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Square Enix Western Games Tanked the Company

Square Enix is in a load of trouble right now. Their President is resigning, due to the companies horrible financial reports. New reports are coming in that Hitman Absolution, Sleeping Dogs, and Tomb Raider have all failed to hit their sales expectations. 

Make sure to check out the revised sales report for Square Enix, and the resigning of the company President. In this chart below, you can see the sales expectations, Metascore, and release date for each of Square Enix’s Western focused games.

All three games have not even come close to hitting their targets. The report states

“Despite the high critical acclaim, [the games] failed to meet each target. In particular North America sales force as ineffective, ending up with two-thirds of number of units sold in Europe.

“Moreover, price pressure was strong, which forced spending additional channel costs such as price protection.”

I hate to keep beating a dead horse. But this is what happens when you play the multiplayer/best graphics/AAA budgets crap. These games are high priced, low return games. Square could have put that money toward games like Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger. They would have made far more money. It’s a shame Square Enix fell into the ‘Western Game Money Trap’ They were making plenty of money making JRPGs…..

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  • koopzilla

    Totally. I think that is part of what happened to Final Fantasy, most of the people who knew what they were doing went to Monolith, or Mistwalker. It may be hard for Nintendo to aquire SquareEnix though, I'm sure Microsoft and Sony would put up huge sums of money to acquire them, possibly more than Nintendo would be willing to spend. Honestly I would hate to see Microsoft get ahold of them (which would be entirely possible since they probably have the most money to throw around), after seeing how they handled RARE. They are already in a similar, but not as bad, situation as RARE with key employees having left the company. If Nintendo bought them I think they could really do both companies some good. Nintendo would make sure the games are getting the attention they need and help them back on the right track.

    I would like to see Nintendo buy SEGA more though, there are so many unused and underperforming franchises there. Plus there are such a wide range of game types that could really help Nintendo fill in the genres they are lacking. It seems like SEGA is in pretty big financial trouble at the moment, it's sad seeing a company as big and great as that having to turn to kickstarter to make their games.

    And I can definitely see what you are saying about Eidos, it's obviously not doing Square any good to own them, so it would make sense to sell them off.

  • Shannon Kyanzaki

    You know what would be messed up, if SE gets tanked big time and Nintendo buys them out, I would love to see how well Sony and MS fanboys will react if that happens…but who knows what happens…if SE believes that Western games ruin them so be it…I liked Square and Enix back in the day…hopefully they can pull themselves out of the rut they're in…

    • Furious Francis

      Never thought about that, but in a way Nintendo already bought Square Enix. Monolith Soft is comprised of many of the old Square Soft employees, and a few from Enix. So I doubt this would happen. But it would be cool i guess. Monolith Soft developing a new Final Fantasy game would be the best thing ever for that franchise.

  • slabbo323

    Oh and don't forget that movie Square made that lost them over $100 Million, which was before the merger too. Enix hesitated a bit because they didn't want to merge with a potentially failing company. LOL

    • Furious Francis

      My bad, I mean Eidos, not Enix. Enix was cool. They made Illusion of Gaia. Things stared going downhill when they purchased Eidos.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, your totally right about the hole movie thing. That really jacked them up.

  • slabbo323

    It's not all Enix's fault, they are actually the ones keeping the company afloat with it's Dragon Warrior series. FF8-12 was pretty much done by only Square, Enix never touched those, so Square's decline was already in the works. Enix was mainly an RPG producer at the time too, and most of their action games were action RPG's, but their main bread and butter were jrpg's. If Enix splits from Square, Enix will survive, but Square won't.

  • Furious Francis

    It's mind boggling that Square Enix could sink this low. I knew it was coming. When they announced they were purchasing Enix, I knew we would never get the games we wanted. Instead, we were fed shooting games…. and crappy FF 13. It's really sad. Square needs to drop the Enix brand and focus on what made them great in the first place.

    • koopzilla

      Yeah, that seems to be the point it started downhill. It's strange though, Squaresoft by themselves an excellent company, Enix was pretty good too (although I never liked them as much as Squaresoft). Even working together (Chrono Trigger) they were capable of something truly great. But, this is what has happened to them after they merged.

      • Furious Francis

        Sorry, I'm making a huge mistake. I meant, when they purchased Eidos, not Enix. Enix was cool. I just got the two mixed up for a reason.

  • koopzilla

    Honestly, I find Japanese games far superior, it's sad that many don't and try to make western style games, even sadder it's causing major companies big troubles financially. They should just stick to what they do best.

    Squaresoft at one time was one of my favorite companies, and Final Fantasy in my top 5 favorite franchises. I was hugely disappointed in FFX and they just keep getting worse and worse each time, so X was the last one I ever bought. They seem to only care about graphics now, story and gameplay are like afterthoughts. It would seem they are spending so much of their budget on making pretty graphics they can't even make a huge open world like they used to, which is a big part of what I loved so much about the series. Final Fantasy 6 is one of my favorite games of all time, and while it does have pretty good graphics for the time, they spent time making an excellent story, a large world to explore, and great gameplay. If they continue on the path they are on it's sad to say, but they could put themselves out of business.

  • Gsnap

    Wake up calls left and right and nobody is answering. I can't even imagine what the industry will be like 2-3 years from now.

  • Silver

    After seeing how people have talked down about Japanese style games, and developers. It's entertaining to see that all these Western games/developers are the ones that are crashing the industry. I mean I don't want anyone to lose their job unless they're a jerk, but being uncreative and relying on lifting 90% of your ideas from Hollywood/ whats popular. They brought it on themselves.