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The Great Hardcore lie Exposed: Wii did not lose core Gamers


Many Xbox 360 and PS3 would say that the Wii was mainly for casuals, and that a lot of the core fans of Nintendo left after the Gamecube. But this article from GenGAME seems to expose that logic with facts and analysis instead of unproven trolling. 

Check out this article from GenGAME, it’s a must read:

In April of last year, Satoru Iwata claimed that one of the issues faced by Wii was that the new gamers Wii attracted didn’t translate into profitable customers. Because of this, Nintendo decided to step back from the priority they had placed on these new gamers with Wii when creating Wii U, instead focusing on the more “core” gamer, who he says felt alienated by Wii.

“Wii was able to reach a large number of new consumers who had never played games before by bringing hands-on experiences with its Wii Sports and Wii Fit,” he told investors. “However, we could not adequately create the situation that such new consumers played games frequently or for long, consistent periods. As a result, we could not sustain a good level of profit. Moreover, regrettably, what we prioritized in order to reach out to the new audience was a bit too far from what we prioritized for those who play games as their hobby. Consequently, we presume some people felt that the Wii was not a game system for them or they were not willing to play with the Wii even though some compelling games had been released.”

This idea that Wii lost core gamers while focusing too much on casuals is pretty widespread…but it’s also totally false! The fact of the matter is that Wii had a stronger core gamer audience than any other Nintendo console in history – and I’ve got the data to prove it.

 Myth #1: Wii Didn’t Offer Many Core Titles


Fundamental to the idea that Wii wasn’t a system for core gamers is the notion that Wii wasn’t a system for coregames, either. However, it’s easy to see from Wii’s lineup that this simply isn’t true. In fact, the recordshows that Nintendo’s “core” lineup for Wii stands its own against those for Nintendo 64 and GameCube.

Sure, there are some holes – Wii is obviously missing its Star Fox, its Wave Race, its F-Zero – but it also fills voids from its predecessors’ lineups by supplying games like New Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

To be fair to all platforms under consideration, I’m taking the broadest possible definition of “core games.” That means anything that’s part of a major “traditional” Nintendo franchise will make the list:

Nintendo 64

Diddy Kong Racing
Donkey Kong 64
Excitebike 64
F-Zero X
Jet Force Gemini
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Mario Kart 64
Paper Mario
Pilotwings 64
Pokémon Snap
Pokémon Stadium
Pokémon Stadium 2
Super Smash Bros.
Star Fox 64
Super Mario 64
Wave Race 64
Yoshi’s Story
Zelda: Majora’s Mask
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Total: 20 games

Nintendo GameCube

Animal Crossing
Baten Kaitos
Baten Kaitos Origins
Battalion Wars
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Donkey Konga
Donkey Konga 2
Donkey Konga 3
Eternal Darkness
F-Zero GX
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Luigi’s Mansion
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Paper Mario: TTYD
Pikmin 2
Pokémon Colosseum
Pokémon Colosseum XD
Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox Assault
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Wario World
Wave Race: Blue Storm
Zelda: Collector’s Edition
Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
Zelda: The Wind Waker
Zelda: Twilight Princess
Total: 30 games


Animal Crossing: City Folk
Battalion Wars 2
Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (NPC)
Excite Truck
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Kirby’s Dream Collection
Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Kirby’s Return to Dreamland
Mario Kart Wii
Metroid: Other M
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Metroid Prime Trilogy
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Pikmin (NPC)
Pikmin 2 (NPC)
Pokémon Battle Revolution
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Super Mario All-Stars
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Super Paper Mario
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Wario Land: Shake It!
Xenoblade Chronicles
Zelda: Skyward Sword
Zelda: Twilight Princess
Total: 30 games

As you can see, even reaching into the “iffy” pile with games like Donkey KongaEternal Darkness, andBaten Kaitos for GameCube still leaves Wii on strong footing in terms of its number of “core” games. And it’s way ahead of Nintendo 64, even counting a number of Rare titles that technically aren’t Nintendo properties anymore.

Check out the rest of the article on GenGAME.com

This article is absolutely brilliant, and exposes a lot of the crap PS3 and 360 fans say against the Wii. Put your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • MrSilver

    I honestly wouldn't mind to see an article on all the negative effects Nintendo going 3rd party would have. You know, just to kinda burn that bridge down more than it already is.

    • rubix8702

      That is an excellent idea.

    • RicardJulianti

      I mean….I COULD write one….but there are SO many, haha. Nintendo wouldn't go third party though. They would take their toys and go home…..Nintendo goes, so do their franchises. They would simply cease to be. If they did completely leave though……

      Nintendo pushes innovation from a hardware and a software standpoint. No one bothered with 3D platformers after Galaxy and Galaxy 2, not because they don't sell (those 2 sold very well), more likely because they wouldn't be able to do better…..or at least that's what they think. There is a comment I left in the article containing Andrew Eisen's video that explains a little bit.

      Boils down to lack of innovation, longer console cycles, hardcore game after hardcore game after hardcore game…..meaning violence, sex, drugs, graphics over gameplay, more graphics over gameplay, exploding budgets, shrinking studios, industry crash. Things really started to become that way once the Wii wasn't getting much more in the way of games…and look where we are now with 2 years of little Nintendo output on consoles.

      If they were third party, they would be pressured to finish a game on the schedule of their publisher (if they weren't their own), the games would be developed to serve the hardware instead of the other way around. They knew graphics and power weren't going to push gameplay…..so they came up with the Wii…..a new way to play games…..and then figured out what the hardware would need to be in order remain profitable, and produce stellar games based around the input. As a third party they would fall into the same traps as current third party developers, "What can we do with this hardware?" instead of Nintendo's current philosophy of "What will we need hardware-wise to achieve that gameplay effect?"

  • jesgrad07

    Well, the Wii didn't loose this core gamer. I bought more games on the Wii than I ever did on the Gamecube or N64 (rented games mostly for the N64). And I enjoyed every minute of playing on my Wii. And I still play Wii games on my Wii U. I went back and got Jett Rocket on WiiWare since the sequel is coming to the 3DS. That game reminds me so much of Super Mario Galaxy with the style and the gameplay. It is so awesome. I highly recommend it if you haven't played it already. Their really are some awesome titles on WiiWare that this list didn't even go over. So when I hear people say "They Wii didn't have any games worth playing" I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. My shelf of Wii games says otherwise and so does my 2GB SD card that was in my Wii but now in my Wii U. Heck, the SD card in my Wii U is too small, I need to get a bigger one because it only holds about a third of the VC and Wii Ware games I have. The Wii had plenty of first party titles. and it has some 3rd party titles.

    I think the real problem with PS3 and 360 owners who hate on Nintendo is they do rely on 3rd party titles for the majority of their entertainment. PS3 exclusives don't sell that well, which only makes me assume that they do not attract the majority of the PS3 audience, and 360 exclusives are few and far between. But Nintendo has it's first party titles which sell great on their consoles, but the 3rd party games that do come just don't move as many units. And the PS3 and 360 owners who hate on Nintendo and who again rely on 3rd party titles are not even acknowledging Nintendo's first party titles as great games for entertainment. They want the 3rd party games. It isn't even a choice between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo at this point. It is a choice between 3rd party titles or Nintendo first party titles. That is where I think the real rift is.

  • Frank Urbanski

    Lots of people, myself included, have been saying this for a while. Albeit in a different way.

    They way I see it, you would have to be a hardcore gamer to game primarily on the Wii. Because only the most hardcore of gamers would play games like No More Heroes, Xenoblade, etc. The game's are either niche or unique or just plain weird. If a 30 year old man is playing Mario or Animal Crossing, he's HARD CORE. Because he doesn't give a crap about what other people think about him, he's just playing the games he wants to play, even if others might find it embarrassing or "kiddy". Only hardcore gamers play "kiddy" games. Because they love gaming and all they care about is if a game is good or not.

    The other consoles try so hard to appeal to the mainstream, and the mainstream can NEVER be hardcore. CoD is not hardcore. CoD is as casual as it comes. There's nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but when people perpetuate the idea that they're hardcore and you're not, because they play the game that everyone else plays and you don't, then the meaning of hardcore and casual become completely flipped. You're not a hardcore movie watcher if you watch summer blockbusters, you gotta dig deep and find lots of movies with lots of variety.

  • Ray01 (Ichigo)

    Very excellent article. Alex Plant deserves a medal.
    So many myths proven false. And I agree with the Wii helping to creat more "Hardcore" gamers that will most likely support Nintendo down the line.
    But of course all of the "Hardcore" Microsoft & Sony drones, I mean enthusiasts ^-^, are in denial & they can't accept the truth, Ignorance is bliss as they say.

    • Titan64

      Think about this for just a second. Lets look for the fact at the 3ds and the IoS/Android market. Yes, the IoS and Android Market has more games then the 3ds and has a higher install base for sure. However the 3ds offers a wide variety of core games such as Fire Emblem, Lugi's Mansion, and Super Mario 3D Land. And now, its on track to outsell its predecessor. Why is this true? Because Nintendo has the "casual" games to get people to bite. There was an article on Nintendo Enthusiast asked this question and I paraphrase "The IOS Market to overtake the handheld market? Actually its the other the around". The problem with the IOS market is that there is no dedicated games to a core audience and if there is, its very limited and that's why its not as profitable as you think. Hell people were preaching facebook to be the next big thing and nothing happened, In fact, Zynga is losing money.. I go back to Gunman Clive as the best example. It was a core game that got lost in the shuffle of crap. The put it on the 3ds, it outsold the IOS and the Android versions. Now imagine Angry Birds on the 3DS. Yes I hate that game but if that were to be put on the 3DS, would it sell more? Probably not, but it would get damn close. The point is, by creating a "casual game" for consumers and then giving them Mario game as the next step, congratulations, you created a gamer. And if Nintendo could replicate that success with the Wii U because it uses a tablet controller and actually allow for other type of apps to be introduced (Such as Netflix), the Wii U could potentially outsell the Wii. Of course wishful thinking on my part but you never now.

      • Ray01 (Ichigo)

        Good point.
        Nintendo can't just focus on 1 audience, they have to focus on both the Casual & Hardcore market.
        If they focus soley on hardcore, it could be gamecube or N64 all over again in terms of hardware sales.
        Nintendo has to focus on making new Gamers that will support them by weening them over with "Casual" titles & then giving them a healthy dose of Nintendo 1st-party goodness, with a few dashes of quality 3rd-party games/exclusives afterwards.
        Most of The MS & Sony Loyalists will probably never come to Nintendo's side unless MS or Sony get out of the Gaming business or just Royaly screw up on something.
        No matter what any ignorant gamer says, Nintendo needs to keep pushing out games like Wii Sports & Wii Fit to attract more people & kids that would normally not give videogames a 2nd look. Obviously, not every casual buyer will become a new Nintendo gamer but with a little luck, a good portion will, Increasing Nintendo's fanbase & the gaming community as a whole.
        Oh man, this is so COMPLICATED! My head hurts. XD

        • Titan64

          Well, if you were thinking like Nintendo is, you would get a headache lol.

      • RicardJulianti

        I suspect that has been Nintendo's plan from the beginning. That's why they offer such a broad spectrum of titles.

        If something like Wii Sports get's them to buy Mario Galaxy or Mario Kart…then that get's them to buy Smash Bros because "Hey! That game has Mario and Peach and Donkey Kong and Wario!"….then they see other characters and go "Ooo I wonder what that character's game is like"……and a gamer is born.

        Nintendo has said in the past that gamers are created every day. They have been constantly creating gamers from the start, getting them involved in the next game in a franchise and getting them to touch a gaming console in the first place.

        • Titan64

          Exactly. Which is why I think the Ouya will fail. Not because its a bad machine, but its heavily dependent on the casual market. This can also apply to Project shield or whatever the hell its called, and the Steambox (although the steambox might have a little less of a hard time) because they both depend on the hardcore market.

  • Rpx

    So it is basically silent majority v. vocal minority?

    • Furious Francis


      • timg57867

        What'd you think of the other 2 articles?

        • Furious Francis

          There really good!

  • timg57867

    Cool Francis! Hey, see if you can get that Nintendo fans being too smart for third parties article up and then do some kind of comment or opinion feature about the problem with the approach Nintendo tried to take with the Wii U!