Street Fighter x Mega Man Announced as a free Download for PC by Capcom

Street Fighter x Mega Man is a fan-made crossover title that will be released for free on the PC this December. 

Many fans thought Capcom up and forgot about Mega man but the blue bomber is making his return as part of Street Fighter’s 25th anniversary celebration, and the Mega Man 25th anniversary.

“Our fans have been so supportive of the 25th Anniversary efforts on Street Fighter, that we wanted to provide one last surprise and token of our appreciation,” said Christian Svensson, SVP of Capcom USA.

“This game symbolizes the passion and dedication of our fans and with the 25th Anniversary of Mega Man coming up, we felt it was our duty to bring this wonderful experience to everyone who has shared the last 25 years with us and both of these celebrated franchises.”

A Singapore native, Seow Zong Hui, created Street Fighter x Mega Man. The game has the blue bomber traversing through an 8-bit world featuring eight original Street Fighter themed levels and bosses inspired by the fighting series. Each boss character will use individual tactics and special moves against Mega Man.

Hit up Capcom Unity starting December 17th to download the game.


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