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Top 10 HARDEST Mario Levels – TheJWittz


The JWittz goes over his top 10 hardest Mario levels EVER!

Source: TheJWittz

The Next Mario game is in Development, Could use the Gamepad more


The developers behind Super Mario 3D World have begun working on the next Mario game. Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi has stated that they have “already started approaching out next challenge”. More details can be found below, including the potential for more Gamepad integration.

Top 5 Mario Enemies! & Even More Mario Enemies!

Mario Bros Phanto
ScrewAttack has uploaded their Top 5 Mario Enemies. And an additional video detailing even more enemies.

Game Theory: Why Mario is Mental, Part 1 & 2

Mario is mental

Mario is gaming’s biggest mascot, but what is he hiding? Is he really the hero everyone thinks he is? Have we overlooked one too many of Mario’s heinous crimes. In this two-part series, we put Mario on trial to see just what is going on inside the head of this “paragon” of the video game industry.

PBG – Top 10 Mario Games!


This one is a little bit old, but still entertaining. Check out PeanutButterGamer’s Top 10 Mario Games.

Know Your Enemy – Goombas


GameXplain has a brand series detailing various enemies in gaming. This episode is on Mario Bros. goombas. Check it out past the link, there is a lot of information I didn’t know about them.

Humor – Zen Gamer Zone Exclusive: Mario Interview – NinZend0


Due to a chance encounter, I have been given the prestigious honor of interviewing the King of Platforming and face of the industry, Mario. And it all went swimmingly, right up until I mentioned Knack’s presence in-studio. Then, it just got…. uncomfortable…

Eiji Aonuma says he Wouldn’t want to work on Mario Because he Sucks at it

Mario poll

Eiji Aonuma says he wouldn’t want to work on the Mario franchise because he is not very good at precise jumping types of games.

‘If a Creator Hasn’t Played Mario, They’re Probably not a good Creator’ says Inafune


Keiji Inafune, and many other industry vets discussed how Mario has influenced them as creators. Inafune probably made the boldest claims, saying Mario is the “development bible.”

G4’s Icons – Mario Franchise

Remember when G4 actually had good shows? This was one of them in G4’s Icons. Check out this Icons show on the Mario Franchise.

Nintendo’s Double Edged Sword – Archimedies123


Archimedies123 discusses Nintendo’s double edged sword. And while I disagree with who he sees as Nintendo’s top franchises, I can understand what he says. Check out the video, it quite amazing.

Next Level Games Wants to work on Mario or Zelda

Next Level Games has proven to be a valuable studio to Nintendo. After successful rebirths of Punch-Out!! and Luigi’s Mansion, the team wants to take on bigger Nintendo IPs, like Mario or Zelda.

All Three Nintendo Exclusive Sonic Games will be out this year, says Nintendo PR

Nintendo of Germany’s PR rep has confirmed that all three Nintendo exclusive Sonic games should be out this year. 

Rumors on the Third Exclusive game Between Nintendo and SEGA + Sonic Lost Worlds info

Nintendo and SEGA are teaming up to bring three exclusive Sonic games to the Wii U. We know two of them, Sonic Lost Worlds, and Sonic & Mario at the Sochi Games. What’s the third one, and what else does SEGA and Nintendo have up their sleeves? 

Best Selling Franchises Since 2005 Include Mario, COD, Assassin’s Creed, and more

With the generation coming to a full close by the end of year, now would be a good time to take a look at the top-selling franchises of current generation. These are all best-selling franchises since 2005. 

Nintendo Reveals tops Sellers for each of Their Platforms

Nintendo is doomed! Until you actually see how popular their games are. Check out this list of the top selling games per a platform, Nintendo released to investors today. 

Miami Heat Star Mario Chalmers Dresses up as Mario in Harlem Shake Video

Most of the Miami Heat players are big into video games. Lebron James, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh all admit to playing video games growing up and play when they have time. But the biggest gamer on the the team by far is Mario Chalmers. And it just so happens, his favorite game is Mario. So Mr. Chalmers wasted no time dressing up as Mario in this Harlem Shake video, Miami Heat Style. Check it out, it’s quite funny.

Wii U Hit List: Mario Kart Double Dash 2

Mario Kart is one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchies. With an all-star cast of characters spread across multiple nintendo franchies Mario Kart has been bringing causal, hardcore, and all gamers together since its debut in 1992.  My favorite Mario Kart game is a tie between Mario Kart Wii (just because of bikes & online play) and Mario Kart Double Dash. Here is what needs to be in the next Mario Kart game for the Wii U.

New Super Mario Bros 2 Releases free Gold Classics pack for Coin Rush Mode

Nintendo is releasing free DLC for New Super Mario Bros 2, the “Gold Classics” pack will feature three new courses inspired by classic Mario games. 

New Super Mario Bros U was in development for three years

Masataka Takemoto from Nintendo’s Entertainment and Analysis Division has revealed that Nintendo was developing New Super Marion Bros U for three full years before it was completed. 

New Super Mario Bros U ‘Painted Swampland Gameplay’

New Super Mario Bros U has went into information blowout. Check out these new gameplay videos below.

The Playeressence Throwdown Episode 3 “The Blue Shell Legend “

Whats up everybody and welcome to another episode of The Playeressence Throwdown! In this episode 2x champ Furious Francis takes on Hero The Impaler and newcomer Skinny in Mario Kart Double Dash for the Gamecube. Will Furious Francis show you how he got his nickname in this episode? Looks like you’ll have to watch to find out. And please send us your throwdown game suggestions to francis@playeressence.com.

Check out episode 1 and 2 if you missed it: The Throwdown Episode 1 “Smash yo Bros”     The Throwdown Episode 2 “New Bros Old Game” 

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