goes into shooters like Resistance, Mag, and Killzone to go into getting back the Crash Bandicoot license, bringing more Sly Cooper games out (not just a HD ports and 1 new game at the end of the PS3’s life cycle), and another Jak & Daxter game. I’m curious to see how Sony plays next generation. Sony has the money, franchises, and developers to sell the most consoles. It’s just a matter of addressing all of your fans. Having a Even mix of platformers, shooters, rpg’s, action, and all genres is key. I feel Sony got a little shooter happy this generation. Hopefully, Sony fixes that with the PS4. I would love to see Sony’s money gets allocated a little more to big budget classic franchises like Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see a Crash Bandicoot game developed by Naughty Dog? Or is Sony better off forgetting that IP and moving on.

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