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Xbox One has a cool new Achievement System

Xbox One

For all the flak the Xbox One is getting (and rightfully so) one thing that’s pretty cool about the new achievement system is you actually earn in-game rewards. Check out the full details on the new acheivement system below. 

Nintendo Needs to Announce a Wii U Achievement System Integrated with MiiVerse ASAP

The Wii U is an amazing system. I have had a blast cutting through Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge, collecting Star Coins in New Super Mario Bros U, and experiencing survival horror at its roots in ZombiU. However, there is one thing missing that I really want to see on Wii U. A unified achievement system that integrates MiiVerse would really spark my interest to collect and explore the games I play more. Here are a few reasons why Nintendo should integrate achievements in the Wii U OS. 

Wii U will not have a system-wide achievement/trophy system

Looks like the Wii U will not have a standard achievement system like the Xbox 360 and PS3. Hit the link for details. 

Achievements Give You Discounts on Xbox Live Marketplace

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