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Rare (Poorly) Defends The Kinect

Kinect Sports
Rich from ReviewTechUSA discusses the news of Rare defending Kinect poorly. Caution….strong language

Apple Purchases Company Behind the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor


Apple has purchased the company who designed the first generation Kinect Sensor. PrimeSense, is no longer directly affiliated with Microsoft. Apple payed a whooping $345 million for the company. Apple is looking to get into the living room, so this could be the first step. 

Harmonix Announces Fantasia Music Evolved for Kinect on Xbox One & Xbox 360

Harmonix teased a new game in development yesterday, and now we know what it is. Fantasia Music Ecolved will be hitting Kinect on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. 

Man Loses his Life Savings Trying to win an Xbox 360 Kinect

A New Hampshire man blew his entire life savings trying to when a Xbox 360 Kinect, instead of just going out and buying one. 

Ryse is Coming to the Xbox 720 at Launch

Ryse, the Kinect only title that debut at Microsoft’s E3 press conference a few years ago, is reportidly coming to the Xbox 720 at launch. 

Next Generation Kinect Specs Show Huge Improvements over Predecessor

There is a rumor going around with the next generation Kinect. We got a leaked spec sheet for the Xbox 720 version of Kinect. New alleged specs have come and they look rather impressive, if your into Kinect.

Dead Space 3 Kinect Trailer Brings out co-op Voice Commands

Dead Space 3 is getting some enhanced gameplay via Kinect. Check out this trailer for Kinect with Visceral Games’ just released below. 

Rare Hiring for Cloud-based Kinect Title, ‘jaw-dropping’ next-gen Project

Rare, which is a former shell of themselves when Microsoft bought them, is hiring for a new project that uses Kinect in-conjunction with cloud based technology. Once again disappointing the masses by not announcing Killer Instinct 3…… oh well, hit the link to see what their cooking up.

Xbox 360 Entertainment for All plan subscription “coming soon”

The Xbox 360 Entertainment for All plan, is listed as “coming soon” from Microsoft, and will offer customers a choice of two new console options with subscriptions that rope you into long term deals of Xbox Live.

Fable The Journey Reviews & Launch Trailer


Fable The Journey is out today in the US along with a new launch trailer. Some reviews have gone live as well.

Australia: Xbox 360 prices drop October 4th

Microsoft has reduced the Australian RRP of its entire Xbox 360 console and Kinect products.

Playeressence VidCast Episode 4 ” Don’t Get Molyneux’d”

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