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Phantasy Star Online 2 – New Gameplay Videos

Phantasy Star Online 2

Check out these short clips for Phantasy Star Online 2.

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z Features Cross Saves Between the PS3 and Vita

Dragon Ball Z

Namco Bandai has announced that Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z, will allow users to access saves and play between the PS3 and Vita version. Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z hits the PS3, Xbox 360, and Vita early 2014. 

Vocalize Episode 2: Michael Pachter was Wrong About the 3DS

Furious Francis claims victory over Michael Pachter and other 3DS haters. In this video, we discuss Pachter’s comments about Nintendo owning the handheld market. And somehow, there might be some dancing in there.

Rumor: PS Vita 3G Model, Getting Price cut, then Discontinued

A new report suggests that the PS Vita 3G model will be seeing a $100 price cut and will be discontinued by Sony shortly after.

Killzone Mercenary Video Shows the Pretty Graphics

Killzone Mercenary has a new developer video that shows off the pretty shooter in action. Director Tom Jones discusses the game in this 4 minute video. Check it out below.

Japanese Sales: Vita surges with Price drop, but 3DS still is #1

The PlayStation Vita saw a nice bump in hardware sales due to the price drop and some quality titles being released. However, the 3DS still outsold the Vita, and the Vita sold far less than the 3DS did when the 3DS received it’s price drop a few years ago. Get the full charts, including software below. 

PS Vita is not Getting a Price cut in America, Sony Confirms

Although Japan is getting a nice price cut for the PS Vita, America will not be getting that price cut anytime soon. 

Sony is all in with the PS4

The PS4 will be getting it’s big reveal on Wednesday this week and Sony is banking that the PS4 will help turn around a games division that’s been outsold in the US by Microsoft for the last 24 months. Sony understands the PS4 has to be a major success. They understand whats at stake. Sony has made a number of precautions to ensure they do have success. There are some things I’m still concerned about, but hopefully those issues get ironed out. Below, I will detail What Sony has done to ensure the PS4 will hit the ground running. 

NPD January – Xbox 360 Sells 281,000 units, Wii U Sells 57,000

The Xbox 360 continued its domination in the US sales racking up 281,000 units sold in January. Nintendo did not fair as well on the other hand. Moving only 57,000 units in the same month. 

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Cross Buy Problems Being Looked at by Sony `

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time is one of Sony’s Cross Buy promotion titles. Players who buy the PS3 version will get the Vita copy as a free download. Apparently there has been some issues with the download of the Vita version for users. 

Oboro Muramasa to be Called as Muramasa Rebirth in the US

The cult action hit Oboro Muramasa for the Wii is coming as an enhanced port on the Vita called Muramasa Rebirth. More details on this Vita action title below. 

US PlayStation Plus Updated to Include Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus for free

PlayStation Plus has added Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus to its North American subscribers. Vita owners can pick up this nice hack n’ slash free or charge if they have PlayStation plus. Hit the link for more discounts below.

Killzone Mercenary Appears on Polish Magazine Cover

Killzone mercenary banner

Killzone Mercenary, a PSVita exclusive shooter, looks to be ready for a reveal according to a new Polish gaming magazine. 

Dead or Alive 5 Plus on Vita has Cross Play, Cross Save, and Cross Buy DLC

Dead or Alive 5 Plus on the PlayStation Vita will support a host of cross features with the PS3 version of the game. More details below. 

Final Fantasy X HD Remake news Coming “soon”

FFX - Lulu

Final Fantasy X HD will be getting some news “soon” from Square Enix. More details and quotes below.

Oboro Muramasa Trailer show off some Lovely hand Drawn Graphics


Unless you understand Japanese, you wont know what their saying in this trailer. However, the visuals and gameplay is top notch. Check out this enhanced port of Oboro Muramasa for the PlayStation Vita.

NPD Numbers: Xbox 360 takes top spot, Nintendo Sells the most Consoles

The official NPD numbers will be revealed on Thursday but industry analysis have already got the numbers. So lets take a look at them shall we?

LittleBigPlanet 2’s Cross-Controller Pack Releases next week for $4.99


LittleBigPlanet 2 will be receiving a Cross-Controller pack that allows users to use the PlayStation Vita has a controller for the PS3 game. Hit also has some extra levels and missions included. Hit the link for details. 

Sony selling convertible bonds to fund Gaikai acquisition

Sony is selling $1.9 billion worth of convertible bonds to fun the massive purchase they made of Gaikai. Another portion of the money will be invested into a Japanese optics group Olympus Corp. 

PlayStation Plus coming to PSVita with software update 2.00

PlayStation plus is finally making its way to the PlayStation Vita in the newest software update. PS Plus subscribers can take advantage of the extra benefits on the Vita with no extra cost till November 21st. 

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is Gold, Check out this character battle trailer

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is gold and Sony has a new trailer showing off the game’s characters.

Tales of Hearts R debut trailer

Namco Bandai has released the first trailer for the PlayStation Vita remake.