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Miyamoto says NFC Technology is a “Priority” for Nintendo Right now


Nintendo has not forgotten about the NFC technology that’s built into the Wii U Gamepad. NFC technology (near field communications) is the same type of tech used in games like Skylanders and Disney’s upcoming game. It allows players to use real world objects, like toys, to communicate with a ‘portal’ and transfer that content digitally to a game.

Nintendo Still has two Unused Wii U Features not Possible on any Other System

By: Furious Francis, editor-in-chief

The Wii U has been out for over two weeks now and everybody here at the Playeressence HQ is loving the system. Nintendo has finally put out a system that has a modern structure, good online play, and HD graphics. While the Wii U already has a host of features not present on the Xbox 360 and PS3, there are still two major features the system is capable of, that will not be utilized till 2013 at the earliest.