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Bloodborne Update (1.03) is now Available – Improves Loading Times and Bug Fixes


Bloodborne players are in for a treat, as From Software has just released a new patch for the title. The update improves the loading times and numerous issues that plagued the million seller. Get the full details below.

PS4 Firmware Update 2.51 is Live – Stability


PS4 owners can now download firmware update 2.51. This update is nothing to get excited about though, as it just increases the systems’ stability. On a side note, the Nintendo 3DS and PS4 are stability update kings.

Rumor – Sony has Tradmarked Vita 3000 in Japan, has a HDMI port


Sony might be planning on releasing a new model for the PS Vita in Japan. A rumored trademark has appeared for a new Vita model with a HDMI port. You can check out the listing here. Via: NeoGAF

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Response to the March 2015 NPD

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have all responded to the March 2015 NPD. Get their statements below.

The PS4 is the top Console sold in North America for March 2015


The PS4 topped hardware sales in North America in March. New releases such as Bloodborne, Borderlands, Final Fantasy Type 0-HD, and MLB The Show, helped Sony secure the top spot for console sales once again. I’ll be uploading my review of the PS4 this weekend on the YouTube channel so you’ll want to subscribe to see that.  Via: VGChartz

Bloodborne Update 1.03 will Launch by the end of the Month


The Official PlayStation Blog has detailed the upcoming patch for Bloodborne, version 1.03 will reduce load time and increase performance. The update will drop by the end of month.

Bloodborne Sales Surpass 1 Million Units Worldwide


Sony has announced that PS4 exclusive Bloodborne has surpassed 1 million units worldwide as of April 5th. This includes retail and digital units sold. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida discussed the good news below.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade uses PS4 as core System, Developed by Team Ninja

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade

Square Enix and Sony has revealed that Dissidia Final Arcade uses the PS4 as its core system. The title is developed by Team Ninja, with arcade locations tests starting in Japan on April 17th. Sony is currently in talks with Square Enix to bring it over to PS4, but that won’t happen till at least 2016 says Square Enix. More details and info on the game can be found at Gematsu.

Uncharted Trilogy Listed by Retailer for PS4

Uncharted Drake Close

Sony and Naughty Dog might be working on a collection of Uncharted games bundled into one package for the PS4. European retailer CeDe has listed the collection as Uncharted Trilogy HD Edition (PlayStation 4). With all of the recent remasters and collections Sony has been doing (The Last of Us, God of War 3) this would not surprise me if true. More details and the actual listing can be found on Gamersftw UK.

PlayStation Now Subscriptions: New for April 2015


“It’s a big month for the PlayStation Now Subscription, with new games and new devices to play on!”

Introducing The Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle

Batman-Arkham-Knight-3 (1)

Check out this limited edition Arkham Knight PS4 bundle coming this June!

Sony Acquires Cloud Gaming Tech from OnLive


A report from IGN states that Sony Computer Entertainment has acquired technology patents from video game streaming service OnLive. Sony now owns several of OnLive’s assets, this includes its US and international patents on cloud gaming. This, in combination with Sony’s Gaikai buyout a few years ago shows Sony is quite keen on cloud gaming. More details and info can be found on IGN.

PS Plus Games for April – Dishonored, Never Alone and Tower of Guns lead


Get all the titles coming to the PS Vita, PS Vita and PS4 for PS PLUS members past the link.

Limited Edition Batman Arkham Knight PS4 Unveiled

Batman-Arkham-Knight-3 (1)

Sony and Warner Bros. have teamed up to bring a limited edition Batman Arkham Knight PS4 to gamers worldwide. Check out this sweet bundle below. More details on the bundle and PlayStation exclusives here.


Bloodborne – The Hunt Begins: Accolades Trailer | PS4


“Bloodborne is the latest Action RPG from renowned Japanese developer From Software, in collaboration with SCE Japan Studio, available exclusively for the PlayStation 4 system.”

PS4 Update 2.50 is Bricking Gamers’ Consoles, Sony Asking for $150 to fix it


A report from PS4 daily says that PS4 firmware update 2.50 is bricking some gamers consoles. And when those gamers call Sony to get their systems fixed, Sony is charging $150 for the service. Apparently, if your system is out of warranty, Sony will charge you $150 to fix it, despite their own firmware update causing the damage. Sony offers a 1 year warranty on all PS4 systems, so if you have a launch unit and your console bricks due to firmware update 2.50, you’re out $150. More details and info can be found on PS4 Daily. You can see the reports of gamers’ consoles being bricked on Sony’s official forums.

PS4 System Update 2.50 Goes LIVE Tomorrow, Features Detailed


Sony has announced the highly anticipated PS4 system update 2.50 will go live tomorrow. Get a breakdown of all the features below. Seriously, this is good stuff.

Bloodborne Players Facing a few odd bugs and Glitches


Bloodborne is a fantastic game, but there are a few issues Sony has already promised to iron out. Some players has uploaded a few videos revealing enemy glitches and player movement problems.

From Software is Working on a Patch to Improve Loading Times & Performance


Sony has reached out to Digital Foundry to let them know From Software is currently working on a patch for Bloodborne. This patch will improve loading times, in addition to performance optimizations.

Bloodborne – PS4 Gameplay Frame-Rate Test & Performance Analysis


Digital Foundry has tested the highly rated Bloodborne on its frame-rate and technical performance. Get the highlights of their analysis below.

Bloodborne – 16 Minutes of Gameplay Footage


Bloodborne is out now to amazing reviews, watch GhostRobo play 16 minutes of the PS4 exclusive past the link.

Bloodborne Review Round up – The Next AAA game is here (92.67%)


Bloodborne reviews are popped up everywhere and I’m happy to report it is LOOKING REALLY GOOD. The game currently has a 92% average on Gamerankings. Get the first batch of reviews past the link.