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PS4 System Software 3.00 Features Detailed – YouTube Live, Events & more


Sony has detailed what new features and improvements PS4 System Software 3.00 will bring in a new blog post. 

PlayStation Now – September 2015 Games (Video)


The PlayStation Now game streaming service is excited to add six games from the critically acclaimed PixelJunk series to its ever-expanding catalog of games. 

Here are this month’s additions:
• PixelJunk Monsters
• PixelJunk Eden
• PixelJunk Shooter
• PixelJunk Shooter 2
• PixelJunk Sidescroller
• PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap

Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition Announced for PS4


Capcom has revealed a new Collector’s Edition for Street Fighter V on PS4. It will retail for $99.99 in North America. More details on the contents past the link. 

Uncharted 4 will Launch on March 18th, 2016


Sony has announced that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will launch on March 18th, 2016. There are a number of special editions and bonuses.  Get all the details on that below. 

Street Fighter V – R. Mika Reveal Trailer

Street Fighter V R. Mika

Check out this reveal trailer for R. Mika in Street Fighter V!

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is more than Remaster | Digital Foundry

Uncharted TNDC

The tech aces at Digital Foundry take a look at Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for PS4. While the title might seem like a simple remaster, there is a lot more going on. 

PlayStation Plus Games for September – Twisted Metal and Teslagrad lead


Sony has revealed the PlayStation Plus games for September for members. You’ll be able to download these games “for free” starting on September 1st.

  • Grow Home (PS4) – Vote to Play winner, with 44% of the vote
  • Super Time Force Ultra (PS4, PSV)
  • Twisted Metal (PS3)
  • Teslagrad (PS4 and PS3)
  • La-Mulana EX (PSV)
  • Xeodrifter (PS4 and PSV)

Horizon Zero Dawn has Gameplay Elements from The Elder Scrolls & Assassin’s Creed

Horizon Zero Dawn

Upcoming open-world RPG Horizon Zero Dawn will have its own unique gameplay style, in-addition to elements from popular titles such as Assassin’s Creed and The Elder Scrolls.

“I guess you’re wondering where we are on that spectrum of, on the one side more action-orientated games like Assassin’s Creed, and on the other hand you have your Elder Scrolls and these kinds of series,” said Horizon Zero Dawn’s managing director Hermen Hulst. “I think we’re in-between. We have elements in both directions, and that probably puts us somewhere in between.”

Hulst went on to emphasise that “It’s really difficult to talk about how deep the role-playing experience is without being able to show it yet, because people start speculating on it too much. Once we have something to show we’ll talk about it in more detail,” so it looks like we’ll have to wait a while before we find out exactly what he means.

Via: VGChartz, Source: GamesRadar

Idiot Tries to Steal a PS4 by Stuffing it down his Pants, Fails Miserably


Most people work to afford video games and systems, but Flordian Christopher Caldwell felt he shouldn’t have to pay to get a shiny new PS4. Instead of buying one legally, attempted to steal it by stuffing it down his pants….. yeah, it didn’t end well for him. This all went down at the Port St Lucie Walmart. And not only did he stuff a PS4 down his pants, he also tried to put accessories too!

The security guard stopped him as he tried to walk out the door, due to the MASSIVE bulge in his pants from a PS4 and various accessories. Mr. Caldwell has been charged with felony grand theft and is being held in jail at the moment. Source: Pixeldynamo

PS4 System Update Beta Sign-ups Detailed


Sony has opened up sign-ups for the PlayStation 4 system software beta program.

“Before we launch our next major system software update, we’re running a beta program to test its functionality,” Sony said in a PlayStation Blog post. “If you’d like to get a sneak peek at the features of the new system software, and help us with feedback on ways to improve it, sign up today.”

Interested applicants can sign-up here (NA) / here (EU).

Via: Gematsu

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Story Trailer and new Modes

Uncharted TNDC

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection got a brand new trailer today, along with the announcement of new game modes. Get all the details below.

  • Explorer Mode is an all-new mode for beginners where combat difficulty is reduced greatly.
  • Speed Run Mode adds a timer that allows players to track their gameplay time against their friends as they play sections of the game.
  • Brutal Difficulty Mode is the ultimate challenge as the gameplay will be more punishing than Crushing Difficulty (unlocked after beating Crushing Difficulty in the same game).

Announcing The Star Wars™ Limited Edition PlayStation 4


Star Wars fans…. feast your eyes on this:

Source: PlayStation

Street Fighter V – Online Gameplay Footage is Looking Fresh | RajmanGaming HD


RajmanGaming HD checks out the Street Fighter V beta in some awesome online matches. This game is looking clean, crisp and fast! See all the action below.

Via: RajmanGamingHD

PS4 was the Top-Selling Console in North America for July 2015 | NPD


The NPD group has revealed that the PS4 was once again the top-selling console in North America for July 2015. However, Xbox One sales were up 44% year on year after a strong E3 performance. As far as Nintendo goes…. well Ninty didn’t have much to say about Wii U console sales, but 3DS hardware sales are estimated to have broken 108K. Via: NeoGAF

Square Enix PSN Sale is live – Devil May Cry, Chrono Trigger & more


Square Enix and Capcom have a few notable titles for sale across the PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. See all the discounts below.

Game Platforms Sale Price
Chrono Trigger PS3,Vita,PSP $4.99
Citizens of Earth PS4,Vita $4.99
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition PS4 $18.99
Devil May Cry HD Collection PS3 $9.99
Drakengard 3 PS3 $19.99
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Vita,PSP $4.99
Final Fantasy 7 PS3,Vita,PSP $4.99
Game Platforms Sale Price
Final Fantasy 13-2 PS3 $9.99
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster PS3 $14.99
Front Mission 3 PS3,Vita,PSP $4.99
Lord of Arcana Vita,PSP $9.99
Tactics Orge: Let Us Cling Together Vita, PSP $9.99
The 3rd Birthday Vita, PSP $9.99
Vagrant Story PS3,Vita,PSP $2.99

Via: VGChartz

Horizon Zero Dawn – New Screenshots are Looking Good

Horizon Zero Dawn

Check out these screenshots and 3D modeling shots of Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4. The game is looking fantastic.

Via: Dualshockers

PlayStation Plus Subscription Hike set for Europe in September


This is what happens when you are completely getting bodied in one region (lol). Sony is set to increase the price of PlayStation Plus in Europe this September. Sony released a statement on the price hike.

“We are dedicated to bringing PlayStation Plus members the best possible service with the most compelling content. From 1st September 2015 we will be increasing the price of monthly and three month PlayStation Plus subscriptions in line with market conditions. We will continue to invest in PS Plus to ensure an unparalleled experience, featuring the best quality games and features.”

Yo MS, Nintendo….stop getting bodied in Europe please (lol).

Via: VGChartz

Sony keen on PS4 Remasters in the Future

The Last of Us Remasted

Sony has already released a numbers of remastered PS3 games for PS4, and things don’t be seem to be changing anytime soon. Sony has stated it’s very likely we’ll see more PS3 remastered games on PS4.

“We know that there are lots of PS4 owners that have either never played games before or used to have an Xbox or a Nintendo who have never had the chance to play something like the Uncharted trilogy,” he said. “But it has to be a great game if we’re going to go to the trouble of remastering. I can’t talk specifically, but I think that it’s very likely that there’ll be more.”

Via: VGChartz, Source: GamingBolt

Horizon Zero Dawn Reconfirmed for 2016 After Rumors

Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games has debunked a weird rumor that popped up saying Horizon Zero Dawn would be delayed into 2017. Mark Norris from Guerrilla Games had this to say on NeoGAF about the rumor:

Mark Norris from Guerrilla here. I just wanted to let you all know (and hopefully a mod can put it in the OP) that we are targeting a 2016 release date.

Source: GearNuke

Currently Playing: inFAMOUS Second Son – Expert Mode | PS4


Just picked up InFAMOUS Second Son on PS4 on Amazon for $19.99. It’s not the best game in the world, or innovative, but it’s really fun and cheap. You can grab your copy here.

Driveclub has sold 2 Million Copies Worldwide


Driveclub game director, Paul Rustchynsky, has revealed that his game has sold 2 million copies worldwide.

Source: Twitter

Street Fighter V will Launch Worldwide Simultaneously

street fighter 5_ken-14

There will be no delays for worldwide markets when it comes to Street Fighter V! The game will launch on PS4 and PC in the Spring of 2016 simultaneous in all regions, according to Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono.

“We will have a simultaneous [Street Fighter 5] release all across the world. No region will be late, and everyone will be able to play at the same time,” said Ayano.

“This is just a small expression of our gratitude to all of the people here in Hong Kong who’ve been supporting Street Fighter for so long,” added Ono.

Via: VG247, Source: Event Hubs