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First Steam Box Unboxing hits YouTube


Corey Nelson from YouTube has received his Beta Steam Box from Valve. Watch him unbox the unit here.

SteamOS will be Available to Download Tomorrow


PC owners will be able to download SteamOS tomorrow, but Valve warns only players who know what they are doing should download it. 

Digital Storm Unveils Their Steambox, will Dual Boot Windows and SteamOS


At CES this January, Digital Storm will fully reveal their latest small form factor PC, or Steambox. This system will dual boot Windows and SteamOS. Additional information can be found here. Thanks IGotToTakeAPiss23 for the tip!

Valve Shipping Steam Machines to Beta Testers on December 13th

Valve will start shipping its Steam Machines to beta testers on December 13th. 

The Valve Steambox Specs – A Critical Hit Productions


Brayden Cole of ACHP, talking about the announced Specs of the Valve Steambox.

Steam Controller Demo – Developer Walkthrough

Steam Controler

Check out this developer walkthrough of the Steam Controller. In the video, the developer walks you through using the steam controller in some different games.

PE Now! Steambox Destroys PS4 & Xbox One Specs wise, Wind Waker HD Review, Pokemon X & Y

Furious Francis goes over the day’s best news on PE Now!

Valve Wants to “Bridge the gap” into Living Rooms “Without Spending lots of Money” with Steam Machines


Valve has issued a another statement on their plans for the Steam Machines in 2014. 

Playeressence X Nintendo Ep. 31: ‘Mario 3D World Flip Floppers X Forgetting Something Pachter?’

Gero Pachter Cropped

In this special episode of Playeressence X Nintendo, FF discusses the latest Super Mario 3D World trailer and the Steambox specs.

Randy Pitchford: Sony and Microsoft Have Nothing to Worry About With The Steam Machines


Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has stated that Sony and MS should not worry about the Steambox, as it posses no threat to their places in the market. 

Gearbox Pitchford Wants to Valve to work on Half-Life 3, not new Hardware

Gearbox’s CEO Randy Pitchford, has stated that he rather see Valve’s resources spent on new games, instead of new hardware. 

Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 30 – Wii U + Steambox = Awesome

Steam Controler

Furious Francis discusses some of the hottest Nintendo News for the week – Monster Hunter 4, The Wonderful 101, 3DS sales, the Steambox, and more. PE X Nintendo Episode 30 is live!

Valve Announces the Steam Controller with Touch Screen, Haptic Feedback, and more

Steam Controler

Valve has made another exciting announcement with their living room Steam machine. The Steam Controller is a “hackable” controller with dual trackpads, touch screen, and haptic feedback that works will all past, present, and future games for Steam.

Microsoft watching what Valve does with Steam Machines, SteamOS, with “great interest”

Microsoft’s Phil Harrison has stated that the company will be watching what Valve does with the SteamOS and Steambox machines with “great interest”. 

PE Now! 3DS Surpasses the Wii, and Valve Announces the Steambox

3DS XL Blue

Furious Francis discusses some of the weeks best news on PE Now! Monster Hunter 4 is moving a lot of 3DS’ units, and Valve is breaking into the home console market.

Valve: Multiple SteamOS Machines will Release in 2014, Shipping 300 to Testers

steam box

The Steambox is officially real. Valve has announced that multiple Steambox machines running off of Linux, will begging shipping in 2014. Testers will be picked at random from the Steam community. 

Valve Steambox to be more Powerful than Xbox One and PS4 – A Critical Hit Productions


Braydog Cole with ACHP, Talking about the very real possibility of the Valve Steambox being not only more powerful than the Next Gen Consoles.. But also being more relevant.

Xi3 Piston “SteamBox” Trailer is Designed for HARD-CORE GAMING

Xi3, the company that’s teaming up with Valve to make multiple versions of the Steambox, has a new trailer showing off their micro PC. Check out the future of HARD-CORE GAMING in this new trailer.

Pachter has lost his mind: RAM Equals Innovation, Xbox 720 wins Because of Skype & TV

By Furious Francis

The world’s greatest gaming analyst, Michael Patcher, conducted a presentation at the SXSW Interactive 2013. In his Powerpoint presentation, he had a lot of interesting things to say about the PS4, Wii U, and Xbox 720. The highlight being that the PS4’s huge RAM will likely lead to innovation. And, the Xbox 720 will be the next generation console victor.

Valve’s Steambox will Start Beta Testing by June

Valve’s living room PC will start it’s initial testing in a few months. First details here.

Gabe Newell says the Steambox’s main Competition is Apple, not Consoles

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell has stated the Steambox’s main competition is not Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo, but Apple from taking the living room. 

Wii U, Xbox 720, PS4, Steambox, & Project Shield – one will not have Successor

With the Wii U already out and having moderate success. Sony, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Valve, are gearing up to bring out their new systems to the marketplace in 2013 & 2014. With five separate consoles/handheld hybrids out in the market, things are starting to get crowded really quickly. Can five consoles co-exist? This is a rare occasion in the gaming industry were five major console manufactures will be competing against each other at the same time. However, five choices of where to spend your money might be too much for some gamers, and one of these consoles will likely not see a successor due to lack of sales. Playeressence’s Furious Francis takes a look at what each console offers and who he thinks will not make it out of next generation.