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Visceral “Working on Something very Exciting.” Dead Space Franchise Still Alive

EA games’s Patrick Soderlund has said that the Dead Space franchise hasn’t been cancelled, but Visceral Games isn’t working on Dead Space 4. 

The Playeressence Vidcast Episode 23 “Microtransactions Suck”

Furious Francis discusses Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate getting some much needed updates, Sony going through a restructure, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, and a lengthy discussion on EA’s microtransactions crap. Get the Vidcast below! Remember, you can always watch the vidcast on the YouTube sidebar we have. Check it out to your right!

Cliffy B. Thinks “Horror Doesn’t Fly” in the $60 Market of Today

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has defended EA and Dead Space 3 on his personal blog saying AAA budgets don’t support true survival horror any more.

Jesse Schell Thinks Releasing a Demo can cut your sales in half

Schell Games CEO and industry analyst Jesse Schell has told developers that releasing a demo for your games before launch can drastically cut the games sales. At the DICE Summit last week, he discussed his finding with developers. 

Dead Space 3 has plenty of day-one DLC

Dead Space 3 has a built in microtransaction system that lets players pay real money for boosting crafting. New details have emerged that the game will launch with a staggering eleven pieces of day-one DLC. 

Dead Space 3 Story Trailer… Shows off the Story

A new Dead Space 3 trailer shows off the massive story gamers can expect to experience once the game comes out February 5th on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. 

Dead Space 3 Features Unlockable Modes and “Additional Story”

Dead Space 3 is brimming with content according to the game’s producer Steve Papoutsis. Players can expect new dlc modes after the game is released, and a “top secret additional story.”

Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer Shows the Return of Issac

EA and Visceral Games have released a new launch trailer for Dead Space 3 caled ‘Take Down the Terror’. The horror themed co-op shooter launches February 5th in the US, Feb 7th in Australia, and Feb 8th in Europe. Check out the launch trailer below. 

Dead Space 3 will Feature Mass Effect 3 N7 Armor


Dead Space 3 will feature some nice armor from another EA franchise. Isaac Clark can expect to suit up with some Commander Shepard N7 armor.

Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition, Details + Trailer

Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition has been formally announced by EA, check out trailer below with a look at all the content with game. 

Dead Space 3 Kinect Trailer Brings out co-op Voice Commands

Dead Space 3 is getting some enhanced gameplay via Kinect. Check out this trailer for Kinect with Visceral Games’ just released below. 

Dead Space 3 Story Trailer – It’s Scary

Dead Space 3 is gearing up for its February release and EA has a new trailer that informs you have the story so far.Hit the link to check out the trailer. 

Dead Space 3 Achievement Leaked, get them all here

Dead Space 3’s achievement list has been leaked online. Remember , just like the Metal Gear Rising leaked achievement list, its chalked full of spoilers. Proceed with caution. 

Dead Space 3 get Pre-order Bonuses from Amazon and GameStop

Dead Space 3 is fast approaching its release date with Amazon and Gamestop offering some sweet pre-order incentives for the horror game. 

Dead Space 3 Co-op still scary as hell, and is not mandatory says dev

Dead Space 3 producer Steve Papoutisis has stated that Dead Space 3 co-op is not mandatory and players do not have to play the co-op portion of the game, plus new screenshots.

Dead Space 3 video shows cool Limited Edition items

Check out this new Dead Space 3 video showing off the Limited Edition of the survival horror game.