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Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS Should be out by Q4 2014


Legendary game producer Shigeru Miyamoto, has confirmed that Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS will be out by the end of 2014. This comes from the Japanese investor meeting report, outed by Cheesemeister on Twitter. 

Via: Cheesemeister Twitter, Source: Nintendo JP

Miyamoto: Super Smash Bros. #WiiU by year’s end. A 4-1: 「今年の年末までには『大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ』がある」http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/library/events/140130qa/02.html …

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Author: Francis@PE (16910 Posts)

56 Responses to Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS Should be out by Q4 2014

  1. Fulano says:

    For the record, the end of 2014 is Q3. Q4 would actually be early 2015. Remember that the fiscal year begins in March.

  2. Syrek says:

    I'm surprised that they need to repeat this. I know some people are worried it won't come out by the end of 2014, but Sakurai has confirmed several times that it will and he will make it happen. I guess the Brawl delay really is still fresh in everyone's mind. As much as I want this game ASAP, I know that having it release at years end is not only good for business but it will allow Sakurai more time to polish and perfect the game the way he wants it to be.

  3. Matthew Wesley says:

    Well- Nintendo is saved. Smash on, baby… Smash on!

  4. JTurner82 says:

    Oddly enough, at GoNintendo, someone thinks this:

    "I've been following this, and it was apparantly a miss-translation. Miyamoto basically just said that it will be released this year, not 'at the end'."

    I say we get somebody to reassure us that they have everything under control.

    • King_Sparkticle says:

      It's not a mistranslation.

      "Should be out by Q4 2014" means that it will be released before or during Q4. I don't understand why people are spinning this off course and making it sound like it's gonna come out in December. It really isn't. It could be released during Q3 for all we know.

      But better wording would be great.

      • JTurner82 says:

        Yeah something IS odd. But already there are people beginning to doubt that WiiU will make its much deserved comeback this year, and this is just more fuel for the fire.

        • King_Sparkticle says:

          Meanwhile I won't care and I'll play my Wii U games.

          Let people think and predict Wii U doom all they want.

        • timg57867 says:

          If I can give you some advice, I should really advise that you not look at Internet comments very often. It's really pointless and just ruins your mental health. Remember, these types of people are going to paint negative outlook no matter how good things look on paper and often tings don't go the way we think they will on the Internet. I have dramatically decreased my Internet activity to Playeressence and VGChartz (numbers only. Don't even look at the forums) and I've been so much better off it's ridiculous. Seriously. Don't let all this sales stuff and Internet doom get in your head so much. Life is too valuable to be wasted with that on the mind.

          • King_Sparkticle says:

            Completely agreed. I left WiiUForums for that reason. I may roam in from time to time, but for the most part – I'm gone.

            I thought that wasting my time on arguments with doomsayers who's only argument is "I like Nintendo so I'm right" is pointless and a waste of precious time. I'd rather be on a website where the community makes me feel better.

          • JTurner82 says:

            Some of the guys on WiiUForums are still decent though: theancientgamer I still am in good contact with; he's arguably the most sane of the people there.

          • King_Sparkticle says:

            I'm not saying everyone there I don't like. I really do like quite a few there.

            However it's the couple of annoying idiots that annoy me sh*tless.

          • JTurner82 says:

            I know. There's lots of people like that on the net sadly.

  5. DePapier says:

    I see it this way: Mario Kart 8 in May, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in November. All the other really big games will release in between: X, Bayonetta 2 this summer. Meanwhile, experiments such as Hyrule Warriors and Pokken Fighters — call me crazy if you want — will be released in the coming months.

    Anyhow, we'll see in the next Direct.

    • JTurner82 says:

      But how? How will we know when the next direct will come?

      • timg57867 says:

        There's no way of knowing . But a direct at some point is inevitable. And if there's any month to do it, it'll be February. In any case, you really shouldn't get so worked up over JTurner82. While I'd like to go to bed at night knowing my favorite company has it made in the shade, at the end of the day you're just a customer of theirs. It's not your job to get so concerned over their business. I used to be like that and I was all the worse off for it. Just calm down and see how things roll.

        • JTurner82 says:

          I hope you're right. Let's just hope that Direct comes to let us know that there are other great games coming to fill the gaps, and not just eShop throwaways.

      • TheFullmetalHokage says:

        The guy from Renegade Kid, JoolsWatsham on twitter, said that the Moon Chronicles trailer on his website would be unprivated next Wednesday, and you know what happens on Wednesdays. ;)

      • DePapier says:

        We won't. They'll tell us the day before it releases.

        Look, I tried to predict a Direct for this January, and I was wrong. Now I've come up to the realization that I just don't know. I'm thinking before the launch of Donkey Kong or before the release of the PS3 in Japan but truth is: I'll know when they'll announce it.

        There only one thing you can do with Nintendo: trust them if you don't wanna flip-flop.

  6. timg57867 says:

    Kinda saw this coming after the reveal for Mario Kart 8's release. Looks like the plan is to spike things up midyear with Mario Kart than have real holiday boom with Smash Bros when hype is at its greatest. Nintendo will then fill in the gaps with releases we know about or they haven't mentions yet. This does mean that Smash Bros will be getting a lot of dev time. Sure hope Nintendo can add a ton of amazing features with that time. If there's any area Smash Bros for Wii U can really take advantage of to differentiate itself from Brawl, it's in its online. Forget buggy online co-op in 3D World. THIS is the game where online features should be a big focus. This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how much advanced Nintendo's online has become and raise interest in core gamers. (God I hate using that word.) I am eager to see how Smash Bros turns out in the end.

  7. gamenchick says:

    I kinda see this as really bad.

    Smash Bros will be their big holiday release,which means Zelda U will not hit this year in the fall and will be a 2015 release(that saddens me lol)

    I always figured X would be a holiday release too in the fall but since Smash Bros is there, then we could see X be pushed back to 2015 as well.

    Then Mario Kart is almost a mid year release

    Why do I feel were going to see massive delays and game droughts this year instead of gun blazing like I had hoped(what Wii U actually needed this year but that's looking grim atm)

    someone boost my confidence please lol

    • JTurner82 says:

      The only thing that can do that is a Nintendo Direct. At first I too wasn't so sure about this decision. But then I remembered that Nintendo has other titles that they are still developing as well. For all we know they could have titles ready to go. ND will tell us all. Don't lose faith yet.

    • TheFullmetalHokage says:

      You're just worrying yourself for no reason lol.

      Zelda most likely isn't coming out this year, but that was never promised to us. Just something we'll have to deal with.

      I don't see how Smash's status as a Fall title affects X. Having multiple high profile games in Fall is exactly what Nintendo would want to do.

      Mario Kart is May. But after that, there are 7 other months. This year's schedule looks something like: Bayonetta 2, X, Smash, STxFE, Yarn Yoshi, and Hyrule Warriors. Plus we'll probably get at least one new HD remake, and Nintendo often reveals 1 or 2 games at E3 which release the same year.

      In short, I think the guns will be blazing.

      • JTurner82 says:

        There is NO HOPE for 2014! Nintendo is going to crash and burn this year. 2014 wil be WORSE! It will be the year that WiiU dies.

        **Sorry, that's my evil alterego talking**

      • gamenchick says:

        Could be, but ill believe it when I see it now.

        We have DKC TF for Feb,nothing for March or April thus far

        Bayonetta 2 has been confirmed for 2014, but with Nintendo being delay happy, ill believe it when it has a solid release date

        SMT X FE we havent seen anything from in a year

        Yarn Yoshi we havent seen anything from in a year

        Hyrule Warriors I'm trying to bank on coming in March, but again no release date but ''in 2014'' for that title

        Nintendo love to delay stuff, that's why I'm iffy now on their whole 2014 strategy and hopefully a Feb Direct will actually give me confidence in them again as far as this year cause right now as it stands, i have zero confidence and that saddens me ;(

        here's to hoping! lol

        • King_Sparkticle says:

          Nintendo don't love to delay stuff. It just so happened to be the case with 2013 Wii U and people spun it off rails and made it a tradition of sorts. It's not so.

          If Nintendo promised that they will deliver this year, they will. Just because we're not educated on the topic doesn't mean nothing is coming.

          • gamenchick says:

            I disagree

            but we will see

          • King_Sparkticle says:

            You disagree that Nintendo will deliver, or the delay part?

            I understand that your strategy is to look at everything pessimistically to get an optimistic result, but why would you disagree about Nintendo providing a good year of games?

          • JTurner82 says:

            She just doesn't want to be disappointed again. 2013 was a crushingly disappointing year for all of us (in spite of the inflow of games). Nintendo is hoping for 2014 to be better, and we are too. There are reasons to be hopeful, yes. But we still have some unanswered questions: what other big titles aside from what we already know does Nintendo plan to have in order to push its system sales? Hopefully the next Direct will answer all.

          • gamenchick says:

            @Sparkticle: You can call it what you want. Whatever trips your trigger xD

  8. TheFullmetalHokage says:

    That's good news, although I'm still of the mind that the 3DS version should not be released at the same time as the Wii U version…

    • King_Sparkticle says:

      I really highly doubt the 3DS version will actually take sales from the Wii U.

      Firstly, the Wii U counterpart has an upper hand in terms of quality.

      Secondly, the Pokemon games never really stopped each other from selling.

      I doubt there will be a visible outcome.

      • TheFullmetalHokage says:

        I just think that's an unwisely optimistic way of thinking.

        And I don't understand the point you're trying to make with Pokemon. Those games are on the same system.

        • DePapier says:

          Sakurai said once that he wasn't even sure that both games would release at the same time.

        • King_Sparkticle says:

          My point with Pokemon is that they always release in pairs, and one is automatically deemed better than the other, yet that really doesn't affect sales greatly.

          If you go check, all over YouTube there are people utterly hyped for Smash, and the comment section is filled with "this is my reason to get the Wii U".

          Like I said, the difference won't be different. Most will probably get the Wii U version, and the 3DS counterpart will only be like a 'side'.

          And yeah, I'm an optimist. Deal with it.

  9. nin12Gage says:

    MY body is ready

  10. frankie4fingers83 says:

    I hope Ninty has an ace up their sleeve. Fall is a long time away and what’s confirmed? Kart, dk and bayo 2? And I mean solidly confirmed. I have the utmost faith in nintendo, but I wish they would just come out and have a direct already. This uncertainty is keeping a lot of ppl away from this awesome console.

    • King_Sparkticle says:

      I was dumb enough to think that they would have a major one a month after E3. It was then that I realized that you can't possibly predict when one will come.

      They will probably show us new games in a future direct, but it won't go anywhere past the Summer mark. Nintendo re-eally doesn't like showing off unfinished games or CGI only.

      It's all a matter of patience. And honestly, I can't imagine you thinking Nintendo won't have something for us every month at LEAST. There are games, it's just that we don't know of them yet. It matters not, however, because they still do exist anyways.

      I'm guessing the following:

      February – DKC:TF + Some smaller title(s).
      March – Possibly Hyrule Warriors, otherwise an unknown project.
      April – Possibly Hyrule Warriors, otherwise an unknown project.
      May – Mario Kart 8.
      June – Previously announced game (like X), or unannounced + E3!!
      July – E3 aftermath game, probably something announced AT E3.
      August – Super Smash Bros.
      September – Unannounced.
      October – Unannounced.
      November – Bayonetta 2?
      December – Miyamoto's new IP, close to New Year.

      And this is only going off one game a month, undoubtedly there's even more, not to mention third party and indie experiences.

      Remember Shin'en?

      Anyways, it's a big year for Wii U with a huge line-up. Nintendo will just show us whenever they're ready.

  11. -ZaNT- says:

    I figured. At least we know it won't feel rushed, and I have a feeling it'll get showcased at e3 again but this time either have a playable demo, or presentation of free-for-all battles like Brawl's trailer.

  12. TheMagnum924 says:

    It will probably be the Wii U's big title they bring before Black Friday. If any game can get consoles sold then, it's Smash Bros.

  13. King_Sparkticle says:

    2014 – Nintendomination confirmed.

  14. WiiUExposed says:

    I'm probably missing something, but the tweet says "by year's end," not anything about Fall.

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