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Mass Effect 3 Anyone? (PS3)


I’m insanely bored at the moment, does anyone want to play Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer on PS3? Let me know in the chat section below!

PE Reviews Discussion – The Mass Effect Franchise

Mass Effect

Francis discusses his favorite new franchise of last generation, Mass Effect. Why are the games so good, what’s next for the franchise? Subscribe to my PE Review Channel for more videos daily!

Headliner: Will Peter Moore Fix EA’s Problems?

Playeressence has a new show! Headliner, where Furious Francis discusses some of the hottest topics in gaming. Today, I discuss if Peter Moore is going to turn EA around. Check out the video below, and make sure to subscribe to get all of our content first.

Is Online Multiplayer Ruining the Single-Player Portion of Games?

By Furious Francis

Action-adventure games have always had a special place in my heart. Before I knew Super Mario Bros 3 was a platformer, I considered it an action-adventure game. You were jumping on enemies heads, traveling to distant lands, and wearing different suits to unleash new powers. It had all the make up of a current action game. My brother and I would take turns playing as Mario and Luigi in the game’s “sudo” co-op mode. Playing Mario Bros 3 on my NES, was a fun event in our household. The interactions between my  brother and I, in person,  were enough for us back then. So what has changed so much from early 90’s? Why are classic single-player franchise’s getting force-fed online multiplayer?

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Receiving Bounty Weekend – Operation Lodestar

Bioware is sending the epic game off in style as Mass Effect 3 will be getting one last huge bounty weekend. Check out all the multi-tiered rewards below. 

The Playeressence Vidcast Episode 23 “Microtransactions Suck”

Furious Francis discusses Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate getting some much needed updates, Sony going through a restructure, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, and a lengthy discussion on EA’s microtransactions crap. Get the Vidcast below! Remember, you can always watch the vidcast on the YouTube sidebar we have. Check it out to your right!

Bioware has no Plans to Bring new Mass Effect 3 DLC to Wii U

EA and Bioware are giving the Wii U the shaft again with Mass Effect 3. A Bioware rep has told IGN they have no plans to bring the Citadel or Reckoning DLC to Wii U owners. 

Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC Announced, Releasing in March

Mass Effect 3 will get its final installment of single-player DLC called Citadel in March. The Reckoning multi-player expansion will also come with it free of charge. 

Mass Effect 3: Reckoning DLC Announcement Might come next week says BioWare

Mass Effect 3’s rumored Reckoning DLC might get an official announcement next week. This DLC is special because it could factor your single player choices into the multiplayer somehow. Check out what Bioware had to say on the matter below. 

Mass Effect 2 Voice Actor Robin Sachs dead at 61

Actor Robin Sachs, the voice actor of Zaeed in Mass Effect 2 & 3 has died at the age of 61. 

Mass Effect 3 Reckoning DLC Data-Mined from Bioware’s Website

Mass Effect 3 will be getting a new DLC called the ‘Reckoning’, new information has data-mined from Bioware’s update that came to all formats recently. 

Mass Effect 3 Patch Coming to all Platforms Soon

Mass Effect 3 is getting a patch today, the Bioware Social Network has announced it. Players can expect the PS3 to be updated around midnight PST. The Xbox 360 version should hit about 1:00 AM PS, and the PC version around 10:00AM PST. The Patch fixes some multiplayer missile ammunition problems and memory issues when loading the DLC. 

Game Informer – Why Mass Effect 3 is Our Game Of The Year

Mass Effect 3 caused a lot of controversy with its endings but Game Informer still thinks Mass Effect 3 is Game of the Year. Check out why, in the video below.

Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend: Operation Detonator this weekend

Bioware is hosting another Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend and this week its called Operation Detonator. Hit the link for the details. 

Mass Effect 3 Special Edition Wii U Vs. Mass Effect 3 PS3/360 – Digital Foundry


The guys over at Digital Foundry have done comparisons on Batman Arkham City Armored Edition, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and Mass Effect 3 Special Edition, versus their Xbox 360 and PS3 counter parts. This time, we take a look at Mass Effect 3 Special Edition and how it stacks up against the other versions of the game. 

Mass Effect 3: Omega Launch Trailer Shows the First Female Turian in Action

Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC is hitting the Xbox 360 tomorrow and IGN has a launch trailer that shows off the game along with the first female Turian NPC.

Epic Fail: Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC “will not be available for Wii U,” says Bioware

Bioware and EA have completely mishandled the Wii U with Mass Effect 3. Instead of  Mass Effect Trilogy, we get Mass Effect 3 full priced. Ok fine, does it come will all the DLC? NO, Bioware has announced that the Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC will not be available on Nintendo’s new system. 

Wii U – Mass Effect 3: Special Edition Trailer

Mass Effect 3: Special Edition is hitting the Wii U at launch and Bioware has provided a new trailer for us below.

Mass Effect 4 Development has started

Mass Effect 4 is in the “early stages” of development according to Bioware lead designer Casey Hudson. 

Mass Effect 3 N7 day event details

Mass Effect Trilogy hit stores yesterday for the 360 and PC, now Bioware is hosting the First Annual N7 day like we reported yesterday.

Mass Effect Trilogy in stores now, Bioware is hosting First Annual N7 Day

The awesome Mass Effect Trilogy now available in stores. Bioware is hosting the First Annual N7 Day. Hit the link for details.

Mass Effect 3: Omega – We finally see what a Turian Female looks like

Mass Effect 3: Omega is the biggest expansion to the Mass Effect franchise in series history. Aria teams up with Shepard and a mysterious/series first, Turian female. See the first pics below.

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event rewards Vanguards

Mass Effect 3 has a new multiplayer event to highlight the class everybody hates to play with on the account you’ll be reviving their life more than shooting enemies.

Mass Effect Trilogy out December 4th on PlayStation 3

We finally have a release date for the Mass Effect Trilogy on PlayStation 3.

Mass Effect 3 – Groundside Resistance weapon pack out now to download

Mass Effect 3 has some new DLC for the singleplayer. The Groundsie Resistance weapon pack is a single player only pack that adds seven additional weapons to commander Shepards arsenal.

Mass Effect 3 Wii U Dev porting AAA Square Enix title to Wii U

Straight Right, the developer working on the Mass Effect 3 port on Wii U will be working on another Wii U port from a Square Enix branded game.

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation weapons, enemies and kits detailed


Mass Effect 3: massive free multiplayer update, Retaliation, goes live today, check out some of the additions below.

Playeressence VidCast Episode 6 “When 2 Docs Aren’t Enough”

Hello fellow gamers! And welcome to another edition of the playeressence vidcast episode 6 “When 2 Docs Arent Enough”. Make sure to watch all the way through because we have figured out how or why the original Mass Effect 3 endings were so bad. We also dissucss Assassin’s Creed 3’s season pass, the wii U version of AC3, Monster Hunter Ultimate 3, Borderlands 2, and Resident Evil 6’s craptastic reviews. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the podcast. And make sure to subscribe to us on Youtube. You can use the side youtube bar on the site for quick easy access to all the latest videos from playeressence.com

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation – The Collectors return in free MP DLC

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation, a multiplayer expansion pack, will be released next week for free.

Massive Mass Effect 3 Patch Incoming

Bioware will be releasing their lagest patch ever for Mass Effect 3 later this week. This patch will fix bugs in the single and multiplayer, while improving the overall experience of the game.

GameStop Deals: 2 for $30 and Mass Effect 3 for $20 9/26-10/2

Mass Effect Trilogy To Release On PC, 360, and PS3

EA and Bioware are releasing the Mass Effect Trilogy which is a compilation of Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 in one awesome package this November.

Wii U- Mass Effect 3 Special Edition

Since E3, we knew that Mass Effect 3 would be released for the Wii U but we didn’t know what to expect from it.

Mass Effect 3 DLC Leviathan


Mass Effect 3 DLC Leviathan is out now. The first singleplayer DLC availble for Mass Effect explores the origins or clues that can help Commander Shepard and his crew agianst the Reapers.

– Mass Effect 3 left a sore taste in my mouth, story wise, from the botched ending to the annoying mini side quests. However, I am a Mass Effect superfan so I will be picking up the Mass Effect 3 dlc Leviathan as soon as I can.


Mass Effect Indoctrination Theory

Ever thought about the Indoctrination theory in the Mass Effect world and what it is? Here is the documentary talking about it in relation to the extended cut DLC. Its pretty lengthy. Refresh if the player does not load the first time. Check it out and tell us if you agree or disagree with it.