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The Death of the Console Business is Premature, says EA’s Peter Moore

EA Sports Chief Operating officer, Peter Moore, thinks the console business is here to stay. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the fake tattoo man thinks people still love to sit at home, and play games on the television. 

Here is what he had to say on the matter.

“The console business is still a core part of our business; it’s the majority of our business. The demise of console gaming is very premature as far as we’re concerned.”

“We still have thousands of people focused on developing current-generation Xbox 360 and PS3 games, as well as people focused now on the next generation when that finally arrives. And so, people still want core games. People want to sit back in their living rooms, take advantage of their HD TVs, and and play fully immersive games like [Battlefield 4].”

While I agree that people want to sit down and play video games on the television, I think EA is going to be in a bit of trouble next generation. While they have games that sell a lot, they piss off a lot of people in the process. The whole No Battlefield on Wii U thing, the DLC debacles, microtransactions. A lot of people might give EA the finger next-gen.

I know I didn’t purchase Need for Speed Most Wanted U because I hate EA, and their lack of support for Nintendo. Plus all their lies, DLC BS, overall game quality has went down recently.

I hate to see people lose their jobs, but I’m really not going to shed a tear if EA goes under like THQ.

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  • Silver

    Speaking of the next generation of consoles. I wish someone would ask Sony if you're required to use the new PS eye and or have it plugged in for the PS4/PS4 games to work.

    • Furious Francis

      Maybe, but I think it comes with a sensor bar, so I\’m thinking no.

  • koopzilla

    What?! Someone saying something halfway intelligent about the console business, someone from EA no less? Oh, it's April fools day…

    Love how he doesn't even mention the Wii U and thinks the next gen hasn't arrived yet.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, he doesn't mention next gen, or even current gen with Wii U. EA is completely ignoring the Wii U. Even though they have 3 titles on the system. Madden 2013, Need for Speed U, and Mass Effect 3