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Ubisoft is Aiming for Watch Dogs to be as big as COD and FIFA


Ubisoft is pulling no punches with their expectations of Watch Dogs on the market. The firm has stated they full expect the franchise to be as big as COD or FIFA in due time. The company’s Wayne Greenwell told MCV that excitement for the product is “incredibly high” and they expect Watch Dogs to “stand alongside other top tier triple A titles”.  Read Greenwell’s full comments past the link. 

Watch Dogs – Japanese (PS3 & PS4) Gameplay Footage


PlayStation Japan has uploaded brand new videos for Watch Dogs on PS3 and PS4. Check out all the footage below.

Watch Dogs lead says the Frame rate is a Important Factor in Gameplay


Watch Dogs will have smooth frame rate according to Watch Dogs’ lead programmer Francis Bolvin (great name by the way :D). Bolvin feels that frame rate is “very important to the gameplay.” then goes over the technical side of things.

Ubisoft Picks “Quality” over Rushing a Product to Market with Watch Dogs


Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs got a painful delay last year in order to polish the game up in many areas. The delay set a message to all their studios that quality is more important than rushing a product to market. The Division’s managing director David Polfeldt discussed the topic in a new interview.

Watch Dogs – “Telling a Story” Trailer


Ubisoft has released a new trailer on Watch Dogs detailing how the team thought of the story behind the open world epic.

Watch Dogs will not Feature Cheat Codes

Watch_Dogs_MOTORCYCLE_STEAMPIPE_618x348 (1)

Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin has confirmed that Watch Dogs will not be using cheat codes.

Watch Dogs – Leaked Screenshot Shows a Huge Mecha Spider on the Loose – Rumor

Watch Dogs Spider

A new leaked screenshot of Watch Dogs shows a huge mecha spider on the loose in Chicago. This mecha spider not been confirmed by Ubisoft in any previews or media of the game, so I’m marking it as a rumor for now. Check out the full shot below. 

Watch Dogs on Wii U Confirmed for a Fall 2014 Release


Ubisoft has confirmed with Nintendo Enthusiast that Watch Dogs will be releasing this fall on Wii U.

Watch Dogs Featuring NVIDIA Technologies


Check out this brand new Watch Dogs trailer detailing the graphics technologies NVIDIA brings to the PC version of the game.

Watch Dogs will Include a Season Pass


The Watch Dogs season pass has been leaked, for $20 you get a unique campaign with new missions and weapons.

Uplay Service Required to Access Watch Dogs on PC, even via Steam


The Uplay service is not too popular with some gamers out there. And it seems like Ubisoft will be forcing it on PC users in order to play Watch Dogs on PC. A Ubisoft rep discussed the matter with IGN below.

Watch Dogs – “Digital Shadow” Trailer


Ubisoft has uploaded a brand new “digital shadow” trailer for Watch Dogs. Check it out below.

Watch Dogs – Official Minimum and Recommended PC Requirements


If you’re looking to pick up Watch Dogs on PC you probably want to check out the minimum and recommended PC requirements below.

Watch Dogs – New Screenshots and tons of Details

Watch Dogs

GameSpot has published an extensive article on Watch Dogs pouring out new details on the gameplay, weapons, mission structure, and more. Plus we have three new screenshots showing off the in-game smartphone hub Aiden accesses.

Watch Dogs – Vigilante Edition Unboxing


Ubisoft has uploaded a brand new video detailing all the goodies you’ll get when you pick up the Vigilante Edition of Watch Dogs. Check it out below.

Watch Dogs – PC Tech Video Shows off Wind, Water, and Lighting Graphics

A 1080p graphics showcase of Watch Dogs on PC as appeared online. The tech video shows off some of the advanced lighting, water effects, and wind the PC version supports.

Watch Dogs Details – PS3/360 Looks “very good,” Online Invasions, Advanced AI, and more


Watch Dogs producer and Twitter king Jonathan Morin has discussed a host of new details pertaining to Watch Dogs on multiple systems. The game is shaping up nicely on last-gen systems according to Morin. There is also new details on online play, AI, side quests, and combat damage. 

Watch Dogs – No Demo Planned Before the Release of the game

Watch_Dogs_MOTORCYCLE_STEAMPIPE_618x348 (1)

Watch Dogs Director Jonathan Morin seems to be in the process of getting blasted with questions over and over on Twitter. In his latest Tweets, Morin reveals they are not planning a demo before the game’s release in late May. 

Watch Dogs on PS4 and Xbox One will be “Identical” in some Respects


Watch Dogs game producer Jonathan Morin has stated that the PS4 and Xbox One builds will look very similar for the most part. However, the firm has not nailed down the final resolution for the game.

Watch Dogs – Welcome to Chicago Trailer

Watch_Dogs_MOTORCYCLE_STEAMPIPE_618x348 (1)
Watch Dogs has released a brand new Welcome to Chicago trailer. It goes over the graphics, city landscape, and online multiplayer. 

Watch Dogs – Premium Vigilante Edition Announced for PS4 & Xbox One


Ubisoft has announced that Watch Dogs will be getting a Premium Vigilante Edition for the PS4 and Xbox One sold exclusively by GAME. The set you run you £109.99 and is a UK exclusive. Get the all the details below.

Watch Dogs: Cracking the hackers Interview

Eurogamer has went one on one with the Watch Dogs team about hacking in the game. Check out some new footage of the game below.

Watch Dogs – PlayStation Exclusive Content Trailer

The PS4 and PS3 are getting exclusive content for Watch Dogs from Ubisoft. Check out this new trailer detailing that content, while showing off brand new mission footage.

Watch Dogs has new Content Added During the Delay


Similar to Rayman Legends, Ubisoft has revealed that Watch Dogs has been packed with new content during the delay. 

Watch Dogs will take Close to 100 Hours to Get Everything, Main Story to last Around 40 Hours


Watch Dogs lead Jonathan Morin has revealed that his game will be quite lengthy. On Twitter, Morin has stated that Watch Dogs main story will take around 35 to 40 hours to complete. For those who want to achieve 100% completion in the game, it will take you close to 100 hours.

Watch Dogs – New Footage and Interview with Ubisoft


Watch Dogs lead producer Jonathan Morin has discussed a variety details on the game’s open world, Chicago, and gameplay.

Ubisoft’s CEO Forced a Watch Dogs Reveal at E3 2012


Ubisoft Montreal’s creative director Jonathan Morin has revealed to EDGE that the firm’s CEO Yves Guillemot, forced the studio to show Watch Dogs at E3 2012. This was a bit before he felt the game was ready to be shown. 

Humor – What Actually Happened to Watch Dogs after E3 2013


Sometimes it’s good to sit back and laugh at the gaming industry sometimes. Check out this Dorkly Comic that tells you what really happened to Watch Dogs graphics after E3 2013. 

Watch Dogs – Minimum PC Spec Revealed (DirectX9)


Watch Dogs lead producer Jonathan Morin has revealed the minimum PC specs required to run the game. Good news is weaker PCs will be able to handle the game.

Watch Dogs: Dedsec Edition Available for Pre-order on Zavvi


Watch Dogs: Dedsec Edtion is available for pre-0rder on Zavvi right now for £99.99. However, the release date is wrong for the Wii U version. It shows May 27th, when the Wii U version has not been dated. Either way, it looks like Wii U owners can plunk down some extra cash to get a nicer edition. All the stuff that comes with the Dedsec Edition can be found below. 

Watch Dogs – PS4 Sharing Commercial

Watch Dogs PS4

Sony has uploaded a brand new PS4 Sharing commercial for Watch Dogs. Check it out below.

Watch Dogs Producer says the Wii U’s Graphics will Look Closer to the PS3/360 Versions, but “Somewhat In-Between” PS3 & PS4


Watch Dogs producer Jonathan Morin has reconfirmed that Watch Dogs graphics on the Wii U will look “somewhat in-between” the PS3 and PS4 builds. However, it will look closer to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Watch Dogs lead says the Game’s Graphics will Look as Good as E3 2013′s Showcase


Watch Dogs lead developer Jonathan Morin has confirmed that the game’s graphics will look as good as good as the build shown at E3 2014.