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The day After Pachter says he Wouldn’t Invest in Nintendo, Their Stocks jump 11%

Michael Pachter was interviewed by Adam Sessler, and he said that he “wouldn’t invest in Nintendo”. One day later, Nintendo’s Stocks have jumped by 11%. Spot on Pacther, like always. 

I will not link his quotes because I refuse to part take in giving the website the interview is on traffic. But if you google it, you’ll find the interview easily.

The yen reached a three year low against the euro recently, so Nintendo’s stock jumped 11% due to 33% of Nintendo’s business coming from Europe. Nintendo’s stock currently sits at 11,850 yen, which resulted in the biggest jump since 2008.

Nintendo is still doomed…right?


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5 Responses to The day After Pachter says he Wouldn’t Invest in Nintendo, Their Stocks jump 11%

  1. Silver says:

    It's disappointing to see gamers who realistically follow puppets like Pachter, Sessler, and Cliffy B. These people want whats best for their bank accounts. Not the gamer.

  2. koopzilla says:

    Well, it's usually safe to assume the opposite of what he says is the truth. So, I guess in a way you could say he's actually a pretty good analyst, it's just you have to do exactly the opposite of what he tells you to. It's funny to see him proven wrong within a day of making one of his stupid predictions though. Don't worry though, I'm sure he will be back in a day or two to make excuses and once again talk about how bad Nintendo sucks and why they are doomed.

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