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Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 4 “EA & DICE Suck”

Furious Francis is once again bringing you the best Nintendo themed vidcast on the internet. On this episode Francis talks Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Sales, DuckTails a Whoo-oo!!!, 3DS news, Wii U sales picking up in the UK, and how DICE and EA flip flop around Battlefield 4 on Wii U.

The Playeressence Vidcast Episode 25 “Who Needs Games, when you got Skype”

What’s up Playeressence faithful! We got another new episode of the Playeressence Vidcast with Furious Francis. In the show, Francis discusses, Fire Emblem Awakening, The Witness on PS4, NPD sales, Japanese Vita sales, and why the Xbox 720 only needs Skype to win the next generation. Get the vidcast below.

The Playeressence Vidcast Episode 24 “Crytek Loves Graphics, Hates Framerates”

Playeressenece’s Furious Francis discusses God of War Ascension Co-op, Lost Planet 3, Wii U OS updates, Crysis 3’s horrible framerates, and Graphics vs Gameplay.

The Playeressence Vidcast Episode 20 ‘PS4 & Xbox 720 Trollin’ Gamestop’

Furious Francis and Hero the Implaer discuss the weeks biggest news, Rayman Legends gets delayed, new Assassin’s Creed, PS4 and Xbox 720 to block used game sales? Plus we give our top 5 favorite games of all time! Get the Vidcast below.

Playeressence Vidcast Episode 18 “My Body is Ready for Xenoblade 2”

Furious Francis gushes over the Xenoblade 2 trailer and Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct, while Hero the Impaler discusses Aliens Colonial Marines, Crysis 3, Dark Souls PvP, and much more. Get the Vidcast below.

The Playeressence Vidcast Episode 16 “Well Excuse Me Princess”

This is the Playeressence Vidcast where every week Furious Francis and Hero the Impaler discuss the hottest gaming news for the week, CES 2013, favorite cartoons that should be made into video games, and ……the Philips CD-i. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one.

Playeressence VidCast Episode 15 ‘Don’t Get Nancy Kerrigan’d’

Welcome everybody to the new and improved Playeressence VidCast! Furious Francis and Hero the Impaler break down the weeks biggest news, discuss what they have been playing, and talk about their New Years Gaming Resolutions. We’ve got a brand new intro and show for you guys so what are you waiting for? Get the Vidcast below.

Playeressence VidCast Episode 10 “You PS4 Super Computer People”

Welcome to the Playeressence VidCast Episode 10, in this episode Furious Francis and Hero the Implaer discuss GTA 5, Bayonetta 2, Wii U, and the rumored PS4 tech specs. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Remember to subscribe to out channel on YouTube to get the episodes first and to be automatically entered in every contest here at Playeressence.  Get the VidCast below:

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Playeressence VidCast Episode 9 “Surprisingly Not Surprised”

Welcome to another episode of the playeressence VidCast Episode 9! On this fantastic episode Furious Francis and Hero the Impaler discuss the Nintendo Direct, Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge, and viewer questions.

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Playeressence VidCast Episode 7 “A Chance To Win a Chance”

Enter to win Assassin’s Creed 3

Wecome to another episode of the Playeressence VidCast. In this episode, Furious Francis, Hero the Impaler, and Jorge X discuss the top selling Gamecube games, Mario in 1080p, and much more.  Check the bottom of this post for all the articles related to this episode.

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Playeressence VidCast Episode 6 “When 2 Docs Aren’t Enough”

Hello fellow gamers! And welcome to another edition of the playeressence vidcast episode 6 “When 2 Docs Arent Enough”. Make sure to watch all the way through because we have figured out how or why the original Mass Effect 3 endings were so bad. We also dissucss Assassin’s Creed 3’s season pass, the wii U version of AC3, Monster Hunter Ultimate 3, Borderlands 2, and Resident Evil 6’s craptastic reviews. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the podcast. And make sure to subscribe to us on Youtube. You can use the side youtube bar on the site for quick easy access to all the latest videos from playeressence.com