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Final Fantasy 15 Developer will buy a Wii U for Xenoblade Chronicles X, Praises the Open World


Final Fantasy 15 developer Wan Hazmer, took some time out of his busy schedule to praise the Monolith Soft team for their work on Xenoblade Chronicles X. On his personal blog, Hazmer gushed over the Xenoblade’s huge open world then stated that he will buy a Wii U for this game alone.

New Information on Xenoblade Chronicles X Could Come on Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct

Xenoblade Chronicles Xcc  YT

Soraya Saga, the wife of one of the producers of Xenoblade Chronicles X has retweeted the announcement of the Nintendo Direct set for Wednesday at 5PM ET. When Saga retweets Nintendo Direct announcements, that is usually a sign we’ll get more footage on her husband’s game at the same direct. Let’s hope Nintendo can pull through with some new information or awesome footage of Xenoblade Chronicles X tomorrow! In the meantime, you can rewatch my analysis videos from 2013 and 2014 to refresh on the little details!

Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X Interview – YoVideoGames

Xenoblade Chronciles X

Matt from YoVideoGames had a exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X interview with Corey from Nintendo’s Treehouse. This is a bit old, but i missed this one the first time around.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is Laying the Groundwork for HD Development at Monolith Soft

WiiU_Xenoblade_scrn08_E3 (1)

Xenoblade Chronicles X is Monolith Soft’s first HD game. Many of the tricks, optimization techniques, and key areas needed in efficient high-definition game development is being made through Xenoblade Chronicles X. Producer Tetsuya Takahashi discussed this topic with EDGE.

Xenoblade Chronicles X – Gamepad Usage Detailed

Xenoblade Chronicles Xcc  YT

Xenoblade Chronicles X producer Tetsuya Takahashi has detailed what Wii U players can expect the Gamepad to do in the Monolith Soft RPG.

“We decided that it would be perfect to use as a navigation device, in the same way that a lot of tablet computers are. We’ve put some important features relating to the game system and your objectives onto the GamePad, so I feel that this should create a very user-friendly experience for players.” Source: EDGE 

Xenoblade Chronicles on New Nintendo 3DS – First Look


Check out the first footage of Xenoblade Chronicles running on the New Nintendo 3DS.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Quest System will be “Much more User-Friendly”


Xenoblade Chronicles X producer Tetsuya Takahashi, has stated that the quest log and system for this game will be much more user-friendly than Xenoblade Chronicles’ on the Wii. 

Xenoblade Chronicles X Might be the Biggest Open World game Ever


Xenoblade Chronicles X producer has revealed that the game’s map will be more than five times bigger than Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii.

Xenoblade Chronicles X – Wii U (Fan-Made TV Spot #2) – TonyKanameKuran


From the developer of the Xenosaga Trilogy and Xenoblade Chronicles comes an all new JRPG from Nintendo. If you dig giant robots, guns and ammo and epic storylines, you’ll gonna dig even more when you play Xenoblade Chronicles X from Nintendo and Monolith Soft… ONLY on Wii U!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Analysis: #2 WORLDVIEW – iYakku

Xenoblade Chronciles X

iYakku from YouTube has uploaded a new Analysis of Xenoblade Chronicles X on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe to their page as the guy or girl (not sure) does amazing work!

Xenoblade Chronicles X – Opening Intro with English Subs


iYakku has uploaded the English subs of Xenoblade Chronicles X’s opening sequence. Check it out below.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Analysis: #1 DOLL


iYakku from YouTube has put up a new analysis piece looking at Xenoblade Chronicles X’s DOLL. Check it out past the link.

Xenobladed Chronicles X – Gameplay Analysis – Part 1 & 2


Just incase some of you forgot, I uploaded my Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay analysis’ today on PE Nintendo.  Watch both episodes below if you missed it.

Xenoblade Chronicles X – E3 2014 Gameplay Analysis – New Combat Abilities, Class Systems, and Story Details

Xenoblade Chronciles X CCYT Gameplay Analysis 2

Francis from Playeressence breaks down the massive gameplay demo the Nintendo Treehouse team showed off at E3 2014. Combat improvements, new mechanics, class based characters, and more! Subscribe to my PE Nintendo Channel for more awesome content!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Reveal Trailer Analysis (2013) – Wii U’s Final Fantasy VII?

Xenoblade Chronicles Xcc  YT

This was my first gameplay analysis I did on Xenoblade Chronicles X back in 2013. Make sure you check out my E3 gameplay analysis of Xenoblade Chronicles X if you have already seen this one. Subscribe to my PE Nintendo Channel for more great content.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Developer Monolith Soft is Working on Multiple Projects

monolith-soft-x-wii-u_16-630x347 (1)

The developers behind the massive Wii U RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X are reportedly working/helping out on several project according to Nintendo’s Mr. Takahashi. This was brought up at Nintendo’s shareholders meeting last week. Get the full Q&A past the link.

Monolith Soft X Listed for a Worldwide Release in 2014


Nintendo’s Financial Results Briefing has revealed the Monolith Soft’s X will be getting a worldwide release in 2014. Before, it was previously thought that the title might only hit Japan in 2014, then release worldwide in 2015. But that does not seem to be the case for now. You can see the listing for yourself here. Thanks Hardensoul72 for the tip!

Monolith Soft X – Nintendo Direct Combat Techniques Translated to English *UPDATED*

Monolith Soft X

DePapier from the Playeresssence community was nice enough to translate all of the Katakana written moves in the latest combat video for Monolith Soft X. Check it out below. **Updated** There was a mistake. Originally DePapier put “Banning Sword” but he meant “Burning Sword.” 

Monolith Soft X – Nintendo Direct (2.13.14) Screenshots look Great

Monolith SOft X

This was the highlight of the show to me (along with Little Mac for Smash!) Monolith Soft X, the game from Monolith Software got a brand new trailer. And now we have a batch of screenshots to boot. The game is looking phenomenal. Check out all the screenshots past the link. 

Monolith Soft X – 2 Minutes of Mech (Doll), Special Abilities, and Combat Footage


Monolith Soft released two minutes of combat footage for their new title ‘ X ‘. The video shows off Mech combat (Doll), special abilities, weapons switching, and more.

Monolith Soft “Urgently” Hiring for Multiple Positions


Monolith Soft’s new game might be even bigger than we imaged, as the firm has once hiring for programmers, designers, and planners. It seems like they are in a bit of a crunch, as the positions are marked as “urgent”

Monolith Soft Looking for a Network Programmer

monolith-soft-x-wii-u_16-630x347 (1)

Monolith Soft is currently looking for a online network programmer. A new job listing shows the studio is in need of one. This points to Monolith Soft’s X having some sort of online gameplay outside of Miiverse.