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Sony Forms Third Party team, Announces Exclusive Content from 21 Companies


Sony’s Gio Corsi has announced a new formation within the company called Third Party Productions. This newly formed team work with third-party publishers to bring exclusive content to the PlayStation platform brand.

Five Years Later, Super Super Smash Bros Brawl Still Selling – Media Create Sales Top 50

Super Smash Wolf

Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii charted number 49 in the Media Create Software sales top 50. Making it the oldest game on the list, and showing how powerful the brand is worldwide. Get the full charts below. 

Animal Crossing New Leaf Generates more Revenue than all of Rovio (Angry Birds)


Many people have clamored for Nintendo to make smartphones games, but according to these numbers, it just doesn’t make sense to do that. Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, generated less revenue than Animal Crossing New Leaf, and that’s the biggest franchise on smartphones & tablets. 

Can Nintendo Afford a Price Cut on Wii U?

Wii U

Ricard Julianti tipped me off to a fantastic write up on the numbers behind a potential price cut for Wii U, and why Nintendo might not be able to afford one right now. Read the article here.

Toys R Us buy one, get one 40% off sale on Hundreds of Games


Toys R Us is holding a big video game sale including 3DS, PS3, and Xbox 360 titles. For some reason there is no PC, PS Vita, or Wii U deals. Consumers can pick up one game at full price, then get the next one 40% off. You can even do this deal with pre-orders as well. 

Steve Ballmer to Retire as CEO of Microsoft

Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO is hanging up the tie, as he is set to retire as Microsoft CEO in the next 12 months. 

Pikmin 3’s Effect on Wii U Sales in Japan – Updated


In the four weeks Pikmin 3 has been out in Japan, Wii U sales have risen 117% from the previous four weeks. Get the full statistical break-down below. 

Pikmin 3 Boosts Wii U Sales by 79% in America, Tales of Xillia Charts Second

Pikmin 3 real

Pikmin 3 and Tales of Xillia have topped the American software charts according to VGChartz. Pikmin 3 also gave the Wii U a substantial boost on hardware sales, as the Wii U breaks past 16,000 units sold for the first time many months. Get the full charts below. 

Japanese Media Create Charts: Nintendo Owns Japan


The Japanese Media Create Sales charts showed a surge in sales for all formats. 17 of the top 20 games on the charts were on a Nintendo systems. Somehow, Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3 charted this week. Get the full breakdown below. 

The PS4 Might not be Launching in Japan this year


Sony’s newest console was suspiciously left off the list of  launch territories for the PS4 in 2013. This is very weird because Sony is a Japanese company. There are 32 countries that are getting the PS4 this year., get the full list below. 

Mario & Luigi Dream Team Holds at #1 on the 3DS eShop – August 19th

Mario and Luigi Dream team

Mario & Luigi Dream Team holds steady as the best game sold on the 3DS eShop. Get the rest of the list below. 

Media Create Sales Top 50: 3DS Claims 50% of the list (Aug 05 – Aug 11, 2013)

Fire Emblem Awakeing 3DS

The top 50 best selling games for the week have been revealed in Japan, and the 3DS has laid claim to 50% of the list, charting a staggering 25 times. Get the full list below. 

Richard George is Leaving IGN for Nintendo

Ricard George

Executive Nintendo Editor Richard George is leaving IGN for a Senior Director spot at Golin Harris, Nintendo’s Communication and PR firm. 

July NPD 2013: Total Industry Declined 19%, Hardware Dropped 34%


The 3DS came out number one in the NPD, however, the industry overall is struggling as sales reach all time lows. 

American NPD July 2013: Nintendo 3DS top Platform for the 3rd Straight Month


The Nintendo 3DS has once again taken the top spot in the NPD charts for America. Nintendo also reports high sales of Animal Crossing New Leaf, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, Earthbound, New Super Luigi U, and Pikmin 3. 

Judge Halves $30.2 Million Infringement Award Against Nintendo

3DS colors

A U.S. judge on Wednesday ruled that inventor Seijiro Tomita can take half the $30.2 million in damages awarded him after a jury found Nintendo Co infringed one of his patents, or risk getting nothing.

Japanese Media Create: Disney Magic Castle & 3DS tops the Charts – 8/5/13 – 8/11/13

3DS colors

The Japanese Media Create Charts are in and Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life has taken the top spot. The 3DS continues its rain at the top of the console charts. 

What does “Success” look like to Nintendo?

Nintendo 2

Rpx tipped me off to another article discussing Nintendo’s business matters. Check out a snippet of the article with a link below. 

UK Games Retail has Suffered the Worst Month on Record

The Last of Us

The UK Games market isn’t doing that great right now, as they don’t report the actual number of games sold in their reports like the Media Create Charts and NPD. 

J Trust Makes a bid for Index Corp

Index Corp

J Trust, the Japanese Financial services firm has made a bid on Index Corp. The firm aims to “use cash raised through a record rights offering to fund takeover bids, including bankrupt game maker Index (TPX) Corp.”

Nvidia posts Q2 Decline in Profits and Revenue, Optimistic over SHIELD Console sales

Nvidia’s profits and revenue declined a bit, but the firm still made a profit. 

Sony’s PlayStation Hedge Backfires as Dollar Costs Surge


Sony Corp’s strategy to shield its PlayStation game unit from a strengthening yen is backfiring as the currency heads in the other direction this year, leading to losses ahead of a new console debut for the U.S. holidays.