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Obsidian is Hiring for a “Unique Next-gen game”

Fallout New Glitch Vegas studio Obsidian is hiring for a new “Unique next generation game,”. In order to be considered for he open positions, you have to have a passion for RPG and action games. My money is on Fallout 4. 

Rumor: Grand Theft Auto 5 Hitting the Wii U, PC, PS4, and Xbox 720

Holy smokes if this is true! Grand Theft Auto 5 has only been announced for the Xbox 360 and PS3, however, a new rumor has sprouted online that says otherwise. 

Watch Dogs Director Talks PS4 Improvements for the game

Watch Dogs will be on just about every platform you can think of this fall: PS3, 360, Wii U, PC, Xbox 720, and PS4. Creative director on Watch Dogs, Jonathan Morin, discusses how the PS4 version differs from the other console versions. 

Hideo Kojima says Killzone Shadow Fall “Looks very Traditional”

Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear, one of the most innovative franchises of all time, has discussed his feelings on Killzone Shadow Fall for the PS4. He also talked about broadening the scope of story telling for next generation. 

Climax Studios is Working on a Wii U, PS4, and Xbox 720 game

Climax Studios, the team that previously worked on Silent Hill Shattered Memories for Wii, has announced they are working on a mystery game for the Wii U, PS4, and Xbox 720. 

Sony’s President Wants more than FPS games on the PS4

Sony’s worldwide studios President Shuhei Yoshida has discussed how he wants more than First person shooting games on the PS4. 

Rumor: Xbox 720 has two Models $500, and $300 with Subscription, Always Online Connection

The more I hear about the next generation Xbox, or the Xbox 720, the more I think this device is going to fail. New information, from a guy that is usually spot on with Xbox information, provided some interesting news about Microsoft’s newest console. This includes an ‘always online’ connection, and a $500 price tag on the high end model. More details through the link . 

Crazy Diablo 3 guy Rants about the Xbox 720 Having a Always Online Connection

Check out this rant on the Xbox 720 having an always online connection. His rant is actually very factual, and brings up many concerns for many people requiring an always online connection. This video was in response to a MS rep defending an always online
. By the end of the video, this guy takes axe to his Xbox 360. 

More Rumors rise About the Xbox 720 Needing a Internet Connection to run Games

The Xbox 720 is shrouded in mystery right now. The technical specs of the system are out in the wild, but there are multiple rumors floating around the system will require an online connection to play games and to run apps. This is essentially DRM on a system wide level. 

A Critical Hit Production: PS4 Tech Discussion

Brayden Cole from A Critical Hit Production is back with another video discusses the PS4 specs more in depth. Make sure to subscribe to his channel on Youtube.

Rumor: The PS4 will Release in October, Will cost Cost £300

Now Gamer has broken the news that the PS4 will be releasing this October, and will run you 300 Euros. This information comes from Sony Gaming CEO Andrew House. 

The Xbox 720 and PS4 will be Similar to each Other says Ubisoft

Sony announced the PS4 in February, and many seemed pleased with the system specs, features, and games. Microsoft has yet to announce the Xbox 720, but a Ubisoft design developer has said the system will be “similar to the PS4″. 

The Xbox 720 is Going to be a “Hot, Compelling Device”, says GameStop Boss

GameStop’s executive, Paul Raines, believes the Xbox 720 will be a very compelling device. And added the console does some “really cool stuff”. 

Activision Shows off Next-Gen Rendering Technology at GDC

Activision showed off some of it’s ‘next-gen’ rendering technology at GDC this year, and like most tech demos, it’s not that exciting. Take a look for yourself past the link.

Diablo 3 gets PS3 Gameplay Video

Diablo 3 is getting a console port, check out some footage of the game running on the PS3 in the video below. The game was also announced for the PS4 as well. No details have been shared about the PS4 version of the game.

Xbox 720 Might Require ‘Always On’ Internet Connection, and Mandatory Installs

Even though we have heard it before, the newest/old rumor is that the next Xbox, or the Xbox 720, will require an always on internet connection. Basically DRM for the entire console, and that games will have to be installed to the systems harddrive, like the PS3.

Deep Down – Yoshinori Ono Explains why Capcom is Making the new IP for PS4

Yoshinori Ono took the stage during the PS4 event last week and showed off a trailer for the upcoming action game Deep Down. Ono has now explained why Capcom is focusing on the PS4 for this new IP, rather than making a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma. 

Which THQ Franchises will make it to the Next Generation Systems?

By Furious Francis, editor in chief

Despite having some solid franchises like WWE, Darksiders, and Saints Row. THQ still bit the bullet in 2012, filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. THQ still has some awesome IP’s that could be awesome next generation games. Which THQ franchises will we next generation systems and which THQ franchises do you guys want to see on the next generation systems?

Xbox 720 Coming Holiday 2013 – Rumor

Multiple Anonymous sources have said the next Xbox console will be releasing next year, during the holiday rush. Hit the link to here the rumors of the Xbox 720. 

Mass Effect 4 Needs To Innovate ‘Start by ditching Hoard Mode’

By Furious Francis Owner and editor-in-chief

I’m a huge Mass Effect fan. I have all the games across the Xbox 360 and PS3, and I intend on buying Mass Effect 3 Special Edition on the Wii U. However, Mass Effect 3 misfired on a few key points, but what really leaves a sour taste in my mouth with Mass Effect 3. Is the blatant laziness of copying Gears of War’s hoard mode, the annoying fetch quests that were useless, and the utter laziness of making all the original endings the same. Now that we know Mass Effect 4 is in development, here are some major features the game needs to have in order to return to its former ‘Mass Effect 2′ glory and innovate all together.

Your Daily Essence – Tuesday, November 13th -

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Did the Wii U force Sony to cut how much power the PS4 will have?

By Owner/editor-in-chief, Furious Francis

The PlayStation 4 dev kits are currently on their way to developers according to a report by VG247. Based on what was reported, the PS4 ‘seems’ be a powerful console, well under high-end PC’s, that will be more affordable than the PS3 was at launch. Users who are a lot more tech savvy than I am also noted that with the specs that were released in the report, the PS4 will not have the same leap in graphics we saw from the PS2 to the PS3. More interestingly it ‘seems’ the PS4 will not be vastly superior graphically, to the Wii U. Sony is known for pushing high-end graphics, but it looks like they are more worried about optimization, ease of development, and gameplay fluidity this time around. We also know Sony’s game division has posting multimillion dollar losses lately.  So This has me wondering if the Wii U’s $299-$350 price point, forced Sony to hold back a bit on the PS4’s graphics to stay competitive?

New PS4 dev kits shipping now, Uses AMD A10 as a base

Word has broke that the PS4 dev kits are making their way to multiple developers as we speak. The Final version is set to released in January.

Rumor: Xbox 720 Coming to E3 2013

Many analysts and gamers have given their thoughts on when the Xbox 720 is coming and some have given their date to be 2014 or 2015. Well today, we have a credible rumor surrounding Xbox 720 thoughts.

Rumor: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Release Date Leaked

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has been recently shown at Tokyo Game Show and surprised us all with its visual prowess. Today, MGS: Ground Zeroes has been found with a release date on ShopTo.

Nintendo: Wii U can “probably fend off PS4, Xbox 720″

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime believes the Wii U is powerful enough to fend off the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720.

Gaikai Response to Sony Attainment

Next Gen Playstation Projects are in Progress

Microsoft: Digits-Freehand 3D Sensor

EA: Hiring for New Need for Speed and Frostbite 2 Engine

Are you interested in making next-gen games for EA or know someone who is?

Puddle Runs At Full 1080p & 60 FPS On Wii U

Puddel, Neko Entertainments physics based puzzle game is a Wii U launch title that runs in full 1080p and 60 Frames Per Second.

Developer Says Wii U Is The Strongest Console With Tons Of Potential


Shin’en developer Manfred Linzner has told N-Tower that he believes that the Wii U will be the strongest console in history due to its future potential. Linzner then went on to explain that the console offers developers, such as himself, a brand new way at looking at video game design. He then concluded that with development teams such as Retro Studios, and Nintendo EAD, the console could well become unstoppable.

Playeressence VidCast Episode 4 ” Don’t Get Molyneux’d”

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Halo 4: 99 Percent Complete

Halo is a Xbox 360 exclusive series and has been a big hit for Microsoft since 2001. They have changed developers over the past few years beginning with Bungie from 2001-2010 and 343 Industries from 2011 to today with Halo 4.

Wii U GPGPU surpasses 360 and PS3

SCE Patent to Track Your Identity

Half Life 3 Will Be A Open World Shooter, launching after 2013

Half-Life 3 is an open world shooter that will launch after 2013, a source close to Valve has allegedly revealed.

Sony advertising Cross-Game Chat for PS Plus?

5 Things Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft Can Do To Win Next Generation (Part 3 Xbox 720)

5 Things Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft Can Do To Win Next Gen (Part 3 Xbox 720)


In Playeressence.com 3 part discussion into what Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony need to do to “win” next generation. We will take a in-depth look at everything the companies have to offer. From Services, exclusive games, games they need to make, marketing, and features then will identify 5 core “things” each company needs to do to win next generation.

Gamestop: One new console in 2013 and one in 2014

With the Wii U being released this year, when will the PS4 and Xbox 720?