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Sony Files the a Trademarks for Destiny of Spirits

Sony Computer Entertainment of America has filed a trademark for a game, or something called “Destiny of Spirits.” The trademark is most likely a new game, as the it’s covered in the use of “computer game software: electronic game software for handheld electronic devices; video game software.” 

February NPD: Wii U & Vita Sales pick up + Top software

The NPD data is always a bit skewed because it doesn’t track online retailers like Amazon for instance, but it doesn give you a idea of how games and systems are doing. The industry is down overall by 27% from last year. However, the Vita and Wii U are picking up some steam. 

Killzone Mercenary Video Shows the Pretty Graphics

Killzone Mercenary has a new developer video that shows off the pretty shooter in action. Director Tom Jones discusses the game in this 4 minute video. Check it out below.

Sony Liquidates Additional Assets, Sells DeNA Shares

Sony’s corporate restructuring has continued, as the  company has sold its shares in the Japanese online gaming firm DeNA  for around $440 million.

Sony Admits PS Vita Sales are well Below Expectation, Discusses the Price drop

Sony has discussed the PS Vita’s poor performance in the sales market in a interview with Famitsu. The firm admitted the PS Vita is well behind the companies initial projections. However, with the price drop and new software coming, Sony hopes to jumpstart sales. 

SCE of Japan is Hosting a PlayStation Vita LiveStream Today


Sony of Japan will be holding a web presentation today at 5:00 PM Tokyo time. There have been no details on presentation but it will be focusing on the PlayStation Vita and the Spring 2013 update. Check out the Japanese PlayStation site here, but it is unlikely to be localized. 

Sony is Gift-Wrapping Japan to Nintendo

The 3DS recently passed the PS3’s Lifetime-date-sales in Japan. Games like Animal Crossing New Leaf, Fantasy Life, New Super Mario Bros 2, Monster Hunter, and Paper Mario dominate the Japanese game charts with little to no resistance from Sony. Why isn’t Sony doing something about the situation in Japan?

Suda 51 Talks Killer is Dead on Vita, PS Move, DLC, and Mutlplayer

Suda 51 was questioned on a multitude of topics relating to the Spiritual precursor to No More Heroes, Killer is Dead. Suda 51 discusses DLC, mulitplayer, and more in this brief and uninformative interview. 

Sony’s game Profits down 86.4% in Q3

Sony’s Q3 financial report is in and the firm did not do so well. The Company’s gaming division saw a decrease with a 15.1% drop in sales. 

3DS Dominates the Japanese Charts, Top six Titles all on the 3DS

Nintendo is dominating the Japanese charts, taking the top six spots, along with 14 of the 20 games appearing on Nintendo consoles. Check out the full list below.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus Release Dates Announced for the US and UK

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus has been dated in the US and Europe. The enhanced PlayStation Vita version of the game will hit the US February 26th and March 1st in the UK. 

BioShock Vita Development is up to Take-Two and Sony, says Ken Levine

Ken Levine wants to develop BioShock Infinite for the PSvita but says its up to Sony and Take-Two to decide if Irrational will make the game. 

Multiple PlayStation Vita Titles to be Discounted in the US PlayStation Store Update

Sony will be spreading the saving to PlayStation Vita owners with 10 titles on sale in the next update. Hit the link to see all the titles. 

Uncharted Fight For Fortune: PS Vita card game, gets a trailer

You like Uncharted? You like cards? If you answered yes to both of those your in luck because Sony has just announced Uncharted: Fight for Fortune a PS Vita, turn-based card game. Check out the details and trailer below.

New PSVita RPG Trailer Demon Gaze

Check out this new trailer for Demon Gaze, a Japanese RPG for the PSVita. Get the trailer below.

LittleBIGPlanet Karting Halloween Trailer and UK TV Ad

LittleBIGPlanet Karting is set for release soon and you can check out the Haloween trailer here along with the first UK ad.

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time gets an awesome trailer

Sly Cooper Thieves in time is looking fantastic. This is the classic Sony gameplay I like to see. Check out out the costumes trailer below.

Ratchet & Clank Full Frontal Assault coming to Vita’s and PS3’s in November

Ratchet & Clank Full Frontal Assault, one of Sony’s first Cross buy promotion games has been dated for the US

Need For Speed Most Wanted on PS Vita is “exactly the same game” as the PS3, with some exceptions

Need For Speed Most Wanted on the PlayStation Vita is “exactly the same game” as the PS3 game. There are a few differences though.

Tales of Hearts R is coming to Vita

Tales of Hearts, the Nintendo DS title is getting a updated  port on the PlayStation Vita named Tales of Hearts R.

New Persona 4 Golden Trailer for Playstation Vita

Persona 4 Golden is the definitive version of Persona 4 and Atlus has provided us with a new trailer for your viewing pleasure.

It’s Time Sony Proves the PS3+Vita Can Do Everything The Wii U Does.

It’s Time Sony Proves The PS3+Vita Can Do Everything The Wii U Can Do.


Since the Wii U was  announced, Sony has been quick to state the PS3 and Vita together, can do everything the Wii U can do. To add to this, Sony fans have backed those claims on forums and websites across the web with little to no evidence. While this may be true, Sony really hasn’t shown us anything to the level Nintendo is doing with Wii U. I’m not saying Wii U gameplay can’t be achieved with the PS3Vita combo. If anything it would be cool if Sony can adapt that technology to their IPs. The only problem is, we’ve only seen cross platform play, not asymmetrical gameplay like NintendoLand’s Find Mii mini game.