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Minecraft Coming To Wii U? + An Unboxing – NinZendO

Nano Assault

The Zen Gamer is back with another video discussing: Shin’en 2 generation Wii U engine, Minecraft on Wii U, and much more. Check out the video below, and make sure to subscribe to NinZendO’s gaming channel, it’s one of the fasting growing channels on the YouTube.

The Halo 4 Designer’s Double Standards and Hypocrisy with MGS 5 – My Thoughts


Furious Francis discusses the Halo 4 designer’s comments on MGS 5 and Kojima’s tweets being “disgusting”. 

A Critical Hit Productions – 2DS… GIVE THIS MAN A GAMEBOY!


Brayden Cole from A Critical Hit Productions discusses the return of the GAMEBOY! Get ready for a trip down memory lane mixed in with a little bit of comedy.

Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 25 ‘Iwata and Reggie Drop the Bombs’

Iwata bomb

Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime drop the bombs!  Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 25 below.

Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 20 – “Nintendo Fans Unite Up!”


Furious Francis brings another episode of Playeressence X Nintendo where we discuss the hottest Nintendo news for the week! In this episode we got Pikmin 3 goodness, Mario and Luigi Dream Team, COD Ghosts on Wii U and a plea to Nintendo fans.

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Playeressence X Nintendo Special 1K Live-Stream


Furious Francis celebrates going over 1000 YouTube subscriptions with this 2 hour live Playeressence X Nintendo.

Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 18 “Wii U Marketing Heats up”


Furious Francis discusses the week’s hottest Nintendo news. The Wii U marketing is staring to ramp up, Iwata issues a statement on region locking, and must buy 3rd party games. Get the Vidcast below!

Why Don’t Developers make Difficult Games Anymore?


The crew from Extra Credits tackles why developers don’t make games difficult anymore. While discusses the difference between difficult and punishing. 

Furious Francis Discusses the term ‘System Seller’


Furious Francis goes over the term ‘system seller’. 

Top five No-Shows of E3 2013

E3 2013

Furious Francis goes over the top five no-shows of E3 2013. 

Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 15 – Massive E3 Wrap-up “Nintendo won E3″

Playeressence X E3

Furious Francis hosts his largest Playeressence X Nintendo show ever! Nearly an hour of E3 talk, full in-depth discussions on games, and why Nintendo “won” E3 this year. Check out the show below! The Video freezes up around 14 minutes but the voice is still there. The video clears up around 19 minutes. So sorry about that.

E3 2013 Massive Playeressence X Nintendo Incoming – Biggest Show Ever!

Playeressence X E3

What’s up everybody! I just want to thank all who followed the E3 2013 coverage on Playeressence this past week. My first E3 was fun, yet a lot of work at the same time. But it’s not quite over! I have a massive Playeressence X Nintendo going up on my Furious Francis channel first! As of the time I’m writing this, there is about 2 and a half hours left till the upload is compete. The show is a massive E3 recap with my revised thoughts on who “won E3″. Trust me, you’re going to want to see this. Make sure to subscribe to the Furious Francis channel to get all of my newest content first! And remember, you don’t need a YouTube account to subscribe to my channel! Just follow the link and hit subscribe, then my videos will pop up the next time you go on YouTube. 

Furious Francis Reviews Nintendo’s E3 Direct and Overall Conference Grades

All the press conferences are done, so I finally have my E3 review of Nintendo’s Direct Presentation. As well as my overall conference grades for Sony, Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft.

Ricard Julianti’s Nintendo E3 Direct Review

This morning, Nintendo had its big E3 Direct presentation. From a pure games standpoint, this one absolutely blew me away. It may not have been an hour-long as speculated, but it was jam-packed with announcements.

Playeressence X Nintendo E3 Live Stream Special

Playeressence X Nintendo

Check out the taped recording of the Playeressence X Nintendo E3 Live Stream Special

NintendoProSite E3 2013 Preview & Predictions

Here’s what Nintendo has planned for E3 beginning June 11 with their Nintendo Direct, and my hopes and predictions.

Playeressence Mailbag/E3 Special Live Sunday June 9th at 12 PM PST (On Twitch TV)

Furious Francis discusses the live Playeressence Mailbag/ E3 Special Live on Twitch TV- Sunday June 9th at 12 PM PST. Watch the show here:http://www.twitch.tv/furiousfrancis32

Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 13 “E3 E3 E3!!!!!”

Playeressence X Nintendo

Furious Francis discusses the best Nintendo news for the week from Playeressence.com and goes over his most anticipated games for E3!

Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 13 Update

Playeressence X Nintendo

Just wanted to inform the people who are still awake that I have a Playeressence X Nintendo E3 special going up today. It will be live in a few hours, so if you’re staying up tonight, check out the show on my Playeressence channel. 

Check out the Latest Furious Francis Rant, and Please Subscribe!

My favorite character in Fire Emblem Awakening! 

I won’t link my rants on here because it’s more my personal opinion and don’t find it suitable for Playeressence, but I will tell you to go to my channel and watch it. Just as a side note, once I get to 1000 subscriptions, I get Live Streaming activated via YouTube! So please subscribe to my new Furious Francis Channel!  Remember, you don’t need a YouTube account to subscribe, just hit the subscribe button and you’re all set!!! Furious Francis Rant: Are Sony and Microsoft Fans Jealous of Nintendo?

Xenoblade Chronicles’ Sales Numbers Point to a Bright Future for X on Wii U

By Furious Francis 

When looking at sales numbers, most people would agree the magic number to get to is one million units sold. Of course publishers would love more than that, but it’s a safe bet that your game could turn into a franchise if you hit that one million mark. However, not all games are given the opportunity to sell that much.

Furious Francis Rant: Michael Pachter Proves he’s a Horrible Analyst…..AGAIN!

Warning: Suggestive Language (nothing too bad though)

Michael Pachter proves once again you can’t take anything he says seriously. He’s been proven wrong once again, and I will gladly expose him in this video.

Playeressence Video Review: New Super Mario Bros.U

Furious Francis reviews Nintendo’s first ever HD Mario game for the Wii U, New Super Mario Bros.U 

Playeressence X Nintendo Special “Favorite Games of All-Time & More!”

Playeressence X Nintendo

Furious Francis here! And I got a special Playeressence X Nintendo just for you guys! I hope you enjoy it!

Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 12 “Sonic Lost Galaxy”

On this episode of PE X Nintendo, Furious Francis discusses the recent Nintendo Direct, New Super Luigi U, the Wii U’s Power, and long discussion on Sonic Lost World!

The Big 3 at E3

Ricard Julianti is back for another opinion piece on Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Gaming Expo. Get the whole article past the link. 

Fan Feedback: What Square Enix Needs to get back on top

In this first episode of fan feedback, Furious Francis takes a look at Playeressence user Timg57867’s keys for Square Enix to make a comeback as a Publisher.

Music at Work: Aqua Timez ‘Velonica’

What’s up everybody! Furious Francis here, and I wanted to share some of the music I listen to when I am working on the site. This one is by Aqua Timez and it’s called Velonica. Some of you guys might notice I use this as my E3 into videos. Anyway, check it out yourself, it’s an amazing song! This is also the opening to Bleach season 9.

Playeressence X Microsoft? Episode ‘Xbox’ One

Furious Francis recaps the big Xbox One event, and gives his thoughts on the system as a whole.

Xbox One Reveal show Delayed Because of the Crappy Hotel Internet

Hey guys Furious Francis here, and I want to let you guys know that the Xbox One reveal show I had planned has been delayed because the Extended Stay here in San Diego has the crappiest internet in the world. I started to upload the video and it said it would take over 8 hours! If I leave my PC on that long, it will explode. So expect the show to go up Wednesday evening. I’m really sorry about the delay, but I think you guys will like the show when it gets posted. 

Playeressence Mailbag Sunday May 19th, 2013

Welcome to the first ever Spreecast LIVE show! It was really awesome and I want to thank everybody who showed up to ask questions and make things fun! The Playeressence Mailbag is going LIVE every Sunday at 6 PM PST! Make sure to subscribe to my Spreecast channel to get all your questions answered.  Check out the archived show below.

Introducing my new Spreecast Channel – LIVE Playeressence Mailbag Today by 6 PM PST

Hey everybody! Furious Francis here, and I got some exciting news for you guys today. I just signed up with Spreecast, and I’ll be doing live shows like the Playeressence Mailbag on there. I wanted to do a live-stream of Bit. Trip Runner 2 today, but none of the broadcasting tools I downloaded for live-streaming is working on my PC. It’s the same issues I was having with PowerDirect. I really need to take my PC to get fixed :( . Hit the link for more details.

Playeressence X Nintendo Special – “E3 Megaton Rumors Inbound!”

Furious Francis discusses the latest rumors from the IGN message boards where Nintendo is planning to have a Megaton of announcements. Mario U, Zelda U, Metroid U, Yarn Yoshi, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, all hitting the Wii U? Hop aboard that E3 hype train!


Playeressence Mailbag: Sunday May 5th, 2013

Furious Francis is back again to answer all of the users questions! Should Nintendo and Sega team up? Just how big is Xenoblade 2? What’s your Nintendo ID and many more questions get answered on this episode of the Playeressence Mailbag.

Addressing Multplatform Content on YouTube & Playeressence

It’s been brought to my attention by users that I am not covering Microsoft and Sony enough. So I am making a concerted effort to cover Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony equally. MS and Sony are playing their cards close to the chest, so as we get closer to E3, expect the news on Sony and MS to ramp up. Watch the video below while you’re at it. And subscribe on YouTube to get my content first!

Vocalize: Is the 3DS Becoming the PS2 of this Generation?

Furious Francis discusses the overwhelming success of the Nintendo 3DS, and asks the question if it’s the must own device for this generation.

Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 5 “Good Wii U Games…Good Wii U Sales”

Furious Francis runs down a list of fantastic Wii U and 3DS news and discusses improvements to MiiVerse, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate sales, Wii U sales rising, Lugii’s Mansion 2, Pokemon X and Y, Toki Tori 2, Runner 2, and a tease for new information on Xenoblade 2. Playeressence X Nintendo is Live!

Vocalize: The Shift to Shooters, and the Effect it’s Having on the Industry

Furious Francis discusses the lack of innovation in gaming, as the shift moves to first person shooters, in this episode of Vocalize. Remember to subscribe to us YouTube to get our content first. Even before I post it on the website.

Headliner: What’s Next for Square Enix?

Furious Francis discusses what Square Enix needs to do, to get back on top. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all of our original content first.

Vocalize Episode 2: Michael Pachter was Wrong About the 3DS

Furious Francis claims victory over Michael Pachter and other 3DS haters. In this video, we discuss Pachter’s comments about Nintendo owning the handheld market. And somehow, there might be some dancing in there.