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PS4 System Update 2.50 Goes LIVE Tomorrow, Features Detailed


Sony has announced the highly anticipated PS4 system update 2.50 will go live tomorrow. Get a breakdown of all the features below. Seriously, this is good stuff.

Bloodborne Players Facing a few odd bugs and Glitches


Bloodborne is a fantastic game, but there are a few issues Sony has already promised to iron out. Some players has uploaded a few videos revealing enemy glitches and player movement problems.

From Software is Working on a Patch to Improve Loading Times & Performance


Sony has reached out to Digital Foundry to let them know From Software is currently working on a patch for Bloodborne. This patch will improve loading times, in addition to performance optimizations.

Bloodborne – PS4 Gameplay Frame-Rate Test & Performance Analysis


Digital Foundry has tested the highly rated Bloodborne on its frame-rate and technical performance. Get the highlights of their analysis below.

Bloodborne – 16 Minutes of Gameplay Footage


Bloodborne is out now to amazing reviews, watch GhostRobo play 16 minutes of the PS4 exclusive past the link.

Bloodborne Review Round up – The Next AAA game is here (92.67%)


Bloodborne reviews are popped up everywhere and I’m happy to report it is LOOKING REALLY GOOD. The game currently has a 92% average on Gamerankings. Get the first batch of reviews past the link.

Bloodborne only has one Shield in the Whole game


PS4 exclusive Bloodborne is shaping up to be quite different from Dark Souls and Demon Souls. With the game launching tomorrow, GearNuke is reporting the game only has one shield in the entire game. With the game’s increased focus on dodging and attacking, I’m sure it’s not to much of an issue. It also shows that Bloodborne is different from previous Souls games.

Bloodborne – 70 Minutes of Gameplay (RajmanGamingHD)


Check out the first 70 minutes of PS4 exclusive Bloodborne in 1080p!

Bloodborne – 1080p Screenshots and First Vita Remote Play Screen


Bloodborne is launching this Tuesday on PS4. Get some exclusive 1080p screenshots and first remote play picture below.

Source: DualShockers

God of War 3 Remastered – Announce Trailer | PS4

God of war 2

God of War 3 Remastered will be coming to the PS4 on July 14th, 2015 in 1080p, 60fps! Check out the announcement trailer here!

Source: PlayStation

PS Vita Title Gravity Rush will be Coming to the PS4

gravity rush 2

It looks like Gravity Rush could be joining Tearway as the next PS Vita title to be released on PS4. A listing for the game has been spotted on the Korean Game Rating board. This strongly points to Gravity Rush releasing on PS4. The same thing happened with Tearway. I’ve never played Gravity Rush, so I think I’ll check it out on PS4. Via: Gamrreview, Source: NeoGAF

Sony Announces God of War 3 Remastered for the PS4


Sony will be bringing God of War 3 to the PS4 in glorious 1080p. Details are scarce at the moment, but it seems like the title is set for a 2015 release, probably to fill the void of Uncharted 4 being delayed. Via: N4G

PS4 Firmware 2.50 – Video Shows off new Features


A user has leaked a video running down PS4 firmware 2.50’s new features. You can see all of the great editions coming to the PS4 soon.

Via: N4G

NPD 2015 February: PS Vita and PS Vita Sales Numbers (Rumored)


We’ve to more information on the sales numbers for the PS Vita TV and PS Vita in February’s NPD charts, since Sony gave zero mention of either system this month. According to the leaks, The PS Vita TV sold more than 30,000 units. The PS Vita TV fared worse selling less than 30,000 units. We also have a sold number on the PS4, which sold 342,000 units. My Take past the link. Via: VGChartz

Bloodborne (PS4) – Launch Trailer [1080p]


Check out the amazing 3-minute launch trailer for Bloodborne on PS4.

THE ORDER: 1886 – The Rageaholic

The Rageoholic

Press X to Disappoint. Warning, Strong Language

Source: The Rageaholic

NPD February 2015 – Sony’s Response: PS4 is the top Home Console, Fastest Growth in PlayStation History


Sony has given their official response to the February NPD. Get their direct quotes below.

“Demand for PlayStation 4 remains incredibly strong in the U.S. as it was No. 1 in hardware and software sales in February, according to the latest NPD report,” a Sony spokesperson said in a statement. “PS4 remains the cumulative leader in hardware sales with more than 20.2 million units sold to consumers worldwide demonstrating the fastest growth in PlayStation hardware history.”

Sony didn’t discuss how the PS Vita TV, PSP or PS Vita performed in the NPD.

Via: NeoGAF

Bloodborne – New Japanese Trailer and TV Show Planned


Sony has released a new Japanese trailer for Bloodborne on PS4. The video details a new TV show airing in Japan that has a gamer taking on challenges in Bloodborne. Check it out past the link.

Sony Refuses to Refund PS4 User who lost $600 from PSN hack


A Reddit user by the name of Kadjar has revealed the Sony’s current customer service can be pretty bad when it comes to PSN hacks. Kadjar’s PS4 account was hacked and over $600 worth of purchases was made on the account without his consent. When Kadjar called customer service to get his money and PS4 account back, Sony told him they can only refund back $150 in PSN credit, with ZERO money going back to his bank account. If he was to raise a dispute with the bank over unauthorized payments, his account would be banned forever. More details and info can be found over at Yahoo Games , and  Reddit. Source: Reddit

Reasons we LOVE and HATE The Order 1886 – ScrewAttack

The Order 1886 jp

ScrewAttack runs down 17 reasons why they LOVE The Order 1886, and 12 reasons why they HATE The Order 1886 with EVIL Craig.

DriveClub – March DLC Trailer (New Cars + Replays) [1080p]


“The eagerly awaited Replay feature, big changes to Drift Mode and the Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione are the headlines, along with the Lamborghini Expansion Pack, plus many more improvements based on your continued community feedback – so please keep it coming!”

Sony is Shutting Down PlayStation Mobile in July


Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that PlayStation mobile will be shut down on July 15th. Users will still be able to re-download their content through a browser until September 10, 2015. Sony issued an official statement on the matter on the PlayStation Forums.