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Sony is all in with the PS4

The PS4 will be getting it’s big reveal on Wednesday this week and Sony is banking that the PS4 will help turn around a games division that’s been outsold in the US by Microsoft for the last 24 months. Sony understands the PS4 has to be a major success. They understand whats at stake. Sony has made a number of precautions to ensure they do have success. There are some things I’m still concerned about, but hopefully those issues get ironed out. Below, I will detail What Sony has done to ensure the PS4 will hit the ground running. 

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PS4 Architecture 


The PS4 will not be using the Cell processor, as many developers found it hard to develop for at the beginning of the PS3’s life-cycle. This is a major breakthrough for Sony, because their slow start cost them this generation. So many people opted to buy the Xbox 360 over the PS3 because developers were pushing out crappy ports like Madden 2008 on the system. The PS4 will not have this problem as it is using a GPGPU setup like the Wii U, but of course stronger. Sony will get quality ports from the beginning and will be the lead platform for many developers this generation.

3rd Party Support


The PS3 starting gaining momentum in the middle of it’s life-cycle. Rebounding from an awful expensive launch. The PS4 will be have more 3rd party support from the beginning due to the economic climate of the games industry. The Xbox 360 got a lot of early 3rd party exclusives. That’s not going to happen this generation as Sony is locked and loaded for a release this year with powerful hardware.

Favorable Price 


Sony needs the PS4 to be profitable, and profitable in a hurry. The PS3 was sold at a huge loss even though it costed upward of $599 at launch. I’m guessing Sony has learned from their mistakes and will ensure the PS4 is reasonably priced when it’s launched this year. I’m guessing there will be two models. A basic version for $399 and a pro version for $499. While still expensive, its much better than $499-$599.

Now that we got all the good stuff out-of-the-way, I want to discuss some of the things that concern me with the PS4.

Loss of Japanese Support


Nintendo has snatched up a lot of the former PS2 exclusives like Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest. These where system selling pieces of software that helped the PS2 destroy Nintendo in Japan. The fact that Sony has only countered with Soul Sacrifice in Japan does not look good. Nintendo is killing Sony in Japan. Pokemon X & Y, Xenoblade 2, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, Mario Kart, and Zelda are not even out yet either! Sony has to balance their efforts a little bit more in Japan. And yes, Japan is still an important market. Look at the millions of copies Nintendo is selling of Animal Crossing. Dragon Quest VII just opened up at almost 900,000 units sold at full price! The Japanese market is still important. Sony can still get some good sales in Japan if they apply themselves. I like what they did in their Vita Conference Monday, hopefully the PS4 can follow suit. Microsoft is non-existent and PC gaming isn’t huge there. The only real competition is Nintendo. Sony needs to work on exclusive Japanese style games for the PS4 to help combat the Nintendo onslaught there.

The shortcomings of the Vita 


I’m afraid the shortcomings of the Vita is holding Sony’s business down. They surely expected more from the Vita, as the portable is not making the company any money. Sony gives away first party games on the Vita like PlayStation All Stars and Sly Cooper if a user buys the PS3 version, so its questionable how much money their making off of Vita Software. Nintendo uses portable titles to help fund major titles a lot. With Sony’s portable business sinking, I fear they will not have the money to make as many bigger name titles for the PS4.

Chances on New IPs

starhawk launch

While Sony gamers love the fact Sony puts out new IPs a lot of the time. Sony’s investors might not have the same idea. Between Heavy Rain, Mag, Mod Nation Racers, PlayStation All Stars, and StarHawk only Heavy Rain managed to sell over 2 million units. Sony invested heavily into IPs like Star Hawk and PlayStation All Stars. Both games totaled up didn’t even break 1.5 million units sold. Sony can’t afford PS4 games to bomb like that. Sony is going to go with their best horses next generation and let the third parties make all the new IPs. Expect to see Killzone, Grand Turismo, The Last of Us, God of War, and Uncharted more.

Are you guys excited for the PS4? What games do you want to see Sony show off first? Put your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  • Aiddon

    problem is that history does not show things favorably for Sony. They obviously didn't learn from the PSP as the Vita repeated EVERY mistake its predecessor did note for note. If Sony has made BIG mistakes with three hardware launches in a row, I don't see how the PS4 would be any different. Furthermore…we don't have concrete proof of what the architecture and pricing for a PS4 would be. 3rd party support proof is also iffy.

    • pussy galore

      Damage Control Failed

      PS1 = 102 M
      PS2 = 155 M
      PSP = 77 M
      PS3 = 77 M

      You fail, Aiddon not Sony PlayStation XP

      • Furious Francis

        I somewhat agree with Aiddon. Sony has their work cut out for them. But its not different than Nintendo or Microsoft. There all going to have challenges ahead. The PS3 and Xbox 360 will continue selling. There cheap and have huge backlogs. Even the Wii is selling right now.

        Nintendo just needs there games. Sony needs to prove they can profit. The PSP sold a lot of units but the software sales were horrid. Everybody just pirated PSP games. The Vita is off to a rough start, but it can come back if Sony put the time and money into it.

        Overall, I'm excited about the PS4 but I will wait a few years before I get one. Looking for a price drop and at least 3-4 good JRPG to play on the system before I buy one.