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The Anti Nintendo Conspiracy Exposed – NinZend0


Wow, this one is major, probably NinZendO’s best video. Is there a anti Nintendo Conspiracy going on? Check out the video below, thanks NormalGamer for the tip!

Read the blog post here.

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  • *NormalGamer*

    John Lucas is really thought provoking in his posts; especially when he posted that “Nintendo: Old-School revolution” video in his latest post, which was prophetic. ^_^


  • Metalheadgamer

    I can't wait for the day that the revolution is completed. Soon….everything will be united….and there will be no more conflicts….WAIT A MINUTE! OMG! NINTENDO IS PREPARING TO EXECUTE THE EYE OF THE MOON PLAN! 0_0

  • bigchad

    Its articles and videos like this that this site brings to light, is the reason Playeressence is my favorite site on the web. Even though i am subscribed to NinZendO i might have over looked this video without it seeing it here.

    Great job Francis. Im also really happy about your new commitment to focusing on what Nintendo systems are getting and not on what they are not. I really appreciate it. I was really getting sick of seeing so much BS. I really like how the site is evolving and staying true to Nintendo and gaming in general.

    Thank you, Francis.

    • crocodileman94

      "Great job Francis. Im also really happy about your new commitment to focusing on what Nintendo systems are getting and not on what they are not."

      Well, we need 'someone' to counter blackb0nd.

    • Sky Grounder

      That's also the reason why I've started to come here more often. I'm tired of the doom and gloom articles about Nintendo on other sites, when knowing Nintendo is the one most likely to survive in this industry.

  • Unknownbystander

    I actually put this up in N4G also. Once I saw the video I felt that it had to be shared. Here is the link if you want to read it : http://n4g.com/news/1330842/the-anti-nintendo-con

    • Jewelwriter

      Sorry but n4g needs you to sign in / log in to see it.

  • Bay2OnWiiU4Life

    John Lucas = EPIC WIN!

  • UncannyOmninaut

    The blog post that spawned this video is one the best if not the best analysis I've seen on the nature of the videogame industry and Nintendo's place in it. The analogy that John Lucas is spot on:

    "I said it before, I'll say it again. Nintendo is Dad. The 3rd Party are The Kids. In the NES days The Kids had to abide by Dad's Rules in Dad's House. And The Kids always chafed at Dad's Rules. They spent some time at next door neighbor Sega's house but even though Sega was a little more lenient than Pops, Sega had his rules too. But when they had a chance to hang out with Uncle Sony, The Kids fled Dad's House & only visited Dad on THEIR terms. Uncle Sony let them run the household anyway they wanted & they got used to calling the shots. Staying up late hours partying through the night. Binge drinking & other wild reckless behavior. FREEDOM!
    Then the flashy big spender Mr. Microsoft moved into town. They left Uncle Sony's house in shambles as they started gallivanting around with this pimp dressed in green. They became unhealthy & destructive the more they hung out with Mr. Microsoft as opposed to the relatively mild mayhem they made at Uncle Sony's House. Dad worried about his Kids' future offered them a place to come home. He would be a kindler gentler Dad than the sterner one he was before. Wii are Family, Dad said. But The Kids have been out on their own too long & are committed to their self-destructive cycle.
    The Family can't die & now Dad is going to stage an intervention."

    Let me add my own insight on what the Wii, the transition to the Wii U and the relationship to the 3rd party means in this analogy. The Wii was a way to show to the kids that you don't need all the flash to make great games. But instead of seeing the Wii as an open invitation for them to come home the kids used the Wii to come into Dad's house and steal the money from the cookie jar to fund their reckless and self destrutive behavior. A.k.a. make shovelware on the Wii, reap the money from said shovelware, proced to waste the money on HD developement that did not give them anything in return. Instead the kids could have made better games and put their full efforts on the Wii but instead they didn't and spat in the face of their saving angel. The Wii U isn't the Wii whether that is good or bad is up to everybody to decide themselves, but one thing the Wii U isn't and that is a dumping ground for shovelware for easy cash. The development costs are higher and there doesn't exist any Wii's anymore where you could make a quick cash grab and smart devices aren't anything close to the Wii for 3rd parties. Essentially Dad in the form of the Wii U no longer is funding the kids recklessness but has left the back door unlocked that they can come crawling back if they ever learn their lesson and accept responsibility. Despite everyhting that has happend between the Dad and the kids clearly Dad still loves them and is trying to save them when everybody else would have given up on them. But Dad isn't coming to rescue the kids this time escpecially if the kids themselves don't want to be rescued. In fact Dad might have more kids that might end up better than the first batch a.k.a. the indies.

    TL;DR to paraphrase Adam Sessler, Youtube analyst: "Nintendo must feel like a parent who once paid for their kids college tuition only to watch them get into porn otherwise known as HD development."

    • *NormalGamer*

      Beautiful. A nice analogy. ^_^

    • mohuz

      so Ubi came back? XD

  • sparkticle

    Beautiful video. I also LOVED the story about the father and the kids. If this is actually the last gaming generation before Nintendo unites everyone again, then that's….WOW.

  • TheToasterNinja

    Best analogy ever.