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Google is Completely F****** up Twitch TV


AlphaOmegaSin discusses how Google is jacking up Twitch TV. Warning, VERY STRONG Language.

Google has Acquired Twitch TV for $1Billion – Report


Google has just purchased Twitch TV for $1 billion according to VentureBeat and PCplayr. Sources close to the matter said its pretty much a done deal. Twitch and Google have declined to comment at the moment though. More details can be found at the hyperlinks provided.

Phil Fish Feels YouTubers Should pay Developers for Streaming Their Games on YouTube

Phil Fish

Controversal indie game developer Phil Fish has stated that YouTubers are basically “stealing” from game developers when they stream their games online. He uses the example of how movies can’t be streamed online because it’s illegal. Fish also feels that YouTubers should be paying developers from the ad revenue they make on YouTube.

YouTube Direct Uploading Coming to PS4

PS4 Share

Sony has announced that direct YouTube uploading will be coming to the PS4 in 2014. It will allow players to directly upload gameplay clips with the press of the Share Button. 

Nintendo Wants Their Cut of Your Nintendo Related Youtube Videos


AlphaOmegaSin discusses Nintendo’s YouTube affiliate program, he feels that this is a bad idea for Nintendo.  Warning, Strong Language.

Nintendo is Planning a YouTube Affiliate Program to Split Revenue with Content Creators


In news that I can say is nothing but awesome for guys like me. Nintendo has announced on its Japanese Twitter account that they will be developing a program alongside YouTube that splits revenue among themselves and the content creators. 

YouTube Buys Twitch for $1,000,000,000 (RUMOR – Thoughts/Discussion)


Maximilian Dood discusses the rumor that YouTube will acquire Twitch for $1 billion.

Yahoo to Create YouTube Competitor – RTUSA

Yahoo will be creating a new video sharing service to go against YouTube. Review TechUSA discusses the matter on in a new video.

Youtube Now Has Super Flaggers to Monitor Videos (Including Government Officials) – AlphaOmegaSin


“So our ability to flag videos has obviously be relegated to a mere illusion of power and control. We also have to contend with invisible walls set forth by the government to inhibit our speech assuming it’s bringing up something they do not like or an opposing opinion they want muted. Thanks Google”

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth – Two new Character Introduction Trailers


Atlus has uploaded two brand new character introduction trailers for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. Check them both out below.

Wii U Pitch Contest Winner Announced, Watch the Video here

Wii U black

Nintendo has revealed the winner of the Wii U Pitch content. Raymond Strazdas or “StingRay” as he goes by, is the official winner. Check out his winning video below.

Candy Crush Creators Copyright the Word…..Candy – AlphaOmegaSin


Warning: Strong Language 

Yes you did indeed read that right, they got the approval to own the copyright to the word….candy. The patent office needs to fire someone and fast.

Why K0mmanderBlack is Getting a PS4


K0mmanderBlack is a new YouTuber that is a very level headed gamer. He doesn’t hate, or bash other consoles. He just says things on his mind. Find out why a Nintendo/PC gamer, has decided he wants to get a PS4. 

Playeressence Hits 2000 Subscribers on YouTube! Special PE X Nintendo is in the Works!

Thanks You

First of all, if you haven’t subscribed to Playeressence on YouTube, PLEASE DO SO! You’ll get all of Playeressence’s video first. Next, I want to announced Playeressence has crossed the 2000 subscriber mark on YouTube, and a special show is planned. I just have no idea when it will be up. More details will come soon. Thanks again, and let’s keep PE STRONG in 2014! 

Skin Color = YouTube Success? LMAO!!!! – RTUSA

Black Nerd

Rich discusses how some popular black YouTubers said that skin color limits your success as a YouTube content creator.

Most Anticipated Games for 2014 – Mr. Red Fox

Donkey Kong County Tropical Freeze

Mr. Red Fox goes over some of his most anticipated games for 2014. Check out the video below.

7 Damned Shameful Things of 2013 – MrElzorrorojo


MrElzorrorojo from YouTube countdowns the most shameful things from 2013. Who made the list? Find out below.

Pro Jared’s Top 10 Worst Games of 2013


Pro Jared lists his top ten worst games of 2013. And what’s interesting about this list, is that there is no easy targets like movie games and motion controlled games. Watch the countdown below. 

Female Game Developer Get’s Harassed/Threatened – RTUSA

Steam Greenlight

Rich talks about a female developer getting harassed online.

VVVVV Creator gets a YouTube Content ID Claim on his own game


Ok, so you heard about Jonathan Blow, the creator of The Witness who got a YouTube Copyright claim on his own game. YouTube strikes again, this time slamming VVVVV creator with a claim on a trailer of his own game. 

Ryse Son of Rome Incredible Legendary 162 Hit Combo


Robert Cram of YouTube has uploaded a new video of Ryse Son of Rome, where he pulls off a 162 Hit Combo in the game. Check it out for yourself here.

Youtube Flags Video by Johnathan Blow of His Own Game he Created Called The Witness….WTF??? – Alpha Omega Sin


So yet another time that Google and their new system has messed something up in a big way, now people that own all the rights to their own stuff are feeling the sting. Alpha Omega Sin even linked my article in his description! Watch the video below. 

Jonathan Blow gets Flagged on YouTube for Showing Footage of his own game

The Witness

Indie developer Jonathan Blow, is currently making a timed exclusive for Sony called The Witness. This is his game, but apparently Youtube feels he is not entitled to monetize footage of his own game. As he was flagged for doing so.

Nintendo is Acting Dicey on Which Videos they Claim on YouTube


As you guys know, I’m a huge Nintendo fan. But at the same time, I feel Nintendo is being quite dicey with their YouTube Copyright policies. 

Youtube Copyright – Whats Broken & How to Fix it – AngryJoe


Angry Joe calmly talks about whats wrong with the YouTube Copyright policies.

Classic Game Room Is Leaving YouTube – RTUSA

Classic Game Room

Rich from ReviewTechUSA, discusses Classic Game Room leaving YouTube.

YouTube Addresses Content ID Issues (Rant) – RTUSA


ReviewTechUSA discusses the YouTube Content ID claims going on.

LEAVE NINTENDO ALONE (YouTube Copyright Claims) : Black Nerd


Andre explains how IGN manipulated a tweet he sent out, in order to capitalize on Nintendo hating for clicks.

Youtube Copyright Disaster! Angry Rant


Warning: Strong Language 

Youtube treating everyone like criminals. New Copyright Changes are hurting innocent people. Content ID flags are crippling Partner Channels. This isn’t the way.

YouTube Content ID Claims Run Rampant – RTUSA


Rich discusses the craziness of ID claims on YouTube.

YouTube Going Flag Crazy – Large Gaming Channels even Affected


YouTube is going through all sorts of crazy changes. Yesterday, PE reported Nintendo has started flagging videos that use their content. Well it seems its just not Nintendo. Many publishers are starting to flag videos, even from YouTubers with millions of subs. Get the full details here, my take past the link. 

GameXplain says Nintendo Starts Making Claims on YouTube Again


GameXplain has tweeted out that Nintendo is making copyright-claims via YouTube again. See the tweet and my take below. 

YouTube getting Tougher Video game Monetization in 2014


This might not be something that affects you guys personally, but for guys like me who make money off YouTube. It affects the way I deliver content to you guys. This is one of the reasons my new series ‘Just Games’ is just me talking, and no direct feed footage (plus its faster :D). However, things are going to get a lot tougher for partnered channels as well. See how things will change in 2014

YouTube 3DS Footage


Want to see how YouTube works on the 3DS? Check out this video past the link.

YouTube 3DS app Now Available Worldwide on the eShop

3DS YouTube

European and American 3DS users can now download the YouTube app from the eShop. All you have to do is boot up your 3DS and go on the eShop to automatically update the system. Go ahead and update that app, because episode of Playeressence X Nintendo look fantastic on there. 

Wii U YouTube App Update adds Android & iOS Support


The new Wii U YouTube app allows Android & iOS support. You can now send videos straight to the Wii U from Android and iOS devices.

Wii U YouTube App Update Released by Nintendo


The much needed Wii U YouTube App update is here, and it is fantastic. It fixes the the random crashing, freezing and issues the app had on Wii U. It adds off TV play, and a brand new interface. Boot up the YouTube app on the Wii U to to automatically download it. 

Humor: I Sold My Wii U, NinTender Fans! – Mizzah Tee


OMG soooo funny, watch please! If you follow GNTechTV and Mizzah Tee on YouTube, you’ll be dying in laughter. 

YouTube Coming to Nintendo 3DS, Wii U Getting YouTube App Update

3DS YouTube

Nintendo has confirmed that YouTube will be hitting the Nintendo 3DS next month, alongside the new system update. Nintendo will also be updating the YouTube App on the Wii U, the update will add new features and fix stability issues. So you guys can finally watch Playeressence X Nintendo on the 3DS! 

Gamernate & HipHopGamer 1 on 1 Interview Oct 30th


Gamernate will finally get his chance to talk to HipHopGamer on October 30th. This should be interesting, because Gamernate has a lot of good questions I’ve heard him bring up on the Gamers at Large Podcast, by Quan ManChu. Wednesday October 30th, 7PM EST.