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Ubisoft’s 16-Second Launch Trailer for Just Dance 2015 is live

Just Dance Logo

Ubisoft really broke the bank on this launch trailer for Just Dance 2015. See all dancing action past the link.

Jade Raymond has left Ubisoft


Jade Raymond has announced that she has departed from Ubisoft. She was the producer of hit titles for the firm such as Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed. Raymond discussed her departure in a statement below.

AngryJoe Plays Farcry 4 – Impressions


At a recent Ubisoft Farcry 4 Preview Event I got hands on time with the game for a few hours! Here are my First Impressions and some funny gameplay moments!

Far Cry 4 (PS4) – Open World Gameplay [1080p]


Open world gameplay in Far Cry 4, showing outposts being liberated, wildlife, exploration, explosions and more. NOTE: This is from the September build of Far Cry 4 (not Final build) so there will be things like problems with graphics, glitches etc

Far Cry 4 (PS4) – 60 Minutes of 1080p Gameplay


See the first hour of Far Cry 4 on the PS4.

Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Bundle Announced, Comes with Unity & Black for $399.99


Microsoft has announced a brand new bundle for the Xbox One. The Assassin’s Creed Unity bundle will come with digital versions of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Assassin’s Creed Unity for $399.99.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue – Story Trailer (PC reveal)


In Assassin’s Creed Rogue, you’ll learn the dark secret that led Shay to betray the Brotherhood and follow the darker path of the Templar Order. From the streets of New York to the thrilling naval combat and exploration in the perilous Arctic, Shay will chase down new foes, and even a few familiar faces. Watch as he follows his own creed to hunt down every last Assassin he can, to end the Brotherhood once and for all!

Game Theory: DEATH by Hacking (Watch Dogs pt. 2)

Watch Dogs

Game Theory has finally got around to uploading part 2 of their Watch Dogs hacking theory. Check it out below.

Far Cry 4 – Welcome to Kyrat #1 Lowlands


An introduction to the Lowlands of Kyrat. This video focuses on the large variety of flora, fauna, vehicles, weapons, and characters that you’ll find in this specific region of Kyrat. From demon fish and honey badgers, to hovercrafts and buzzers, there’s always something in the lowlands of Kyrat that will keep you moving.

Ubisoft says 30fps “Actually Feels Better for people” in Assassin’s Creed Unity


Ubisoft feels that 30fps is better than 60fps for the action adventure genre.

Asassin’s Creed Unity Locked at 900P on PS4 and XBOX ONE – AlphaOmegaSin


It seems that Ubisoft wants to lock Assassins Creed Unity for both XBOX ONE and PS4 at 900p. Their reasoning is because they don’t want fans to debate anymore. So essentially you’ll be getting a bogged down game due in part to them not liking how fans react.

Hopefully they can perhaps change this via a patch for Assassin’s Creed Unity down the road if it’s too late before the release. If not this is pretty damn dumb of them to do. Warning, Strong Language!

The Crew Delayed to December 2nd, Second Beta Planned


The Crew has been delayed on PS4, Xbox One, and PC to December 2nd. Ubisoft plans to hold a second beta to further improve upon the game. The firm issued a press release detailing the delay and beta.

Ubisoft Locks Assassin’s Creed Unity to 900p/30fps on PS4 & Xbox One


Assassin’s Creed Unity will run at 900p and 60fps on the Xbox One and PS4, Ubisoft has confirmed. This move was to avoid bickering in the resolution and performance wars that go on online between console owners.

Wii U can’t Handle Assassin’s Creed Unity, says Ubisoft

Assassins Creed Unity

Assassin Creed Unity game producer Vincent Pontbriand has stated that the Wii U is not strong enough to handle his title, and he wouldn’t want to sell a lesser version of the same game to Wii U owners.

Far Cry 4 – Weapons Trailer


Check out this weapons trailer for Far Cry 4!

Assassin’s Creed Unity – Arno’s Training Cinematic

Assassins Creed Unity

Check out this in-game cinematic of Assassin’s Creed Unity for PS4 and Xbox One.

Watch Dogs will Actually Launch in Japan for the Wii U, Coming on December 4th


In a move I find quite shocking, Ubisoft is actually launching Watch Dogs for the Wii U in Japan. The title will drop on December 4th in the land of rising sun. The Amazon listing here reveals the launch date and confirmation.

Far Cry 4 – PS3 & PS4 Bundles Revealed


Sony will have exclusive PS4 and PS3 bundles of Far Cry 4. The PlayStation Blog has shown of a pack shot of the PS4 bundle. Check it out on the PS Blog, I can’t upload photos right now. There was also a new trailer for the game released today.

Far Cry 4 – Pagan Min: King of Kyrat Trailer


Sadistic dictator. Psychopath. Best dressed man in Kyrat. These are just a few traits on Pagan Min’s lengthy resume as the self-appointed King of Kyrat. Take a look at one of the most complex personalities gamers will encounter this coming holiday season when Far Cry 4 launches on November 18th.

Ubisoft Quickly Deletes the Tweet that Watch Dogs on Wii U isn’t Getting DLC

Watch Dogs

Earlier today, the Official Watch Dogs Twitter account stated that Watch Dogs on Wii U will not be getting any DLC support. Shortly after that tweet, the firm deleted it.

What do you guys think about this? Is Ubisoft trying to hide the fact the Wii U version isn’t getting DLC to retain the small amount of users who are still getting the game? Or could they be possibly working on DLC for the Wii U version and the tweet was a mistake? Or maybe they are undecided at this point? I would love to hear what you think on the matter in the comments section below.

Watch Dogs on Wii U will not Feature any DLC


Despite Ubisoft delaying the release of Watch Dogs on Wii U by 9 months. The firm has revealed that the Wii U version of the game will receive any DLC other versions of the game have.

Watch Dogs – Bad Blood Walkthrough PART 1 – RajmanGamingHD


Check out 35 minutes of footage from Watch Dogs’ new DLC, Bad Blood.