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Famitsu’s Most Wanted Games (8/10/14) – MH4 Ultimate, Persona 5, and Hyrule Warriors lead


Famitsu has once again polled their users to find out their most anticipated games. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was the top game with almost 1,000 votes. Persona 5 held steady at 800 votes, while Hyrule Warriors rounded out the top 3 with 603 votes. Get the full list below (note, these positions do not indicate sales numbers or trends). 

Microsoft Attempts to Sell the Xbox One in Japan with new Video


Microsoft has released a brand new video showing off the Kinect recognizing Japanese language. Then the video shows off  various apps and games, starting with the perfect game for the Japanese audience, Titanfall.

Japan – Best Selling Software so far in 2014 – Top 50


Famitsu has listed the top 50 best selling pieces of software for the first half of 2014 below. Yokai Watch, Dragon Quest Monsters 2, and Kirby Triple Deluxe lead the way. Get the full list past the link.

Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire – Japanese Secret Bases Introduction Video


Check out some Japanese gameplay footage of Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire’s secret bases in a new introduction video.

Famitsu’s Most Wanted Games (7/13/14) – Hype for Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Bros, and Bayonetta 2 Builds


Famitsu has listed the top 30 most wanted games from their users. And games like Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, and Super Smash Bros for Wii U have built significant momentum since the last list. Check out the top 30 games below. 

Japan – Xbox One Launch Line-Up

Famitsu released a list of Xbox One launch titles for the console’s upcoming September 4, 2014 release.

Microsoft announced four new Japanese titles for the Xbox One

Xbox One
According to a recent presentation held by Microsoft, four new Japanese titles will be gracing the Xbox One console in 2015. One will be a Simulation Love Game (SLG), and the other three are Shoot-Em Ups (STG). Check out the details below.

Japan – Adventure Bar Story releasing on 3DS eShop next week

Rideon Inc.’s Adventure Bar Story will be heading to Japan’s 3DS eShop on June 26, 2014. The title was originally released on the PSP in Japan as Adventure Bar of Wonderland, and later as a mobile title Adventure Bar Story. The 3DS will include the new updated art released in Japan for Android platforms on January 15, 2013, and new controls suitable for the 3DS.

Japan – 3DS XL’s Recommended Software list for July and August 2014

Shin Megami Tensei IV
Nintendo’s Recommended Software list for July and August 2014 reveals an amazing list of free titles for Japanese consumers to choose from when purchasing a 3DS XL. Check out the list below.

Wii Sports Club is Getting a Physical Release in Japan on July 17th

wiiu_wiisportsclub_menu_scrn01 (1)

Nintendo has announced that Japan will be getting a retail release on July 17th. Sinobi is reporting that the package will come with Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, and Bowling. It will run Japanese owners 3,700 Yen. Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Sinobi

Japan – 3DS XL’s Recommended Software now features Pokémon and Puzzle & Dragons Z

Pokemon X and Y Lucario Mega
Nintendo has revealed June’s Recommended Software list for their 3DS XL bonus download campaign.

Xbox One Launching in Japan on September 4th, 2014


The Xbox One will be launching in Japan on September 4th, 2014. Destructoid has put together list of developers working on Microsoft’s console.

Watch Dogs – Japanese (PS3 & PS4) Gameplay Footage


PlayStation Japan has uploaded brand new videos for Watch Dogs on PS3 and PS4. Check out all the footage below.

Yo-kai Watch 2 – new Japanese TV Spot

Yo-kai Watch

Level-5 and Nintendo have released a brand new Japanese TV spot for Yo-kai Watch on the Nintendo 3DS. Check it out below.

3DS XL’s in Japan are Packed in with Recommended Software in Japan

Animal Crossing

Nintendo of Japan is doing a new promotion that gives consumers a “recommended” game download as a bonus with your purchase of a 3DS XL. This promotion will be begin on April 26th, users will get a voucher for a select game on the 3DS eShop.

Top ten best Selling Games in Japan (4/1/13 – 4/3/14)

Pokemon X and Y

Famitsu has put together a list of the top ten best selling games for the past year in Japan from April 1st, 2013 to April 3rd, 2104. Check out the full lineup past the link.

Mario Kart 8 Protective Gamepad Cases Storm Amazon Japan

Wii U Gamepad

Amazon Japan has some awesome protective Wii U Gamepad cases on sale. The cases come in two flavors: Red/Blue & Green/Blue. Check out both of them below. 

Amazon Japan – Mario Kart 8 Pre-orders Comes with Playing Cards + Boxart

Mario Kart 8

If you pre-order Mario Kart 8 on Amazon Japan, you’ll receive some Mario themed playing cards. Check out the Japanese boxart for the game below as well. 

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – Japanese Gameplay Overview


Check out some Japanese gameplay footage of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. The video details all the different courses, characters, and modes players will be engaging in.

Nintendo of Japan Opens up a Wii U Features and Information page Starring Mario Characters


Nintendo of Japan has opened up a brand new page showing off some games and features of the Wii U. It details off-TV play, streaming apps, karaoke, cook books, and more. Check out the page here. Nintendo is prepping the launch of the Wii U – Wii Sports Club bundle in Japan soon, so hopefully this new info page and the launch of the Wii Sports Club bundle can jump-start things a bit. Thanks domondohko for the tip!

Japan – Famicom Remix 1&2 Boxart


Get a better look at the retail boxart for Famicom Remix 1&2 on the Wii U. 

Japan – White Wii U Premium Pack Shot and Details

Wii U Premium Pack

Japan will be getting a White Premium Wii U with Wii Sports Club pack in this March. 4Gamer has received one photo of the bundle. Details on the contents can be found below.