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Eurogamer Hypes up Monolith Soft’s X

monolith-soft-x-wii-u_4 (1)

Eurogamer has hyped up Monolith Soft’s X, putting it firmly on their most anticipated games list. Get a snippet of what they said about the game below.

Monolith Soft “Urgently” Hiring for Multiple Positions


Monolith Soft’s new game might be even bigger than we imaged, as the firm has once hiring for programmers, designers, and planners. It seems like they are in a bit of a crunch, as the positions are marked as “urgent”

Monolith Soft Looking for a Network Programmer

monolith-soft-x-wii-u_16-630x347 (1)

Monolith Soft is currently looking for a online network programmer. A new job listing shows the studio is in need of one. This points to Monolith Soft’s X having some sort of online gameplay outside of Miiverse. 

Monolith Soft Proves how lazy Third Party Developers have been on Wii U


Monolith Soft never fails to amaze me. The newest trailer blew me away this morning with it’s fidelity and graphics. Now Nintendo has released some high res screenshots of X, get all the shots below. *bumped to the front page for new users.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag on Wii U “Poses some Technical Challenges”


Assassin’s Creed 3 on Wii U was a decent effort, but at times would drop down to 17-20 fps during crowed fights. The team at Ubisoft understands this, and have claimed to improve the performance of AC4 Black Flag on Wii U. However, it wasn’t easy, as the Wii U architecture “poses some technical challenges”

IGN Rewind Theater: Monolith Soft X


The game of the show for me was Monolith Soft X. Check out this rewind trailer IGN did on the game.

Rumor: Monolith Soft’s ‘X’ game Could be Called Xenoform

With E3 so close, and Monolith Soft’s new game X rumored to have some new footage. A French Nintendo site has claimed to unveil the new name for Monolith Soft’s Wii U game. According toe the listing, the actual name of the title is called Xenoform.

Playeressence Mailbag: Sunday May 5th, 2013

Furious Francis is back again to answer all of the users questions! Should Nintendo and Sega team up? Just how big is Xenoblade 2? What’s your Nintendo ID and many more questions get answered on this episode of the Playeressence Mailbag.

Xenoblade 2 will be the Wii U’s Final Fantasy VII

Xenoblade 2 is on track to be one of the greatest RPG’s every created, and it could end up being the Wii U’s Final Fantasy VII.

Nintendo and Monolith Soft more than Happy to work Together

Monolith Soft, the creators of Xenoblade Chronicles and the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2, are happy and learning a lot from Nintendo, since the move to Kyoto. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Trailer Beats Final Fantasy Versus to the Punch

Check out this awesome trailer for a game titled X for now, but will probably end up being Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The trailer really shows off the Wii U’s power as Monolith Soft might have created the best looking Japanese RPG i’ve ever seen. Seriously watch this trailer.