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Tantalus’ Secret Wii U Game: Need for Speed Rivals?

Need for Speed

I think Need for Speed Rivals is the secret port Tantalus is working on for Wii U, hear my reasons below.

So let’s first revisit some details Tantalus gave us on this secret game.

– It’s from a top-notch publisher 

– It’s not a mature or hardcore game like Mass Effect or Deus Ex (deep RPG mechanics and story) 

Here are a few reasons why I think it’s Need for Speed Rivals for Wii U.

The game is from a top-notch publisher. 

While many gamers don’t consider EA a top-notch publisher, their market cap and influence on the industry says otherwise. They are the largest 3rd party publisher in North America, and one of the most hated. However, Tantalus has worked with EA on Mass Effect 3 and did a good job. Tantalus would consider them a “top-notch” publisher, considering they have worked with them before.

Need for Speed Rivals is not a hardcore or Mature themed game. 

Need for Speed Rivals is played by a lot of core gamers, but it doesn’t feature the grand story, intricate battle mechanics, and blood that Mass Effect and Deus Ex display. Need for Speed Rivals fits the mold of the game Tantalus is talking about.

Need for Speed Most Wanted U got a boost in sales, once there was a price drop. 

Need for Speed Most Wanted U did not have the best start. It opened up to less than 7,000 units according to VGChartz. And things got progressively worse, as the game sold less than 26,000 units by the end of May 2013. However, it seems things picked up at some point. Because Need for Speed Most Wanted U is now over 110,000 units worldwide. While that might not be much in the grand scheme of sales, that is a whole lot better than Mass Effect 3, FIFA 13, and Madden 13 did on Wii U. VGChartz usually under-tracks as well, plus there would be no way for them to track sales from EA’s online store. While Need for Speed Most Wanted U wasn’t a blockbuster, it might have made enough money for EA to look into porting Rivals.

Tantalus has worked with EA before. 

While I touched upon this in my first point, I think it’s important enough to mention it again. Tantalus worked with EA and Straight Right on Mass Effect 3 for Wii U. They did a really good job, I could see EA coming back to them for a clean port of Need for Speed Rivals. I think EA and Tantalus have a good relationship, considering how good the port of Mass Effect 3 turned out from a technical standpoint. Too bad EA didn’t give them more time to do the trilogy, or even port all the DLC into the game. Mass Effect 3 Special Edition on Wii U was still good, and EA might see there is money to be made with a fairly priced Rivals port.

What do you guys think? Is it Need for Speed Rivals, or a different game? Put your thoughts below.

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  • hardin25

    Hope it gets revealed soon. its killing me not knowing what it is. Sega's third Sonic game is a terminal disease to me.

  • markwang125

    I don't know, I have this itchy feeling it's a Square Enix game; it sounds more like a dream than a legitimate feeling, but a game like Kingdom Hearts ain't M rated (I don't think FFXV is either) and that game's very exciting (especially for a Nintendo crowd).

  • ItsOnlyRon

    Can it just be Kingdom Hearts 3 already! jeez :/

  • Kenny Johnson

    I would still consider a a racing sim to be "hardcore." But then I would have said that this was most likely Minecraft and I don't know if we can consider Mojang to be a top notch publisher.

    • Furious Francis

      Need for Speed isn't a "racing sim" Project Cars, Forza, Gran Turismo, are.

      Need for Speed is not hardcore LIKE "Deus Ex" or "Mass Effect" RPG, big story, ect. Its much more chill.

  • jackiecruise69

    I myself hope it's not this, honestly. I see better racing games coming out in the future with MK8 Fast racing Neo, Project CARS.
    So a port wouldn't be exciting in the least..

    I'm not even going to think about it, it could be this for all we know. Look what Game Informer did, Said the next gens were going to get an 'Exciting' new game, but it just turned out to be a shooter, and disappointed both their target audiences.

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  • Johny-san

    Top NOTCH… im still hoping for Minecraft xD
    on the other side… as far as i know, NFS is EAs franchise… and to me, and EA game coming on a nintendo platform seems pretty far-fetched. you guys know what im talking about. It just doesn't seem very likely if you ask me. Also… with mk8, Project CARS, and FAST racing neo from shin'en coming soon, i think the game would get overshadowed, therefore contributing to low sales, and publisher bi*ching again 🙂

  • thatguymage

    I’m thinking maybe it’s the Wii u port of Luigi’s mansion that was hinted at a little whole back.

    • Furious Francis

      No, its not a Nintendo game. Its a port of a third-party game.

  • DePapier

    Just like you said in the first article, Francis, that's Minecraft.

  • TsUaS

    Could be, but I highly doubt it. They said it was a "very exciting" title, I doubt they'd think that the majority of Wii U owners would get excited for Rivals. Considering that they also said that it was more of a "complete re-work", it sounds like it's more than a simple port and, as far as I know, there's nothing wrong with Rivals that it would need to be reworked like Deus Ex was.

    Food for thought: It's actually interesting that reading all the comments around the web, I've yet to see no one really question if it might hit closer to home, as in the "top-notch" publisher being Nintendo. IIRC, they never specified said it was a third party publisher. It would be interesting to see if the title actually did end up being a Nintendo title. It would lend credence to the the "reUmagined" rumor a while back and could point to some other developers (like Next Level) doing the same thing.

    Think about it:

    "… an absolute top-notch publisher." – That's what Nintendo is.

    "It is a ‘port’ but more of a rework…" – That's what WWHD was and what "reUmagined" titles would be.

    "…is very exciting…" – A Nintendo "reUmagined" title would be more exciting than a late third party port.

    "…it’s not a MA or a ‘hardcore’ game…" – The majority of Nintendo titles are E – Teen. Also, the industry being the way it is, most don't consider the majority of Nintendo's IPs to be "hardcore".

    Like I said, just food for thought. Do I believe it's a Nintendo title? No, but it's an interesting theory nonetheless. Whatever the case, the next Direct might announce what it is.

    • Furious Francis

      There is no theory to it being a Nintendo game. Its not, you shouldn't even entertain the thought. They have already announced its a third party port.

      So all of your assumptions easily get thrown out the door.

  • King_Sparkticle

    I doubt it, and I don't really want that to be the case. I don't really want to give EA any of my money, and there are already enough racing games coming to the Wii U.

    Besides, I've heard that despite this game was pretty good, it still is very glitchy in certain spots.

    Oh, and this also collides with the rumor that the Anonymous developer is from Criterion. AND the fact that Criterion is dying anyway. It wouldn't make sense putting a game of a dying company on th….wait….it's EA. I'm talking nonsense.

  • MechaMew2

    But… That would mean EA wants to develop for Wii U. And they don't.

    • Furious Francis

      LIke I said, Need for Speed U got a second wind. I'm sure EA made some money off it. It went from 20k to 110K in less than a year. EA might see there is a market for racing games.

      This could make them come back in a limited way.

      • Matisfaction

        I think that a few of people picked up NFSMWU over xmas. I'm not implying that Amazon UK will be carrying extremely large quantities but they have had limited stock over that time period, a few days ago they had two copies left, since then the price has gone back up to £39.00.

      • So0

        I remember them complaining about Most Wanted sales on WiiU and how much they work hard on it, So if there is a second wind i'm still waiting for them to tell it. Always here to talk bad but when they are wrong they never apologize.

      • Suiadan

        In all fairness there really wasn't much choice for racing games on the Wii U at the time. Not that MWU was bad. I thought it was great, but I can't see Rivals competing with Mario Kart or Project Cars.

        Well, I guess NFS does have brand recognition.

  • Amoxtlin

    I hope it is but thats only because I cant ever get enough of racing…but i really do miss NFS Underground series's

  • TheToasterNinja

    Aw fuck. I was really hoping it was twerking 4 justice volume 7.

    • donzaloog

      Starring Miley Cyrus?

      • TheToasterNinja

        No Chhristopher Lee obviously.

  • ZainreFang

    Personally I wouldn't want this if that were the case. MK8, Project CARS, and Fast Racing Neo are enough. Plus it'd be a late port, which would contribute to it not selling well.

    • Furious Francis

      True, too many racing games coming out….but from what I've heard, Rivals is pretty good. I would buy it in one year for $14.99 at Best Buy.

      • Cilver456

        Yeah its a good game but I already have it for 360 plus I was hoping it was going to be Sonic Adventure 3 since Sega have that 3 game deal with Nintendo

        • Furious Francis

          Why would Tantalus, be working on a exclusive SEGA game for Wii U?

          We already know it was a PORT from a different system. The third Sonic game and this have nothing to do with each other.

          • Cilver456

            Yeah you right, I don't know what hell I was saying, excuse my language

          • Suiadan

            Hey, maybe we got really lucky and they're porting the first Bayonetta.

            I know the chances of that are really slim, but I can dream.