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Michael Pachter Shows no Class After Satoru Iwata’s Passing


I don’t report on Michael Pachter news because I find him to be an egotistical narcissist, that says crazy things just for attention. After Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata passed away, Michael Pachter of course said something very disrespectful to Iwata on Twitter.

Then he continues to dig the hole deeper after his first stupid tweet:

Pachter finally admits his stupidity and writes a new tweet.

Not only was this disrespectful, but it shows Michael Pachter has NO class what-so-ever. The man died, and you lead off with airing your criticisms against him? You aren’t upset he died, you don’t care about his family. You’re a liar, and a joke Michael Pachter. And if I ever see you again in person like I did at E3 2014, I’ll tell you that to your face.

Triforce Johnson Blasts Michael Pachter on Twitter


I usually don’t post Pachter articles, but I think some of you guys would like to see this. Triforce Johnson has blasted Michael Pachter on Twitter tonight. Check out these series of tweets below.

Furious Francis Rant: Michael Pachter Proves he’s a Horrible Analyst…..AGAIN!

Warning: Suggestive Language (nothing too bad though)

Michael Pachter proves once again you can’t take anything he says seriously. He’s been proven wrong once again, and I will gladly expose him in this video.

Vocalize Episode 2: Michael Pachter was Wrong About the 3DS

Furious Francis claims victory over Michael Pachter and other 3DS haters. In this video, we discuss Pachter’s comments about Nintendo owning the handheld market. And somehow, there might be some dancing in there.

Vocalize Episode 1: Taking Down Michael Pachter

Playeressence’s Furious Francis discusses how Michael Pachter manipulates sales numbers and makes up complete BS to feed his egotistical mind. Using gamers as a resource to further his wealth, and promote his business. This is Vocalize, make sure to subscribe on YouTube to get all of Playeressence’s Original Content first.

It’s a Multi-Console Future, Analysts need to Realize this

Although many gamers have multiple current generation consoles, the trend of financial analysts counting the Wii U out because Microsoft and Sony will release more powerful systems is shortsighted. Who says gamers can’t own a Wii U AND a PS4, or a Wii U and a Xbox 720. I’ve never put much stock into what financial analysts say, especially Michael Pachter, but at this point it seems like hes grasping for straws. Not only has he announced the Wii U will sell 45 Million units in its lifetime, he also states Microsoft and Sony will sell more because they will have “better” systems. Last time I checked, the “better” system seldom finishes first.

The Almighty Pachter has Declared the Wii U “Irrelevant” and Thinks Activision should buy Take-Two

Michael Pachter, the research analyst at Wedbush Securities, talked at the Game Monetization Summit, where he had some rather gloomy predictions for Nintendo and the Wii U. 

Pachter: Wii U “negativity” won’t affect sales

The Wii U is a smashing hit even though there is negativity surrounding the system from the press and industry, this is according to Michael Pachter. 

‘Industry decline will continue until Microsoft or Sony launch new console’ – Michael Pachter

Xbox 720 or PS4 could be the key to stimulating the declining video game market, according to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter. His statements come ahead of the NPD releasing yearly market figures that are expected to make for grim reading.