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The Last of Us on sale for $39.99 at MyGofer


Sony’s highly reviewed exclusive The Last of Us, is on sale for $39.99 at

The Last of Us received various high review scores for it’s high production value, story, and gameplay. Naughty Dog’s last PS3 game was a good one as they have shifted development to the PS4.

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    LOL I CALLLLLLLLED IT……..They are selling this game at 40 bucks already and it hasn't even been a year?! This would NEVER happen to a Nintendo game. Goes to show you, even with all of these "blown up" 10 scores, it still falls into Sony's first party purgatory!

  • Suportedcofe

    I'm sure it is really good but it still just looks like a good rental to me and nothing else.

  • Twinkie

    This is a pretty good deal. The game is good, but not legendary like a lot of people make it out to be. The gameplay is nothing we haven't seen from 7th gen consoles. The crafting crafting system that gets so much credit was already in MGS3 technically. The only difference is that TLOS did it in real time. It's a typical stealth/action/TPS, but still pretty good. The story, while predictable, can be emotionally gripping. If you're interested, this is the type of game you would want to play for the story and characters.

  • sparkticle

    This game is definitely one of the better for the PS3, so for such a good price, anybody who hasn't played it should get it. As for what Hasan started, I agree. Whilst the game IS good, well, at least good for what it tries to be; a Hollywood game, it still has MANY flaws. My friend is the biggest Sony drone who would say "ew" to any system other than Sony's, and even HE agrees that the Last of Us would most likely deserve a 9/10 rather than a 10. Even though it's a Hollywood game, it still lacks gameplay in the story mode; it's main aspect. It has a cinematic literally every two steps, especially in the beginning which can get to me annoying, well, personally. I think the AI were somewhat clunky, though it's understandable due to them attempting to be more complicated, and the game felt somewhat rushed. It seemed as if Naughty Dog were hitting their time limit, and they forgot to polish some aspects. The plot is also entirely predictable. As soon as I saw a character in the game, I could tell if he/she would die or not, who they are and what they represent. In every part of the game where there was a cinematic, I knew EXACTLY what would happen. It was basically like riding a coaster for the second time, you know what awaits you after each turn so you just live with the moment. Sure, there were small parts you wouldn't be able to see but still…it's quite damn predictable.

    Seriously, as soon as you saw a trailer, as SOON as you saw the box art, and as soon as you started the game and realized that the little girl was indeed his daughter, you have to be honest, you KNEW she would die. In that very cutscene with the soldier shooting the two and Joel and his daughter rolling on the ground, you knew EXACTLY what would happen!

    Besides, who the hell hasn't seen that plot before? Invasion…the one possible cure…it's all there, on a paper. Surely, I think Naughty Dog has a lot of talent. I can see why Nintendo is actually hiring employees from the company, essentially stealing them, but I think the last GAME that they have made that was good was Crash Bandicoot. The Last of Us and Uncharted, as praised as they can be, remain the same hollywood, linear, predictable games. It's not a bad thing, but it's not for me. I like GAMES, not movies dressed as games. I think the modern Naughty Dog would be perfectly suitable as a film production company, rather than a game making one. As much as I enjoyed Naughty Dog's latest game, I think I'm slipping away from their grasp, as it seems more and more in the "not for me" section.

    I know I'm not alone on this.

  • Hasan

    The last of us is such an overated game imo. its still a very good game tho, dont get me wrong.